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This is the blog of Darren Copeland, Senior Mortgage consultant and mortgage banker in the Kansas City area. We specialize in Home Mortgage loans specifically FHA Mortgage loans, VA mortgage Loans, Conventional Mortgage loans and even reverse mortgages for seniors! Check out our blog for information about Home Loan and Mortgage tips and news for Home Buyers & Real Estate Agents! Call us today to get started! (816) 268-4025



I have heard it time and time again.  "Google+ is so complicated and Facebook is so easy; that's why I don't use it," or "Google+ is just trying to steal market share from facebook because they saw how facebook was dominating and growing!" While some of these might be true, there are several reas...
Pleasant Hill USDA loans are a great option for people looking to purchase a home in a rural area near Kansas City/Lees Summit.  Pleasant Hill, or 'P.Hill', is a great small town with friendly people, and great housing editions for families to live.  One of the reasons Pleasant Hill is such as gr...
If you're looking for a home in Liberty Missouri - then you've come to the right place.  We're friendly mortgage lenders who adore assisting people in any circumstance or situation  If you need credit repair we can hook you up with people who can help you do that until you are ready to buy that s...
Are you a veteran or an active duty military member who wants to know more about VA Mortgage Loans Lees Summit? You've found the right place and the right person to talk to about VA home loans.  We're a local Lees Summit mortgage banker who can help you get your family into a nice new home right ...
Whoa! That title is a mouthful, but that's the truth Homes for Heroes helps Heroes find Homes.  There's really not much more to say, but actually there is!  Homes for Heroes is a national organization that helps people who serve our communites get discounts (or rewards based on what state you liv...
VA Mortgages in Kansas City MO and 100% financing on VA Loans - the best loan program and loan payment in the country!  VA Mortgage Loans are one of the best mortgage loan programs available today for active duty and honorably discharged Veterans. Here are some of the highlights of this incredibl...
Hey Everyone, My name is Darren Copeland, and I specialize in helping home-buyers in Kansas City Missouri with money saving ideas and securing the best financing available to them. My customer service philosophy is pretty simple — Provide superior customer service in all aspects of what I do and ...
The Do's and Don'ts in the mortgage process.Okay, so you've decided to get a mortgage and you've picked out your favorite local lender (Us, of course!) Now it's time to discuss with you want happens during the mortgage process!  Today we'd would like to talk about all the do's and don'ts while yo...
Hi there, I'm Darren Copeland - your Hometown Kansas City expert on mortgages and home loans. This blog post today is going to focus on how you can improve your credit and other Bad Credit Solutions. Eveyrone with bad credit understands just how difficult life without Bad Credit Solutions can be....
It seems as though I am always answering questions that I hear a lot when people come to us asking about what it takes to get a mortgage.  The question of what are my downpayment options seems like one that's not difficult to answer, but there are actually a lot more options than most people know...

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