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The Las Vegas real estate market if affected by many economic factors. Some of these factors affect the supply of homes available to buyers and some affect the demand of buyers looking to enter the valley. Each person has a motive to come or leave Las Vegas but general there are certain factors t...
Relocating to a new town can be exciting. The actual move is usually where the stress is the worst. Once the move is taken care of the rest becomes more enjoyable. Having a plan or outlined schedule is very important to minimizing problems and headaches. We have put together a full-scale moving s...
There is a technic used for aiding in the sale of a Las Vegas home. It is called Staging. Staging a home means a seller either hires someone or studies up on how to present their home so that Las Vegas buyers see it in its most optimum presentation. Most people live in a home that is comfortable ...
Las Vegas has expanded tremendously over the recent decade. New communities are popping up monthly. High rise buildings have been completed and many more are scheduled. Residents moving from all parts of the world have found the value in Las Vegas property. The many advantages for living in Las V...
Las Vegas has been a stable market for years. Recent activity resulted in considerable volatility but the market has corrected and the future outlook for housing looks very promising. Multiple factors in the valley indicate that the real estate market will remain quite strong. Las Vegas Appreciat...
When most people think of Las Vegas an image of Las Vegas Boulevard, better known as The Strip, comes to mind. Many people don't realize there is an amazing community that begins not more than a few blocks just off any direction of The Strip. Living in Las Vegas means living in a great community ...
MSNBC reported, "Biggest existing home sales drop in 17 years: Housing demand down 8.4 percent last year; Dec. sales off 0.8 percent."Sales of existing homes fell in December, closing out a year in which demand for homes slumped by the largest amount in 17 years.The National Association of Realto...
Las Vegas home styles have changed over the decades. In fact, you can often tell the decade a home was built in by the construction methods used. Home styles today fit modern technology, client needs, and local codes.Las Vegas Homes Through the AgesHomes built in the 1950's and 1960's typically h...
Now, you have decided to build a web site. You can hire someone to do it or you can do it yourself. Let's imagine you are trying to save some money and you have some extra time. What options do you have for software to get the job done yourself?There are several programs that can help you. Each r...
An agent asked me a question in another one of my posts that warrants a separate post of its own. He is new to web design and a little leary of hiring someone to design his site and even more leary of doing the work himself.I actually think he is in the same boat as many other real estate agents....

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