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 While conducting my Sunday Afternoon blog reading, I noticed a disturbing trend. Erica Ramus and Gail Tassey had submitted almost identical blog posts in reference to today's telephone activity. It made me a little nervous. Do we have a rising trend of potential home buyers using an old strategy...
While doing my HOLIDAY CLEANING of blog subscriptions, I came across this mention of Gary Keller's new book entitled Shift. You've probably heard about this book a hundred times. However, if you don't have the book, you're really not doing yourself any favors. 2009 is going to be another challen...
Christmas Day is approaching quickly and my "TO-DO BEFORE CHRISTMAS" list is growing. Hence, it's time to take one of my To-Dos off the list. Here are my FEATURED SELECTIONS in Blogger Alphabetical Order for December 2008.  Ignorance is bliss... by Debra A. Brooks    I had a great conversation wi...
Attention ActiveRain Family! The Holiday Edition of Blogger's Choice Selections should be posted by 3pm ET. Hopefully, you'll enjoy my five selections. Until then................Since David Patterson has agreed to do the Blogger's Choice Selections..Holiday Edition...we thought we could get a few...
By sharing her frustration, Jeannette shares with us one of the pitfalls of working with an unprofessional and/or unorganized attorney. Luckily for the attorney (and for her.....you know...lawyers can be very litigious by nature), names have not been used in an effort to protect THE GUILTY! Her ...
(Alternate Title -- Yes Virginia! It IS Better to Give [not take] - A Christmas Update) If you recall, I wrote a post about Black Friday and how Friday, November 28 2008 earned its name. Well...I am glad to post this story on my blog. I have no words to do this story justice. Therefore.......... ...
At the beginning of this month, Nick Van Assche wrote a FEATURED BLOG POST about the e-Pro Designation and its value. During the 100+ Comment barage, the conversation turned from a specific designation to a generalized conversation about all designations. Comments such as..... "Viewed through the...
First.........Laura Jefferson tagged me for a Special Edition of the Christmas MeMe. Then.......Midori Miller decided to tag me with a Second Christmas MeMe. Now........One of my favorite Keller Williams Associates in The Rain has tagged me. This one is for the great Nicole Weidauer of the Northw...
This post is actually targeted at a non-member of the ActiveRain community. However, EVERYONE might be able to benefit from this information. This anonymous individual left the following comment on my When Co-Signing a Mortgage Goes Wrong II post... "My father in law told us that he co-signed a m...
Midori Miller has decided to tag me with a Second Christmas MeMe. Here are the rules for what I need to do on this one (quoting Midori)......... "Now for a little surprise--I want you to name one gift you would like to have on Christmas. It has to be an object. We all want happiness for Christmas...

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