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I just sent my first formal draft of my doctoral dissertation to my project mentor.  The technical editor is editing it.  I will defend my project in L.A. on June 12 from 1:00 - 3:00 PM.  Graduation is June 14 at 6:00 PM!  Earning an accredited doctorate is an impossible dream that has come true ...
Over 8% of this new year is gone! February is already here and moving quickly!As a Real Estate Professional, each one of us is working with people.  This is a people business! On Saturday, January 24, our team conducted our first Identity Formation Seminar for 18 -32 year old Emerging Adults. We ...
My wife, son and I have been experiencing overflowing blessings. Let me list some of  them: (1) I have finished four chapters, so far 172 pages, of my doctoral research project! (2) I am preparing to do my seminar on identity formation among 18 - 30 year old emerging adults! (3) My wife, son, bro...
WOW!  How time flies at supersonic speed when you're having FUN (F-U-N, FUN!) The last post I did was entitled PRESSURE FORMS THE PEARL!  I had no idea what that title would mean two months later, but it's still true! I have finished Chapters One, Two and Three and Chapter Four is due November 1 ...
I feel like I need to create a new post!  Today I gave a speech entitled "Pressure Forms the Pearl!" at our local Toastmasters Club at Boise Bible College.  (It is the closest meeting place to us and we meet at a perfect time: High Noon on Wednesday!) Since I am a candidate for a doctorate degree...
The leader's best friend is the big "Mo" according to leadership expert John Maxwell.  Sometimes that begins with a phone call, an e-mail or simply a cheerful smile.  Moving forward with momentum is the key! Each one of us as Real Estate Professionals (Agents, Home Stagers and all others) are lea...
I just had an experience of observing our dried up plant that began to prosper.  That poor living thing had not had any water for a couple of days before I noticed that it had withered.  It was sagging with no life left in it.  It was exhausted and struggling to survive!  It was so thirsty! That'...
I just received an awesome approval for my research project.  I am in a doctoral degree program in L.A. even though I live in Boise, ID.  This experience is so far out of the box for me that many times I have had a complete meltdown.  I completed my Masters degree 30 (yes, that is t-h-i-r-t-y) ye...
As professionals in the field of Real Estate, each one of us has had to break through our barriers!  I remember when I actually enrolled in airplane pilot ground school at Boise State University and began taking flying lessons at Gem State Aviation to become a pilot back on September 9, 1975.  I ...
My beautiful and precious wife, Irene, created a post today entitled An Outstanding Leader Reveals How to Be An Effective Leader.  She dedicated the post to Gary Woltal because he was interested in finding out how a particular leader would impact her from a previous post she wrote.  Well, as most...

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