leader1: Getting Mortgage Ready - 08/03/15 02:03 AM
Mortgage consultant Darren Copeland and his experienced home loan team are committed to educating home buyers about home loans, purchasing a new home, refinancing and credit repair and helping people in Getting Mortgage Ready. LeaderOne Financial has helped home owners choose the best home loan program, from FHA, VA, USDA, and Conventional loans along with Reverse Mortgages and Refinancing Darren will make sure you receive the most affordable home loan rates in Lees Summit Missouri and has been doing it for over 10 years.

leader1: Home Loans Lee's Summit - 07/28/15 12:09 AM
Home Loans Lee's Summit are what we're good at doing, perhaps you're a first time home buyer or perhaps your a seasoned veteran of the home buying process.  Either way we're here to help you with all your mortgage needs from getting pre-approved all the way to putting the key in the front door, and because we're committed to being the #1 most awesome customer service provider in the Kansas City Missouri and Lee's Summit MO area, we thought we would give you just a few tips for moving into your new home!  And because reading can get SO TEDIOUS (just … (0 comments)

leader1: Lees Summit Home Loans - 07/24/15 02:08 AM
When You're looking for a Lees Summit Home Loans there are some definite DO's and DON'Ts that you'll want to keep an eye out for in the first steps of you home buying process.  The first step when looking for houses for sale is to get pre-approved with a local trusted lender, You can get pre-approved with us online or buy calling (816)268-4025. When it comes to home loan approvals, and house shopping, many people don't realize how their actions can impact their home buying experience. Here's what I encourage people when they ask me about how to live life while … (4 comments)

leader1: Steps toward buying your home - 07/23/15 12:37 AM
When it's time to purchase a home it will serve you well to know what Steps you need to take, the steps toward buying your home.  So we created a very simple infographic to show you each step along the path that will lead you to the front door of your new home.  While this post won't go into detail about what happens in each step, it will reveal the framework of the process, and show you how the mortgage parts of the process interact with the real estate portions of the entire home buying process.
If you're interested in more detail … (0 comments)

leader1: Home Buying Mistakes - 07/22/15 01:36 AM
Every so often we like to take some time out to cover some of the things that people can do to derail their home loan process, some Home Buying Mistakes. So, we made this infographic and want to share it with you and we hope you'll share it with the people you come in contact with so they can avoid the pitfalls that unfortunately happen all too often. 
So with out further delay here is the Home Buying Mistakes infographic.
Thanks for checking out this simple infographic, we'd love to  help you begin the mortgage process by getting you pre-approved.  Call us at … (0 comments)

leader1: How Much Can I Afford - 07/20/15 12:27 AM
How Much Can I Afford? That's a question that's usually asked first to us as mortgage lenders, but how do we figure out this amount?  Well, it's not an educated guess, that's for sure, we use a lot of tools to figure this out as you're beginning the home loan process.  It's also better for you to know what you can afford when you're looking to purchase a home, let's say that you're going out on your home buying journey, and you find a house that is perfect, so then you call Darren Copeland, (your lender) to get pre-approved. Your lender … (0 comments)

leader1: Mortgage 101 series - 07/16/15 12:15 AM
Understanding the mortgage process seems quite difficult, but when you have an expert explaining it in a Mortgage 101 series, it really be a simple process.  Darren Copeland and his KC Loan Tips team at LeaderOne Financial have worked to put together a great YouTube series that walks you through some of the most difficult parts of the mortgage process.  If you watch the video below you'll see the introduction to their Mortgage 101 series, and the youtube link above can take you to all the other videos and topics covered on their great website.
Darren and his KC Loan Tips team … (0 comments)

leader1: What NOT to do in your home loan process - 07/14/15 12:52 AM
We spend a lot of time talking about what to do while you're getting a mortgage, but today we'd like to focus on What NOT to do in your home loan process.  So check out what our local Kansas City Mortgage Expert Darren Copeland from KC Loan Tips says about what not to do in the video below!
If you're ready to enter into the home loan process or you're just interested in hearing more of the amazing information we can let you know about the mortgage process such as What NOT to do in your home loan process - here's a … (3 comments)

leader1: 3 facts you need to know about USDA Loans - 06/26/15 01:36 AM
Not many people know about USDA home loans, but here are 3 facts you need to know about USDA Loans, which could be the right home loan for you!
The USDA home loan program was developed to spur growth in the rural areas of the United States.  It's a government backed mortgage, which means the government insures your loan, while an experienced mortgage lender will  handle all the other details of your loan. It's important to pick a lender who knows what they are doing with loans like the USDA loan, because there can be some peculiarities and having experience with … (2 comments)

leader1: First Time Home Buyer Tips - 05/20/15 12:07 AM
With Memorial Day approaching very quickly, we would like to pause from talking about First Time Home Buyer Tips and say that we at Midwest VA Loans would like to take the time to express our gratitude to those have have served for our country. We proudly serve active military and veterans to help them in buying a home for their family. Today especially we salute those who have served and sacrificed.
For military families, we look forward to getting you started with buying your first home. Our experience will work for you in taking the right steps. First, we think it’s … (0 comments)

