real estate: 4 Home Buying Secrets - 09/15/15 11:47 PM
When it comes to buying a home we love to make it easier, especially the home loan process, so we thought we'd let you in on 4 Home Buying Secrets that can make your home buying process much simpler. We're also going to through in a bonus secret here in the beginning that can change the way you search for homes.
Getting Pre-approved is a bonus on its own!  It's the best way to figure out how much house you can afford.  It's a good way to keep your heart from being broken by falling in love with a home you can't … (2 comments)

real estate: How Will TRID affect Realtors? - 09/03/15 01:38 AM
How Will TRID affect Realtors?
Oct. 1, 2015, will bring a long-anticipated change to the mortgage process. Whether or not you have heard of TRID, it will impact you and your clients — and it’s coming. TRID, also known as the TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure Rule, is aimed toward making mortgages more transparent and easier to understand for consumers, but the real question is How will TRID affect Realtors?
NEW FORMS (because who doesn't like forms?) Lenders must provide the Loan Estimate form to consumers within three business days of applying for a loan.  Under TRID, a lender cannot impose any fee, except a … (8 comments)

real estate: Buying a Home in Lee's Summit - 07/29/15 11:49 PM
If you're interested in Buying a home in Lee's Summit Missouri, one of Kansas City MO's finest suburbs then there are a few things you need to know.  Before we get to that list though there is one thing you need to know: the real estate market is going crazy and houses aren't staying on the market long and that adds another factor into your decisions. Time, and you don't have much of it. So here's a list of things you need to have ready when it's time to go house shopping.
A Good RealtorOne of the things we see all … (0 comments)

real estate: The Importance of a Real Estate Agent - 06/09/15 02:04 AM
If you’re ready to become a homeowner,  it’s important to work with someone with local credibility and a reputation for honesty. That's the importance of a real estate agent.
For home buyers, the real estate market can be foreign. Therefore, working with a trustworthy real estate agent will help home buyers feel more comfortable. Below are reasons why it’s important to work with a local real estate agent.
The real estate agent will know and understand the market.
Real estate agents are needed to understand the state of the local market and they take it as a full time job. In fact, they fully … (2 comments)

real estate: Use Social Media to Buy a Home - 05/20/15 11:34 PM
Social Media has changed everything, including the resources available when purchasing a home. Here's how you can use social media to buy a home.
Not only can you search for homes for sale online, but you can also connect with the professionals who help you all along the way.
If you're entering the home buying process, here are a few recommendations we have if you're looking for ways to utilize technology in your house hunt:
1. Read the ReviewsNearly everyone in business has an online review out there these days. Real estate agents, title companies, inspectors and yes, even mortgage lenders, are all reviewed … (0 comments)

real estate: Today's Important News about Pre-approval - 05/12/15 12:33 AM
Here's Today's Important News about Pre-approval, you need it and you need it fast!
The real estate market is going full bore now that schools are getting close to graduation, teachers are counting down the days until summer begins (and so are students) and that means people are looking to move!  Seriously, it seems like everyone and their dogs are looking for new house!
We're never too busy, but we're busier than we've been in years here at KC Loan Tips and according to home loan expert Darren Copeland, you need to be ready to purchase your dream home at a moments … (2 comments)

real estate: May The Fourth be Social - 05/03/15 11:48 PM
One of the many parts of my job I need to get better at is connecting with my clients on current issues.  So, with that I say May The Fourth be Social for you!  
One of the simplest ways we can leverage our social media accounts is to use current events to create conversations, we're huge star wars fans in our office so you can bet we're talking about the new Star Wars trailer and talking about how today, May 4th is an unofficial Star Wars holiday, aptly named Star Wars Day. 
So how do you use this kind of stuff as leverage … (3 comments)

