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This is the blog of Darren Copeland, Senior Mortgage consultant and mortgage banker in the Kansas City area. We specialize in Home Mortgage loans specifically FHA Mortgage loans, VA mortgage Loans, Conventional Mortgage loans and even reverse mortgages for seniors! Check out our blog for information about Home Loan and Mortgage tips and news for Home Buyers & Real Estate Agents! Call us today to get started! (816) 268-4025



You'd be surprised how much we have to answer this one question: What the heck is Earnest Money?! So to make things simpler we asked our local home loan expert and mortgage guru Darren Copeland from LeaderOne Financial and the KC Loan Tips YouTube Channel to send us a short video answering this a...
Many people 62+ years old are looking for ways to increase their monthly income possibly through a Reverse Mortgage Tonganoxie can allow them to do that without selling the home they've owned for many years! A Reverse Mortgage is a way to get cash out the equity that you've built up in your home,...
It's extremely important to get pre-approved; the best reason for this is that you will very quickly know The Right Home Loan for your needs BEFORE  you go house hunting.  Knowing your credit score and your debt-to-income ratios (simply put the amount of income you have vs. the amount of expenses...
One of the parts of the mortgage process that people tend to forget theyt have Options for a Down Payment and we totally understand, amidst all the closing costs, home price negotiations, and all the other numbers that factor into the whole home loan process, it's easy to forget!  Darren Copeland...
Whether you know it or not there are certain things that you should and shouldn't do when getting a mortgage & here in Kansas City Mortgage Do's and Don'ts can be a pretty big deal.  That's why we've created this 2 minute video to go over some things that you should and should not do when your se...
Reverse Mortgage Lansing Seniors over the age of 62 should definitely be made aware of a program that can offer them income based on the equity they have in their homes.  This program is called a reverse mortgage and can be a great way for seniors to supplement their income.  If you're interested...
The Reverse Mortgage Lenexa Kansas is one of the best ways for seniors (those over 62 years old) to keep their current home while leveraging their equity for continued income.  We've asked our local Kansas City reverse mortgage expert, Darren Copeland, from LeaderOne Financial & KC Loan Tips to g...
One of the things we consistently hear about the large national mortgage lenders is how Local Kansas City Lenders are much better!  We don't say this to brag or to diss these other large companies, it's just that we know that choosing a local mortgage lender is always going to benefit you.  Often...
One of the questions that we consistently hear is Do I need to get pre-approved?  The answer to this question is YES! It will make your home buying experience so much better and it will aliveate some of the stress that many people think is inevitable with the home buying/home loan process!  We as...
A Reverse Mortgage Leawood is catered specifically to those folks living in Leawood KS above the age of 62 who are looking for a way to increase their income and stay in their current home.  It's not a program for everyone, but if you meet the qualifications, which are described in the video belo...

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