leaderone financial: Local SEO can help you grow - 08/12/15 11:25 PM
Yesterday I had a meeting with a former client who runs an SEO business, and his sales pitch can be summed up as one phrase: "Local SEO can help you grow, and I can do that for you."  While I ended up not buying his services (yet) because I've got a great assistant who has a basic knowledge of that stuff already. I do see the value in knowing what's going on in the internet world and I thought I would share it with you. 
For those of you who don't know SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.  It's a way of … (5 comments)

leaderone financial: First Time Home Buyer Tips - 05/20/15 12:07 AM
With Memorial Day approaching very quickly, we would like to pause from talking about First Time Home Buyer Tips and say that we at Midwest VA Loans would like to take the time to express our gratitude to those have have served for our country. We proudly serve active military and veterans to help them in buying a home for their family. Today especially we salute those who have served and sacrificed.
For military families, we look forward to getting you started with buying your first home. Our experience will work for you in taking the right steps. First, we think it’s … (0 comments)

leaderone financial: Reverse Mortgage Olathe Kansas - 04/15/15 11:14 PM
Seniors living in Olathe Kansas could qualify for the all new Reverse Mortgage Olathe Kansas program offered by LeaderOne Financial.  If you're interested in a great product like this that will allow you to increase your income all while staying in the home that you're currently living in!  You can get pre-approved for this great program through Darren Copeland of LeaderOne Financial and the founder of KC Loan Tips.  His office in Lee's Summit Missouri services the entire Kansas City MO area and are experts when it comes to Reverse Mortgages, (and all the other mortgage stuff too like FHA Home … (2 comments)

leaderone financial: How a Local Lender Can Help You - 04/08/15 02:46 AM
Closing on time is the most important part of your mortgage, that's why it's important to know How a Local Lender Can Help You.  As we continue blogging through our Ask Darren youtube webseries, we noticed it was high time we talked about how great finding a local lender can be for your home loan process.  We won't bore you with going over the details of how we're a Lee's Summit, Missouri mortgage lending team that takes care of folks in the entire Kansas City, MO area and how we're focused on helping people in our area get the best mortgage … (0 comments)

leaderone financial: Documents You'll Need to Get a Mortgage - 03/23/15 02:35 AM
The mortgage process with a new client and you're going along swimmingly then; there's always surprise at the Documents You'll Need to Get a Mortgage! There's quite a big list of stuff that you'll need now and below we've got a mortgage expert from LeaderOne Financial who answers the questions of what paperwork you'll need to show your mortgage lender when it's time to purchase a home. It's great information for anyone who is looking to get a home loan, so with further hesitation, click play below!

Now that you've met Lees Summit Missouri's #1 mortgage lender, Darren Copeland,  You … (0 comments)

leaderone financial: Getting Pre-approved in Lee's Summit - 03/18/15 01:33 AM

Getting Pre-approved in Lee's Summit MO is probably easier than you think it is, especially if you're using a local lender with a local LSMO office.  Darren Copeland (who stars in the video above,) from LeaderOne Financial, is ready to help you understand and get pre-approved as soon as your ready to start your home buying process.   Darren and his KC Loan Tips team are ready to help you as you work your way through your VA, FHA, USDA or Conventional home loan process.  With our in house underwriters and a mortgage loan processor in our office we can assist … (0 comments)

leaderone financial: What You Need to Know to Buy a Home. - 03/17/15 01:25 AM
What You Need to Know to Buy a Home.
We've launched a web series on our YouTube Channel called "Ask Darren," and we'd like to invite all our friends and even folks we don't know to take a moment and watch these short videos.  We sat down with one of our realtor friends and had her ask Darren Copeland of LeaderOne Financial to help us understand all the complexities of the process of getting a mortgage to purchase a home.  No matter if you're in the market for an FHA, USDA, VA or Conventional home loan, Darren and his team at … (0 comments)

leaderone financial: Kansas City Mortgage Tip of the Week - 03/16/15 12:48 AM
Kansas City Mortgage Tip of the Week
I was recently going through some of our old videos on our YouTube Channel and I came across one of our tips of the week that still applies today, it's a few do's and don'ts as you go through the mortgage process. 

It makes me kind of nostalgic to see our old KC Loan Tips office and know that since then we've been growing our LeaderOne Financial business to be one of the best mortgage loan offices in the Kansas City, MO area. I've been doing this for about ten years and a … (1 comments)

leaderone financial: Mortgage Don'ts - 03/11/15 04:27 AM

We're in the mortgage business and nothing makes us more sad than when people do one of our Mortgage Don'ts.  So we're took a few minutes to create the above video to tell you some of our pet peeves in the home loan industry.  All of the things in this list can derail your pre-approval process and ultimately  your home buying journey!  So, if you haven't already watched the video above from our Local Kansas City Mortgage Lender Darren Copeland (LeaderOne Financial & KC Loan Tips) who quickly explains these Mortgage Don'ts: Make any major purchases such as a car, … (2 comments)

leaderone financial: Reverse Mortgage Overland Park - 03/08/15 11:23 PM

The Reverse Mortgage Overland Park program operated by KC Loan Tips, a branch of LeaderOne Financial is one of the best programs out there for seniors who are over the age of 62 and needed a bit more income.  If you haven't watched the video above and met our loan officer Darren Copeland - then please do now, not only will you get to know Darren, but you'll also learn a few great things about why getting a reverse mortgage can benefit you. 
Some of the good things about this program are:
1. You'll increase your income by leveraging the … (0 comments)

