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Michelle Reneau is more than a Military Relocation Specialist in Summerville - Charleston SC with Carolina One Real Estate. She shows her commitment to educating customers and clients about her rights under South Carolina Real Estate Agency Laws. In an effort to enhance her summary of the six Cli...
Let's keep this short and simple! I am NINE UNDER .500! T-E-R-R-I-B-L-E......However.......... Momma didn't raise no quitter! Hence, here we go again! FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY! Miami at Denver UNDER 50 - This is the Jeannette Neerpat versus Brooke Shepherd special! Since I like these ladi...
This weekend's picks are going to upset some of my ActiveRain siblings. Forgive me in advance. However, this might be good news for your teams. With that.....No More Words! Just Picks! Buffalo -1.5 at Miami - Sorry Jeannette Neerpat! I've been on the Bills Bandwagon since August. My seat is comfo...
Over the last few months, there has been an abundance of political discussion in ActiveRain. To be honest, it has impacted my desire to interact in the ActiveRain community. You've heard the saying that refers to POLITICS AND RELIGION as taboo topics for general discussion. If not handled properl...
In a previous post, I discussed the FHA 100% Stipulation on residential resales. After yesterday's events, I have some more goodies to share with you on the possible pitfalls of obtaining FHA Financing.  I received a call from a loan officer about a closing that was being delayed (AT BEST). Ironi...
While performing my morning ActiveRain ritual, I came across Kristina Pratt's Book of the Month post. She has started a new group that will review the most popular books in our industry. This month will be dedicated to Gary Keller's Shift. "It's Not About The Market...It's About What You Do!" Whi...
The results of last week's picks can be described in one word................PUSH! Therefore, I'm FOUR GAMES under .500. We must get momentum in my business and my picks. With that said, here's my perspective on NFL Week 7 -- FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY ;-) New York (A) -3 at Oakland - This i...
After five weeks of football, my win/loss record is challenging my credibility. However....I will be persistent and look at the positive. A perfect Week 6 will put me a game above .500. With that said, let's get to it! If you would like a theme for this weekend's games, here goes...............TA...
In May, I attended Internet Lead Generation class that was taught my John Prescott. During the event, we paid a game by calling a coin flip. If you get it wrong, you were eliminated. I WON THAT EVENT! Do you know how hard it is to call a coin flip RIGHT OR WRONG five straight times? Well.....I di...
I have been fortunate enough to launch my real estate career by helping several first time home buyers and Columbia SC relocation clients. Both to these types of clients usually ask.... What's the first step in buying a home or Who should home buyers call first for help in buying a home? With tod...

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