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My partners and I are frequently asked about lease options or rent-to-own situations. Since we spend 24/7 representing umpteen properties here in Marin County that are listed for sale, and as leasing agents (  working with rental clients who are eventually loo...
The phrase, "it's just a rental," doesn't work for me.  Granted, I'm likely a bit biased since I work only in leasing homes and condos here in Marin County and probably take hearing the phrase a little more seriously than many folks, but still, I couldn't disagree more.  My partners and I often d...
"Hi I'm calling about your 3bd in Sausalito," says one twenty-something-sounding voice over the line to me. "Ok great," I say, "When are you looking to move?" "Well, I'm flexible," he responds, "I'm really looking for the right place for me and my dogs." I pause.  "What kind of dogs do you have?"...
I think I read somewhere that 60% of Marin households have pets.  As a 2-dog/1-cat household myself, I'll believe that.  Marin is a family-friendly demographic. Families have pets.  Pets have families.  And, of course, every tenant who calls to ask about your pet policy has a "very well behaved" ...
Marin rentals are in high demand - at least that's what our promotional fliers printed earlier this year say!  But a sagging economy and a dragging housing market have combined within the last four months or so to create--for the first time since the dotcom bust--a relatively flat rental market i...

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