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"What is the first step in the process of purchasing a home?" This is the most common question asked of me by first time home buyers. My answer is always the same. (watch the video)     Have you seen the commercial with a man sitting at his kitchen table while on the phone with his doctor? The do...
March 28 is a very special day on my annual calendar. On this date 59 years ago, Hazel A. Smith was born to a coal mining family in West Virginia. She became the 14th of 15 children that would be born to William and Sallie Smith. About 18 years after her birth, Hazel decided to attend West Virgin...
On Saturday (March 28, 2009), please tune into The Charles Campbell Show that will air live from Columbia, South Carolina. Dr. Campbell presents news, views, guests and information that is unique to his radio broadcast. Dr. Campbell is an award-winning journalist, foreign correspondent and syndic...
On tomorrow at 10:05am (Saturday, March 21) please tune into The Charles Campbell Show that will be live from Columbia, South Carolina. Dr. Campbell presents news, views, guests and information that is unique to his radio broadcast.  Dr. Campbell is an award-winning journalist, foreign correspond...
Janet Guilbault is a FHA Certified Mortgage Professional with LendingSynergy.com in Walnut Creek, CA. Janet wrote one of the "best ever" FEATURED BLOG POSTS on ActiveRain. If you want a litmus test for the strength of your real estate transaction, refer to this article on every occasion. My sinc...
March 16, 2009 marks the fourth day of "Save the Dream" at the Carolina Coliseum. This event was organized by the Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America (NACA) as an attempt to minimize the number of home foreclosures in metropolitan Columbia, SC. For some....."It was just a blessing..." ...
While responding to my weekend emails, I received my daily email update from THE PROBLOGGER HIMSELF Darren Rowse. What was today's topic?  Seven Tips for Writing About Politics - A Guest Post by Allen McDuffee Allen McDuffee writes for The Nation, Mother Jones and the New York Observer. When read...
Over the last few months, I've discussed a few of the twelve tactics that are in Gary Keller's newest book entitled Shift. I will use this post to share an experience that occurred through implementing Shift Tactic #6.....Catching People in Your Web. Internet Lead Generation ("the web") can be su...
Wait! Wait! Before going on a David Patterson rampage, PLEASE READ THE LETTER! Dear Commenter #44: (That number is very ironic for this letter.) Hopefully, this letter finds you in good spirit and health. I am not known for my letter writing. However, I was moved to share some words with you. Deb...
"Where have you been David Patterson?" This has been a frequently asked question over the last two weeks. Some ask that question in a literal sense.  ‘David....I've been trying to touch base with you. Where have you been?' ‘David....You've been on my mind. I hadn't heard from you. I checked your ...

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