sublet: Office Space - Whitehall, NYC - 01/04/12 11:11 AM
Office Space - Whitehall, NYC Whitehall Street and its surrounding neighborhood sit at the southern tip of Manhattan.  The street is about four blocks long and extends from the southern end of Broadway to the southern end of FDR Drive.  Whitehall’s history began with the building of the Governors’ house built by Peter Stuyvesant.  Both the street and building were named “Whitehall” for England’s seat of government, Whitehall, London, when the British took over.  The mansion is long gone but the area has a surprising number of attractions to visit.  A military induction center was once located at 39 Whitehall before … (2 comments)

sublet: Office Space - Bowery, NYC - 01/04/12 11:11 AM
Office Space - Bowery, NYC It is locally called “the Bowery” and is a street and neighborhood in Manhattan.  The Bowery neighborhood is bounded by East 4th Street and the East Village to the north, Canal Street and Chinatown to the south, Allen Street and the Lower East Side to the east and Little Italy to the west.  The street runs from Chatham Square in the south to Cooper Square at 4th Street in the north where it turns into Third Avenue.  The Bowery is considered the oldest thoroughfare on Manhattan, its roots dating back to the Lenapes who used it … (1 comments)

sublet: Office Space - Hudson Square, NYC - 01/04/12 11:11 AM
Office Space - Hudson Square, NYC This neighborhood’s boundaries consist of the Hudson River to the west, Morton Street on the north, Avenue of The Americas (6th Avenue) on the east and Canal Street to the south.  Hudson Square is also known as West Soho.  This neighborhood is unique in that 40% of the land and buildings are owned by one company, Trinity Real Estate. Trinity Real Estate is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Trinity Church.  Historic Trinity Church was founded in 1697 and has always been one of New York City’s largest landlords and will continue to be a leader in … (0 comments)

sublet: Office Space - Alphabet City, NYC - 01/04/12 11:11 AM
Office Space - Alphabet City, NYC A neighborhood located within the Lower East Side and East Village of Manhattan.  Alphabet City’s borders are roughly Houston Street to the south, 14th Street to the north, and First Avenue to the east. To the west runs the FDR Drive.  Alphabet City get its name from the avenues that run through it, avenues A, B, C and D, the only avenues in Manhattan to have single letter names.  This neighborhoods long history includes serving as a cultural center and hub for Manhattan’s Jewish, Polish, German and Hispanic populations.  This neighborhood has seen its share … (1 comments)

sublet: Office Space - West Village, NYC - 01/04/12 11:10 AM
Office Space - West Village, NYC It is the western part of Greenwich Village. Its boundaries include the Hudson River on the west and either Sixth or Seventh Avenue’s on the east and extends from 14th Street down to Houston St.  This neighborhood is primarily residential and is filled with lots of restaurants, shops and services.  It has been known as “Little Bohemia” since 1916 because it has been the center of the bohemian lifestyle on the West Side.  West Village is home to the High Line Park. It is a 1.45 section of the former elevated freight railroad called the … (1 comments)

sublet: Office Space - Turtle Bay, NYC - 01/04/12 11:10 AM
Office Space - Turtle Bay, NYC Located on the east side of Midtown Manhattan, Turtle Bay is between 41st and 54th Streets and extends from Lexington Avenue to the East River.  Turtle Bay started life as a farm and had been through many changes in its 350 year history.  After falling into such disrepair from being commercially overbuilt along the water and a large number of tenements and cheap rooming houses, the neighborhood saw resurgence in the 1920’s.  With the creation of Turtle Bay Gardens and the renovation of many of the brownstones in the area, the neighborhood has attracted a … (1 comments)

sublet: Office Space - Lexington Avenue, NYC - 01/04/12 11:10 AM
Office Space - Lexington Avenue, NYC Lexington Avenue is located on the east side of Manhattan.  It carries southbound one-way traffic from East 131st Street to Gramercy Park at East 21st Street.  The avenue’s 5.5 mile, 110 block route runs through such neighborhoods as Harlem, Carnegie Hill, the Upper East Side and Murray Hill where it meets Gramercy Park. It continues south from Gramercy as Irving Place.  Lexington Avenue is largely commercial at street level, with many buildings offering office space above.  Clusters of hotels make their home between 3oth and 49th Streets.  What makes Lexington Avenue special is that it … (0 comments)

sublet: Office Space - Lenox Hill, NYC - 01/04/12 11:10 AM
Office Space - Lenox Hill, NYC The Lenox Hill neighborhood was a former 18th Century-farm owned by Robert Lenox.  It is located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan between Lexington and Fifth Avenues and runs from East 60th Street to East 77th Street.  It is home to numerous charitable and arts institutions.  The neighborhood has its own hospital of the same name, Lenox Hill  Hospital, formerly called “German Hospital”. The hospital is renowned for its work in innovative medical and surgical treatments.  This is a posh neighborhood where some of the most expensive real estate in Manhattan is located.  Many … (0 comments)

sublet: Office Space - Lincoln Square, NYC - 01/04/12 11:10 AM
Office Space - Lincoln Square, NYC The name Lincoln Square refers to the square and its surrounding neighborhood; the exact origin of the name Lincoln Square remains a mystery.  The area was once known as San Juan Hill.  Lincoln Square is located in the Upper West Side of Manhattan and is centered near the intersection of Broadway and Columbus Circle, between 65th and 66th Streets.  The neighborhood is anchored by the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, one of the world’s leading performing arts centers.  The cultural experiences offered at Lincoln  Center are numerous and include the New York Philharmonic, the … (0 comments)

sublet: Office Space - Central Park, NYC - 01/04/12 11:10 AM
Office Space - Central Park, NYC This public park is located in the center of Manhattan and is bounded by West 110th on the north, West 59th Street on the south,  Eighth Avenue to the west and Fifth Avenue on the east. The first three streets are known as Central Park North, South and West along the park’s borders. Only Fifth Avenue has kept its name.  Designers Frederick Law Olmstead and Calvert Vaux came up with the winning design in 1858.  The park was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1963.  It is the most visited urban park in the United … (0 comments)

sublet: Office Space - Harlem, NYC - 01/04/12 10:53 AM
Office Space - Harlem, NYC The neighborhood of Harlem encompasses the area from the East River west to the Hudson River between 155th Street.  It then meets Washington Heights to the south.  Harlem is broken into several districts including West Harlem, Central Harlem and East or Spanish Harlem.  Harlem has a rich and often tumultuous history.  It has included many boom-and-bust cycles that have brought significant ethnic changes with each one.  Its residents have been predominantly African-American since the early 1900’s.  It is home to the famous Apollo Theater which is located on 125th Street, the heart of Harlem’s business district. … (1 comments)

sublet: Office Space - Financial District, NYC - 12/12/11 04:11 AM
Office Space - Financial District, NYC The Financial District, often abbreviated to FiDi by residents of Manhattan, is truly the heart of the American economy. This district, located at the southern tip of the Manhattan borough, holds most of New York’s major financial institution, such as the New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ headquarters and the Federal Bank Reserve of New York. Of course, there’s one other thing that the FiDi is famous for: Wall Street, the icon of America’s financial success.
Office Space - Financial District, NYC Office Space - Financial District, NYC
In the this District, towering skyscrapers quietly … (1 comments)

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