prairie village: Foreclosure or Short Sale? - 04/05/10 08:47 AM
You can't pay your bills, your worried about your family's health, and the bank is threatening foreclosure. A short sale is when a bank agrees to sell a house for less than is owed on the loan., including closing costs, realtor fees, etc.There is often misinformation when it comes to this topic. I often find that people facing foreclosure contact me after the bank has started legal preceedings against them. It is hard to face the fact that you might actually be foreclosed on, but many do not realize the long term ramifications foreclosure can have on your financial health. Please … (2 comments)

prairie village: Beautiful Tri-Plex in Independence, MO - 03/22/10 04:59 AM

PRICED TO SELL. Excellent condition, newer roof, nice foundation. There are 2 Bedrooms on the main level unit, and there are two 1-unit apartments on the second floor. This triplex has had same owners for the past 30+ years. Someone will get a deal on this. This multiplex is a legal, non-corforming use for current city zoning. Call with questions!
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prairie village: Prairie Hills Market Report - 12/21/09 02:33 AM
Prairie Village and more specifically Prairie Hills has not been as affected as surrounding areas by the soft real estate market. Laura and I live in this subdivision and we absolutely love the area. There are plenty of parks, walking paths, shopping centers, and restaurants. There is an abundance of golf courses nearby. The neighbors are friendly and helpful.  It's nice to bike or jog to the Plaza through Mission Hills. There are mature trees, manicured grounds, statues, and lots of flowers. It really pretty, especially in the spring. The crime is low and police are very responsive. It's a great place to raise a family and start a business.

prairie village: Prairie Village Real Estate Market Report for 2009 - 12/17/09 01:01 AM
Prairie Village 2009 Statistics
Avg. Sale Price- $178,000
Avg. Days on Market- 40
Avg. Sq Footage- 1,520 Sq. Ft


prairie village: Prairie Hills Neighborhood Statistics - 12/14/09 12:38 PM
Sold Properties

5 Sold in past year

Lowest Price- $121,950
Highest Price- $340,000
Average Price- $222,090
Avg. Price/SqFt- $141
Avg Days On Market- 28
 Under Contract- 1 listing 

Asking Price- $265,000
Avg. Price/SqFt- $147
Avg Days On Market- 33
 Properties for Sale- 9
Lowest Price- $154,900
Highest Price- $339,950
Average Price- $223,961
Avg. Price/SqFt- $128 psf
Avg DOM- 24


prairie village: Why won't the leaves go on strike... - 11/28/09 01:50 AM
No doubt about it, fall is here and with it, the leaves.  They're everywhere except in the trees where they belong.  This year I took advantage of the fall pick-up services.  For $55, I got two leaf pickups.  All I have to do is rake about a gazillion leaves to the curb and keep them from blowing away.  It works great - I still have one pickup left but my leaves are almost gone!!!  Thanks heavens.  Last year was my second year of homeownership, and I didn't rake responsibly.  Consequently, I had leaves gather into piles by themselves and just sit … (2 comments)

prairie village: SIZE MATTERS!! (when picking a Realtor) - 11/27/09 08:23 AM
When it comes time to list your house with a realtor, size matters.  I'm not talking about the size of your house, or your bathroom or kitchen, although these things matter too.  What I'm referring to is the size of the company you list with.  Can a Realtor with a small company do as well as one with a big company?? No.  They usually can't.  Larger companies did not become large (and stay large) by accident.  And if they have stayed large for long, then they are probably stronger than ever. 
 Larger companies usually are well-established and robust.  Reece … (3 comments)

prairie village: J.C. Nichols' Role in Kansas City History - 11/25/09 03:54 PM
J.C. Nichols' Role in Kansas City History
By the late 1930's, the Nichols Company had acquired control of more than 4,000 acres of land and was building racially restricted subdivisions in Johnson County, Kansas, across state line, and adjoining his original projects in Kansas City, Missouri. Between 1906 and 1953, Nichols developed over 6,000 homes and 160 apartment buildings that included more than 35,000 white Kansas Citians and would eventually encompass entire communities such as Prairie Village, Roeland Park, and Fairway in Kansas. (Gotham 42)
Jesse Clyde Nichols, better known as J.C. Nichols, was undoubtedly a major player in the … (1 comments)

prairie village: PART 1: A 1st-Time Buyer's Financial Expectations of Home Ownership - 11/25/09 01:15 PM
Well, the benefits, risks, costs and ROI of home ownership are unpredictable.  After the recent mortgage crisis, many homes throughout the country have seen a significant decline in value after years of high value appreciation.  So, even though the residential real estate market has definite ups and downs, overall I believe a home is a good … (1 comments)

prairie village: Prairie Village: Our Story - 11/25/09 01:29 AM
Officially Recognized As A City In 1951

The city of Prairie Village was originally the vision of the late J.C. Nichols. Nichols was one of the fathers of modern day Kansas City, whose most notable work was The Country Club Plaza District and surrounding areas including Mission Hills, Fairway and Prairie Village.
After the successful development of the Country Club Plaza area in Kansas City, Missouri, Mr. Nichols turned his company's direction and development toward his native Johnson County, Kansas, just a few miles from the Plaza.
He had visions of transforming the rolling hills into a well-planned community of … (0 comments)

prairie village: HOMEOWNER'S INSURANCE CHANGES IN POLICY - 11/22/09 01:00 PM

As a licensed Realtors in Kansas and Missouri, Daniel Bennison and I learn something different about the changing KC real estate market every day.  Last month a client of ours bought a house in Kansas City, Missouri and when she tried to get insurance for the house she had under contract, she got rejected.  It turns out the inspection had revealed that her house has a composite roof that was laid over a wood shingle roof.  Evidently many insurance companies have recently stopped providing insurance for homes with wood shingle and composite layers.  … (2 comments)

prairie village: Tax Credit Simplified - 11/21/09 07:17 AM
  Obama Signs Extended Tax Credit into Law
Real Estate News  |  November 6, 2009  |


The Basics: Extended Home Buyer Tax Credit 2009/2010
Bringing the Dream of Homeownership Within Reach
As part of its plan to stimulate the U.S. housing market and address the economic challenges facing our nation, Congress has passed new legislation that:
•·     Extends the First-Time Home Buyer Tax Credit of up to $8,000 to first-time home buyers until April 30, 2010.
•·     Expands the credit to grant a $6,500 credit to current home owners purchasing a new or existing home between … (0 comments)

prairie village: Kansas City Real Estate Market - 09/16/09 02:51 AM
Kansas City Real Estate Market

      People often ask me how the real estate market is doing and I never quite know how to answer that question because it depends on your perspective and the top 3 rules of real estate: location, location, location. Locally, the Kansas City metro housing market reached its peak around May of 2006 with an average price of approximately $192,000. Today, roughly 3 years later, our average price is around $164,000. This nearly 15% drop has many homeowners in over their heads. However, buyers and realtors are presented with a unique opportunity. Especially when … (1 comments)

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