pmi: What Can I Afford - 09/01/15 12:53 AM
What Can I Afford? That's a question that's usually asked first to us as mortgage lenders, but how do we figure out this amount?  Well, it's not an educated guess, that's for sure, we use a lot of tools to figure this out as you're beginning the home loan process.  It's also better for you to know what you can afford when you're looking to purchase a home, let's say that you're going out on your home buying journey, and you find a house that is perfect, so then you call Darren Copeland, (your lender) to get pre-approved. Your lender … (0 comments)

pmi: The best way to get an FHA Loan in Lee's Summit - 08/19/15 11:34 PM
If your buying a home & considering Lee's Summit Missouri as an option, I'd like to share with you The best way to get an FHA Loan in Lee's Summit.  While we could spend hours and hours discussing what a great place Lee's Summit MO is to live; with its great schools and amenties that rival any place around the metro, we can't blame you for looking for a home there.
Rather than talk about all the things that are great about Lee's Summit, we'd reather talk to you about The best way to get an FHA Loan in Lee's Summit, because … (3 comments)

pmi: Lee's Summit Home Loan - 06/23/15 12:49 AM
While working on a project, I realized that I didn't have all the tools to get the job done, and that's a must for projects, Your Lee's Summit Home Loan is just like that.  You want to have all the right tools to get the job done quick and stress-free.  While my project didn't go so well (I always end up going to home depot 5 or 6 times!) The Darren Copeland Mortgage Team can help you with all the right tools to get the job done well, quickly and with as little stress as possible.
If you're looking for an FHA … (1 comments)

pmi: How Can I Avoid a PMI Payment - 05/14/15 01:12 AM
PMI, also known as Private Mortgage Insurance, is put into place to simply protect a lender in the event that a home buyer defaults on their mortgage.
From the mortgage lender’s perspective, PMI is necessary in order to protect their investment and in turn, keep their rates low. This ensures that a mortgage lender can safely do business with you.
When is a PMI payment needed?A mortgage lender is often going to require a PMI payment if the borrower does not provide a 20% down payment on the home. If this is not possible, the loan becomes a riskier investment for the lender, … (2 comments)

pmi: FHA Home Loan Nixa - 04/27/15 12:13 AM
FHA Home Loan NixaThanks for watching the video of our mortgage expert Darren Copeland explain the benefits to the FHA Home Loan program and how it can help first time homebuyers and other folks looking to purchase a home make those dreams come true! Darren and his team at KC Loan Tips have all the expertise and knowledge to help you understand the entire process of buying a home and want to work with you today! To begin working with a great mortgage team like them, simply click here to fill out an application and you'll be on your way through … (0 comments)

pmi: What is Premium Mortgage Insurance - 03/25/15 01:48 AM
Of all the questions that we get asked on a regular basis , What is Premium Mortgage Insurance is probably the one of the most common.  When we're working on an FHA mortgage we're always explaining to people how PMI works and letting them know why they have to pay an extra fee or two when picking up that really great 3.5% downpayment that accompanies FHA Home Loans.  One of the videos in our Home Loan Tips series explains this often misunderstood and unexplained portion of FHA mortgages, watch the video below with out mortgage expert Darren Copeland, where Darren answers … (2 comments)

pmi: Understanding PMI - 03/02/15 10:20 PM
When people are searching for a mortgage many of them have difficulty Understanding PMI.  So, we'd like to help you understand a bit more about how Premium Mortgage Insurance will affect your home loan.  (We're not called KC Loan Tips for nothin'!) Below you'll find a video of our local mortgage guru, okay he's a home loan expert explaining a bit more about this often misunderstood portion of the home buying process.  Darren Copeland and his team at LeaderOne Financial are experts in helping you get the best mortgage for your money - as we say around the office - we … (1 comments)

pmi: PMI and Mortgage Insurance. - 07/16/11 09:07 AM
PMI and Mortgage Insurance.
If you're new to home ownership and have your eye on a perfect house, you may have heard the terms "PMI" or "MI" tossed around. PMI and Mortgage Insurance are forms of insurance that you pay on your conventional loan if you cannot put down the traditional 20% down payment. Mortgage insurance can initially seem scary to borrowers, and appear to cost more money in the long run. However, in some cases, PMI is a good thing and can offer financial advantages to homeowners.
PMI vs. FHA Loans Often times borrowers look to FHA loans when they … (0 comments)

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