leader1: Get Mortgage Ready. - 05/18/15 12:39 AM
We always ask our clients one question when they first come in our offices to discuss getting a home loan "What do I need to do to Get Mortgage Ready?"
Believe it or not, some people don't know the answer to this question, and honestly we don't mind helping people understand what it takes to be mortgage ready.  In fact, we answer this question so much that we've created a video that goes out to folks who are interested in getting a home loan through our office that explains what getting mortgage ready means and how it can affect their home purchasing … (0 comments)

leader1: The 4 Biggest Mortgage Mistakes - 05/05/15 12:11 AM
We live in a world where instant gratification is everything, but the home loan process takes time, so we'd like you to know The 4 Biggest Mortgage Mistakes that can slow down the process.
 1. Lying.
This should be pretty obvious but it never fails that someone doesn't fill us in completely on their financial history, they 'forget' to mention bankruptcies, foreclosures, getting their cars reposessed. When you're filling out your pre-approval application, be honest; because we'll have to come back and verify all that information later in the process, and that means more stress for you and for us as well.
2. Changing … (6 comments)

leader1: VA Loan Lee's Summit - 04/30/15 12:08 AM
If you're a military serviceman or woman, whether active-duty or retired the best home loan for you is the VA Loan Lee's Summit.
Some of the reasons that the VA home loan is the best for our armed forces members are:
No Down Payment Typically Lower Interest Rates Relaxed Credit Standards (but you will have to have good credit to qualify) Caters only to United States Military Members You can use it repeatedly Loan Limit of $417,000 in the Lee's Summit MO/Kansas City Missouri area  
If you're considering purchasing a house and you've served our country in any of the branches of … (3 comments)

leader1: FHA Home Loan O'Fallon - 04/28/15 12:03 AM
FHA Home Loan O'Fallon
If you're looking to purchase a home as a first time home buyer or you're just looking for a low down payment option then the FHA Mortgage program is probably the right program for you.  We're working hard to help as many people as possible who are looking to buy in the O'Fallon Missouri area find the right home loan for them and for many folks the FHA Home loan program makes a lot of sense.  If you're wanting one of these great mortgages you can go ahead and get pre-approved with us! 
Darren Copeland is one of the … (0 comments)

leader1: FHA Home Loans Maryland Heights - 04/20/15 01:05 AM

If you're considering buying a home our FHA Home Loans Maryland Heights are great for first time homebuyers or even for folks who don't have a lot of money for a down payment.   Whether you're a first time home buyer or you're just looking to purchase a new home the FHA Mortgage loan is a great option for you.  With recent changes the PMI is much more affordable, (PMI is a small charge added to your monthly payment that allows you to keep your down payment as small as 3.5%).
Darren Copeland, of LeaderOne Financial and the founder of KC Loan … (0 comments)

leader1: Why You Need a Realtor - 04/12/15 11:44 PM
Okay, This question isn't that hard, and I'll be honest we know everyone out there wants to save money, but sometimes it pays to use a professional and that's Why You Need a Realtor.  You can buy or sell a house without a realtor but there are so many reasons to use a realtor, and the #1 reason is that a realtor is going to be able to navigate the ins and outs or the entire home buying process, through picking a house, figuring out all the numbers associated with your home purchase (taxes, mortgage payments, HOA dues, title company fees, … (0 comments)

leader1: Pre-Approval Letter - 04/10/15 01:18 AM
   When it comes to getting a home loan or a mortgage it seems that everyone wants you to get a Pre-Approval Letter.  Everyone! Realtors, Mortgage Lenders, your Aunt Mary, everyone is pointing you towards this seemingly important first step towards getting your home loan.  There's a very good reason that your mortgage lender and your realtor want you to do this, but instead of writing a thousand word blog that would bore you to tears we thought we just ask our local Lee's Summit MO mortgage expert, Darren Copeland, and one of our favorite realtors some of the ins and … (0 comments)

leader1: What's the benefit of a 20% down payment - 04/09/15 01:10 AM
There are a lot of great mortgage loan options out there, but What's the benefit of a 20% down payment?  Does it really change the terms of getting a home loan that much?  To answer this common questions we're using our youtube channel, a local Lee's Summit Missouri Mortgage expert and a local Kansas City MO realtor to let you know these benefits!
Darren Copeland of LeaderOne Financial and the website KC Loan Tips is a home loan expert who loves to have clients learn during the entire mortgage loan process, and understand what they are getting into as they journey towards … (0 comments)

leader1: How a Local Lender Can Help You - 04/08/15 02:46 AM
Closing on time is the most important part of your mortgage, that's why it's important to know How a Local Lender Can Help You.  As we continue blogging through our Ask Darren youtube webseries, we noticed it was high time we talked about how great finding a local lender can be for your home loan process.  We won't bore you with going over the details of how we're a Lee's Summit, Missouri mortgage lending team that takes care of folks in the entire Kansas City, MO area and how we're focused on helping people in our area get the best mortgage … (0 comments)

leader1: What Do Closing Costs Cover - 04/07/15 12:20 AM
Over my time in the mortgage industry many people have asked me the question, What do Closing Costs Cover?  So we thought it was about time for us to put out a video answering that question!
If you're about to being the mortgage loan process or you're curious about getting pre-approved for a home loan we can help you with that as well as helping you understand each step along the journey as you're buying a house. In Fact, we've created a webseries on YouTube to help you ask questions and find answers to the most common questions we encounter during the … (2 comments)

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