home buying: Kansas City Mortgage Pre-Approval - 11/05/15 12:21 AM
When it comes to buying a house there are a few things you need to know as you begin the mortgage process, and getting Kansas City Mortgage Pre-approval is one of them.  The first step you need to take is to find a good lender.  This is actually much easier than you think; You shoud look for someone who is local and preferably nearby that way they can stay in good contact and communicate with you easily.  The second step is where I'd like to focus today - that's on the pre-approval process.  Getting pre-approved is actually pretty easy.  You can … (0 comments)

home buying: Lee's Summit's Best Mortgage - 09/02/15 11:36 PM
We're a local Lee's Summit, Missouri lender and we get asked all the time, what's Lee's Summit's Best Mortgage for ______________.  (You can fill in the blank with whatever niche, first time home buyers, veterans, active-duty military, underwater-banjo-playing-kite-surfers, we've heard it all here at Darren Copeland's office.) We've wanted to know and understand which loan is the best for certain groups of people.  While each loan is not really specific to Lee's Summit, MO, they will generally be the best for anyone in the Kansas City Missouri or Kansas area, or really anywhere in the nation. We'll go through our list … (2 comments)

home buying: Getting Mortgage Ready - 08/03/15 02:03 AM
Mortgage consultant Darren Copeland and his experienced home loan team are committed to educating home buyers about home loans, purchasing a new home, refinancing and credit repair and helping people in Getting Mortgage Ready. LeaderOne Financial has helped home owners choose the best home loan program, from FHA, VA, USDA, and Conventional loans along with Reverse Mortgages and Refinancing Darren will make sure you receive the most affordable home loan rates in Lees Summit Missouri and has been doing it for over 10 years.

home buying: The Importance of a Real Estate Agent - 06/09/15 02:04 AM
If you’re ready to become a homeowner,  it’s important to work with someone with local credibility and a reputation for honesty. That's the importance of a real estate agent.
For home buyers, the real estate market can be foreign. Therefore, working with a trustworthy real estate agent will help home buyers feel more comfortable. Below are reasons why it’s important to work with a local real estate agent.
The real estate agent will know and understand the market.
Real estate agents are needed to understand the state of the local market and they take it as a full time job. In fact, they fully … (2 comments)

home buying: Why You Need a Realtor - 04/12/15 11:44 PM
Okay, This question isn't that hard, and I'll be honest we know everyone out there wants to save money, but sometimes it pays to use a professional and that's Why You Need a Realtor.  You can buy or sell a house without a realtor but there are so many reasons to use a realtor, and the #1 reason is that a realtor is going to be able to navigate the ins and outs or the entire home buying process, through picking a house, figuring out all the numbers associated with your home purchase (taxes, mortgage payments, HOA dues, title company fees, … (0 comments)

home buying: Getting Pre-approved in Lee's Summit - 03/18/15 01:33 AM

Getting Pre-approved in Lee's Summit MO is probably easier than you think it is, especially if you're using a local lender with a local LSMO office.  Darren Copeland (who stars in the video above,) from LeaderOne Financial, is ready to help you understand and get pre-approved as soon as your ready to start your home buying process.   Darren and his KC Loan Tips team are ready to help you as you work your way through your VA, FHA, USDA or Conventional home loan process.  With our in house underwriters and a mortgage loan processor in our office we can assist … (0 comments)

home buying: Kansas City Mortgage Banker - 05/14/13 02:42 AM
Kansas City Missouri Mortgage Banker
My name is Darren Copeland. I specialize in serving to home-buyers in Missouri with money saving ideas and securing one of the best financing options for them. My customer service philosophy is pretty easy - Provide excellent customer service in all the elements of what I do and provide help to by presenting you with education and tools to allow your own home-buying time to be as ache free and money saving as possible. If you're looking to get pre-approved call us (816)268-4025 or apply online.
I know that purchasing or selling a house is among the most … (0 comments)

home buying: The Power of Local Referrals - 09/21/11 04:28 AM
The Power of Local Referrals
One of my clients walked me through their home buying experience the other day. They saw the home of their dreams sitting on the corner of a downtown area in a thriving suburb. The house had everything they had wanted - a front porch, detached garage and enough room to host guests and dinners.
They quickly called the Realtor on the listing, and soon after had a personal Realtor who toured the house with them. Because they located the house themselves, the process was fast. When it came to financing, they hadn't thought about it, nor … (3 comments)

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