leaderone financial: Lee's Summit Local Lenders - 03/05/15 04:55 AM
All over the country people are saying that food that is local grown has health benefits & economic benefits.  It's the same for Lee's Summit Local Lenders! At first I didn't think there could be health benefits to using a local lender for your VA, USDA, FHA or Conventional Home Loan, but after thinking about it for a few minutes I see some benefits in the health area and I do know that there are definitely reasons why using a local lender helps the economy of your area, in our case, Kansas City, MO. Darren Copeland and his team from KC … (0 comments)

leaderone financial: Local Lenders - 03/04/15 09:56 PM
Having a local lender in the Kansas City area is one of the best benefits that you could ask for when you're planning on purchasing a home, if you'd like to get that process started with a local lender, you can get pre-approved here.  Mortgages are not something that everyone understands when they begin the process, that's why it pays to have someone on your side who can explain the home loan process and what's going on during those crucial days before you own your new home. 
We asked our local LeaderOne Financial mortgage lender, Darren Copeland, to take a … (0 comments)

leaderone financial: Reverse Mortgage Shawnee Kansas - 03/03/15 10:22 PM
Reverse Mortgage Shawnee Kansas
One of the least understood mortgage programs out there is the reverse mortgage program and we'd like to help clear  up some of those misunderstandings!  We asked our local home loan expert Darren Copeland from LeaderOne Financial to post a video explaining just how the Reverse Mortgage works and what the benefits to being involved in a mortgage program can help you.  Remember this program is only available to people over the age of 62 and only to those who have significant equity built up in their home. 
If you'd like to learn more about this great … (0 comments)

leaderone financial: Understanding PMI - 03/02/15 10:20 PM
When people are searching for a mortgage many of them have difficulty Understanding PMI.  So, we'd like to help you understand a bit more about how Premium Mortgage Insurance will affect your home loan.  (We're not called KC Loan Tips for nothin'!) Below you'll find a video of our local mortgage guru, okay he's a home loan expert explaining a bit more about this often misunderstood portion of the home buying process.  Darren Copeland and his team at LeaderOne Financial are experts in helping you get the best mortgage for your money - as we say around the office - we … (1 comments)

leaderone financial: What Documents Do I Need? - 03/01/15 11:25 PM
We love answering questions about mortgages, and one of the most common questions we get before we start a pre-approval is What Documents Do I Need? and one of the ways we answer that question is by directing people to our YouTube Channel playlist called "Mortgage 1."
It's a few short videos (like the one below,) that answer this question and many other questions about the mortgage process!  If you're interested in getting a mortgage to purchase a home, whether you're a first time home buyer or whether you're a seasoned home buying expert, we reccomend  checking out this playlist just … (0 comments)

leaderone financial: What the heck is Earnest Money?! - 02/27/15 02:02 AM
You'd be surprised how much we have to answer this one question: What the heck is Earnest Money?!
So to make things simpler we asked our local home loan expert and mortgage guru Darren Copeland from LeaderOne Financial and the KC Loan Tips YouTube Channel to send us a short video answering this all important real estate question for first time home buyers or folks that may have simply forgotten this portion of the mortgage process. 
So what the video beloe to find out just What the heck is Earnest Money?!
Now that you understand what earnest money is all about … (0 comments)

leaderone financial: Reverse Mortgage Tonganoxie - 02/26/15 10:36 PM
Many people 62+ years old are looking for ways to increase their monthly income possibly through a Reverse Mortgage Tonganoxie can allow them to do that without selling the home they've owned for many years!
A Reverse Mortgage is a way to get cash out the equity that you've built up in your home, If you're interested in finding out more about this amazing program then simply watch the video below of your local mortgage lender Darren Copeland of LeaderOne Financial explaining the benefits and the requirements associated with getting a reverse mortgage. 
Now that you understand how a Reverse … (0 comments)

leaderone financial: Options for a Down Payment - 02/24/15 10:57 PM
One of the parts of the mortgage process that people tend to forget theyt have Options for a Down Payment and we totally understand, amidst all the closing costs, home price negotiations, and all the other numbers that factor into the whole home loan process, it's easy to forget!  Darren Copeland (from KC Loan Tips) and his team at LeaderOne Financial, have tons of experience in helping people find ways they can make their downpayment.  In the short video below Darren discusses many of the Options for a Down Payment that are available to you, we highly encourage you to watch … (0 comments)

leaderone financial: Kansas City Mortgage Do's and Don'ts - 02/23/15 10:27 PM
Whether you know it or not there are certain things that you should and shouldn't do when getting a mortgage & here in Kansas City Mortgage Do's and Don'ts can be a pretty big deal.  That's why we've created this 2 minute video to go over some things that you should and should not do when your seeking to buy a home!  The Do's can really make the process easier, and the don'ts can really derail the process. So that's why our mortgage guru: Darren Copeland, has taken some time away from his hard work at LeaderOne Financial and created KC … (0 comments)

leaderone financial: Local Kansas City Lender - 02/19/15 01:16 AM
One of the things we consistently hear about the large national mortgage lenders is how Local Kansas City Lenders are much better!  We don't say this to brag or to diss these other large companies, it's just that we know that choosing a local mortgage lender is always going to benefit you.  Often times people think they will get a better deal with the national chains, and while that's sometimes true, most of the times you'll find that a Local home loan lender can get you the same rate and won't have some of the extra fees that the big guys … (0 comments)

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