warrensburg: Warrensburg VA Loans - 10/29/15 12:13 AM
we're offering Warrensburg VA Loans to all our Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine, Coast Guard, National Guard and Reserves military members who live in the Kansas City area and are looking for a place to live.  If you're wanting to purchase a home in the Warrensburg Missouri area and have your DD214 or COE, we can help - actually, even if you don't have those we can help you get them so you can get your VA home loan.  The VA Mortgage program was started to help soldiers returning from war be able to pick up the pieces of their lives and … (0 comments)

warrensburg: VA Home Loans for Whiteman Air Force Base - 06/22/15 01:23 AM
VA Home Loans for Whiteman Air Force Base are made with no money down, and if you're working with a great realtor you can often times get the seller to pay the closing costs, which allows you to come to closing without any money to spend! It's a great way to purchase a home while your stationed at the home of the B-2 Stealth Bomber!
The rates on VA loans are much better than your other mortgage options typically, and VA loans don't have any pricey month-to-month mortgage insurance charge. Making use of a VA Home Loan is isn't really that different … (0 comments)

warrensburg: Warrensburg VA Home Loan - 06/11/15 11:52 PM
Warrensburg VA Home Loan
Warrensburg VA lenders provide active duty, National Guard, reserve members and veterans the ability to get loans for homes. This program offers competitive interest rates with no requirement for private mortgage insurance or a down payment. Private lenders process the loans but the Veterans Administration guarantees a part of the loan if the borrowers have issues stopping them from making payments.
Veterans can apply for Purchase Loans if they are having trouble with securing traditional financing. A number of people use these loans to refinance traditional loans and the Administration guarantees up to the total value of the property.
These … (0 comments)

warrensburg: FHA Home Loan Warrensburg - 11/03/14 11:21 PM
The FHA program is one of easier loan programs to qualify for and here’s some of the highlights of the FHA Home Loan Warrensburg, Missouri:
1. Down payment is only 3.5% of the purchase price
2. The down payment can also be gifted by a family member such as Parents, Grandparents, or a Sibling.
3. The credit scores are more relaxed….in some cases as low as 580. Generally speaking 620 or 640 is the norm.
4. If you’ve had a BK or Foreclosure in the past you don’t have to wait the typical 5-7 years for a conventional loan. With FHA you only have to … (0 comments)

warrensburg: Get a VA Home Loan in Kansas City - 10/10/14 01:05 AM
The best thing for our military folks, either active duty or veterans would be to Get a VA Home Loan in Kansas City,  just contact us at KC Loan Tips, we're all about making the mortgage and home buying process simple, especially for those who have served our country and protected our citizens! I'd like to introduce you to the first step in the process and help you make that most important first step to Get a VA Home Loan in Kansas City.
To Get a VA Home Loan in Kansas City is actually a very easy process and I'd like … (0 comments)

warrensburg: Homes near Whiteman Air Force Base - 05/02/13 07:06 AM
Homes near Whiteman Air Force Base
Are you seeking Homes near Whiteman Air Force Base since you've got been stationed there?  We may also assist! One of the many things that you're going to need to do before you start your property search is to get pre-approved for a home loan.  There are so many choices with regards to home loans.  So let's reply just a few of those questions:
1. What kind of loan should I get?
     There are a number of options for you whilst you go to get your private home loan.  The most common home mortgage is named a … (0 comments)

warrensburg: Houses Close to Whiteman Air Force Base - 04/25/13 03:49 AM
Houses Close to Whiteman Air Force Base
Are you in search of houses close to Whiteman Air Force Base since you've been stationed there?  We may also help! One of many issues that you'll want to do before you begin your home search is to get pre-approved for a house loan.  There are such a lot of options on the subject of house loans.  So let's reply just a few of these questions:
1. What kind of loan should I get?
     There are multiple options for you while you go to get your home loan.  The most common Home mortgage is called a … (0 comments)

warrensburg: Whiteman AFB VA Loans - 04/08/13 01:01 AM
Whiteman AFB VA Loans
Saluting Whiteman's B-2 Crew in Korea
It seems that a few of our buddies at Whiteman Air Force Base have shown off their abilites (or ought to we say flying skills) over the past few weeks. The newreel is full of information surrounding North Korea's tension right now.
It looks like our guys and gals stationed in Missouri have been into action!
B-2 from Whiteman Used in Korea situation
Whiteman Air Force Base near Warrensburg is the residence of the B-2 Bomber. This lovely aircraft appears not only at Chiefs and Royals games but it's probably the most beautiful, powerful and … (0 comments)

warrensburg: Whiteman COE DD214 - 04/05/13 01:45 AM
Whiteman COE DD214
If you have been considering a VA loan and you've been scouring the internet for information on the VA loan program, you almost certainly have stumbled onto the Certificate of Eligibility requirement.
If you want to get pre-approved for a VA Loan today; Click This Link!
A Certificate of Eligibility is a certificate distributed through the VA to honorably discharged military personnel or to active duty service  who have met the service period requirement and are looking to purchase a home using their VA benefit.
A COE is a form that tells lenders  if military personnel has served and if they … (0 comments)

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