real estate: Reviews Work - 04/09/15 03:03 AM
Did you know that internet is changing the way relationships work?  Just think about it, I know some 20 somethings who didn't consider themselves exclusively dating  until it was on Facebook!  Most people know that the internet is changing business and really changing the landscape of our economy, but I've found something that has changed the way I look at my business and those relationships.  Online Client reviews.  Yup, Reviews Work for Me! 
If you're not actively getting people write online reviews then you're missing out on some of the best free advertising you could have.  Everyone I know in real estate … (1 comments)

real estate: Make Money by Making Mistakes. - 03/06/15 12:08 AM
Everyone loves to laugh, I've never met a person who hated laughing, and sometimes people's mistakes are, well, just funny, but can you Make Money by Making Mistakes.  Did you know that there are health benefits to laughing too? I wouldn't write this blog if I didn't think that you can make money by making mistakes, and here's how you can do it:
We've started doing video marketing and it's way out of my comfort zone, and I've gotten way better at it - but I still make mistakes.  My video guru decided to collect all of those mistakes and put … (0 comments)

real estate: What the heck is Earnest Money?! - 02/27/15 02:02 AM
You'd be surprised how much we have to answer this one question: What the heck is Earnest Money?!
So to make things simpler we asked our local home loan expert and mortgage guru Darren Copeland from LeaderOne Financial and the KC Loan Tips YouTube Channel to send us a short video answering this all important real estate question for first time home buyers or folks that may have simply forgotten this portion of the mortgage process. 
So what the video beloe to find out just What the heck is Earnest Money?!
Now that you understand what earnest money is all about … (0 comments)

real estate: Just ask for the darned business - 01/21/15 01:22 AM
It's something we all need to get better at doing; including me.  It's something that we try to do here atKC Loan Tips but sometimes the hardest part of the sale is to just ask for the darned business.  You know what I mean, you're meeting with a client who isn't too sure about using you, you've done all the 'needs-analysis' sales-ey-schmale-sy stuff, but your client doesn't seem too convinced.  Now's the time to do it.
Just ask for the darned business.
When I was a young man in school I was so nervous about asking girls out on dates and … (0 comments)

real estate: Buying your first home - 09/01/14 11:55 PM
Buying your first home is a very rewarding experience that comes with a lot of excitement, stress and some fear. Many questions come to mind when making one of the largest investments of a lifetime. It is difficult to know if you are getting the best deal, an honest home inspection, the right home owners insurance, etc... There are so many things to worry about, that some often forget to be excited, because the excitement is buried under financial worries. Well, have no fear. Here is a little advice for first time home buyers when choosing all the variables needed in … (0 comments)

real estate: Time to Buy a Home in Lee's Summit - 08/27/14 11:50 PM
We talk to people all the time that are beginning their home buying process and they all typically start with the same thought: Is it the Time to buy a Home in Lee's Summit?  We've answered this question so many times that we thought it was high time to write a blog about how you go about deciding to purchase a home in Lee's Summit.  Below we've listed some of the conditions you should take in regarding the Time to Buy a Home in Lee's Summit.
1. When you have a Downpayment
One of things that people tend to forget about … (0 comments)

real estate: Real Estate Video Marketing - 05/08/13 04:13 AM
Real Estate Video Marketing
One of the areas that I have been working on getting better at in my business is video marketing.  I've heard it said over and over again, if you're not using video in marketing you're missing out on one of the biggest marketing techniques of the last century...well, maybe not century but at least of the last 60 years.  There are a ton of ways to do it and many of you problably have questions about how or what to do in video marketing.  So here's some helpful hints and tips I can recommend.
1. JUST DO … (1 comments)

real estate: The Power of Local Referrals - 09/21/11 04:28 AM
The Power of Local Referrals
One of my clients walked me through their home buying experience the other day. They saw the home of their dreams sitting on the corner of a downtown area in a thriving suburb. The house had everything they had wanted - a front porch, detached garage and enough room to host guests and dinners.
They quickly called the Realtor on the listing, and soon after had a personal Realtor who toured the house with them. Because they located the house themselves, the process was fast. When it came to financing, they hadn't thought about it, nor … (3 comments)

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