home loans: Whiteman AFB VA Loans - 04/08/13 01:01 AM
Whiteman AFB VA Loans
Saluting Whiteman's B-2 Crew in Korea
It seems that a few of our buddies at Whiteman Air Force Base have shown off their abilites (or ought to we say flying skills) over the past few weeks. The newreel is full of information surrounding North Korea's tension right now.
It looks like our guys and gals stationed in Missouri have been into action!
B-2 from Whiteman Used in Korea situation
Whiteman Air Force Base near Warrensburg is the residence of the B-2 Bomber. This lovely aircraft appears not only at Chiefs and Royals games but it's probably the most beautiful, powerful and … (0 comments)

home loans: What is a Debt to Income Ratio - 04/04/13 03:01 AM
What is a Debt to Income Ratio
Today I wanted to talk with you about Debt to Income Ratios and your loan.
Get Started by being Pre-Approved for you Loan here!
One of my favorite authors is Dave Ramsey and he is always talking about having your financial house in order which is great advice and really makes sense when you're purchasing a home. 

Our goal is to first get you pre-approved which you can do here, and then get you through the mortgage process as easily and stress free as possible and then get you into your new home ASAP! Through … (0 comments)

home loans: VA Loans Kansas City - 03/22/13 01:51 AM
VA Loans Kansas City
Contrary to what scores of Americans believe, it's an excellent time for servicemembers to refinance or purchase a home. Mortgage rates continuing to hover at all-time lows and many homes selling at significantly economical prices, it really is possible for those with good credit and income to purchase a great home. 
Apply for a VA Loan Now!
One of many unique benefits afforded to military members is access to the VA Mortgage Loan program, through the Department of Veterans Affairs. This offers tremendous advantages to active-duty military, veterans, and some surviving spouses. A VA home loan can … (0 comments)

home loans: Who's Your Mortgage Lender? - 03/18/13 04:46 AM
 Who's Your Mortgage Lender?

Hey Guys, it's Darren Copeland your mortgage banker and I'm with Leader One financial here in lee's summit and today the reason why we're doing this video is we want to give you several reasons why you want to use us as your mortgage provider and then also give you some tips and tools to avoid as your own through the mortgage process so for many of you buying your first house or a repeat house.This is going to be the biggest purchase that you guys have in your life and the thing that we wanna … (0 comments)

home loans: Kansas City Mortgage Tips - 10/26/11 03:30 PM
Kansas City Mortgage Tips
I recently had the opportunity to speak with the Kansas City Star and give some honest updates about the mortgage industry in the Kansas City area. We helped get the word out that people are still buying homes, rates are rock bottom LOW, and some can get a fantastic deal on mortgage rates if they take the right steps. For anyone interested in reading the article, here's the link:
 What We Covered with the KC Star - Our Kansas City Mortgage Tips.
We were able to give a lot of great snippets of advice for any home … (1 comments)

home loans: VA Loan Eligibility - 09/12/11 10:14 AM
VA Loan Eligibility
Right now, VA loans are becoming more and more popular than ever. Especially since many of our troops are coming home from the last 10 years of war. A VA Loan is a home loan designed to help soldiers (or those who have an honorable discharge) buy a home. VA loans require ZERO down-payment, and NO PMI insurance. The loan offers 100% financing.
If any real estate agents out there have a client who is a current or former soldier, encourage them to look into a VA loan. If they're not sure how to get started, here are … (3 comments)

home loans: USDA Loans Pleasant Hill - 08/30/11 04:17 AM
USDA Loans Pleasant Hill
USDA loans are great for borrowers who are looking for an affordable, zero-interest loan in a rural or small community. This can include a small country town, rural area, or even an area outlining a large metropolitan area.
There are several attractive features of USDA loans, with the primary one being that USDA loans require zero interest down. Borrowers can apply for a 30-year loan that is 100% of the home's value. Mortgage insurance isn't an issue either.
USDA loans are issued by the government and created to open the opportunity for home ownership among many people … (2 comments)

home loans: Credit and Loan Approvals - 08/24/11 09:40 AM
Credit and Loan Approvals
Credit can be either a peaceful or very scary thing for most homeowners. But especially when the home loan process is involved, credit can be crucial to your rate and approval process. If you'd like to start the process of getting a loan, get pre-approved here.
What most people don't realize is that some of the little things you do can affect your credit in big ways.  Here's a list of things that I reccomend continuing to do and somethings that if you are doing them, you need to stop.  Let's call it the "Do's & Don'ts … (2 comments)

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