las vegas homes: Stuck in a Home - 06/25/08 02:26 AM
I visited with a family last night who feels stuck in their home. They want to move up because prices are amazing in the Las Vegas market. However, they had their home listed for months with an agent before deciding to move back into it and pull the listing. I felt bad for the agent as well.CNN featured an article about being in a home you don't want but can't sell. Many may be in that situation. They want to move up or down or just away but can't because of the inability to sell.The only thoughts we could give last … (3 comments)

las vegas homes: Las Vegas Home Prices - 05/22/08 07:33 AM
Homes in Las Vegas that were selling for $320,000 are considerably lower priced today. Our team just put a home under contract for $120,000. Granted, it was a foreclosure property that the bank wants to dump but the numbers are staggering. Oddly enough, you can't build that home today for that price. We have seen several properties with a huge bank discount come through our group. If you want to see other properties like these you need a Las Vegas real estate agent to get you connected.Other parts of the country are also seeing considerable price changes. CNN illustrated some of … (0 comments)

las vegas homes: Foreclosures Leaving Green Pools - 05/12/08 03:14 AM
Las Vegas real estate agents have watched the foreclosures inventory pile up among banks. Many of these homes are vacant and many of those that are vacant have pools. These pools, left unkept, have begun to turn green.Our next-door neighbor up and left his home. The pool has evaporated considerably and begun to change colors. What we're most nervous about is the potential for insect breeding. The kids love to play out back as the Las Vegas weather improves and we don't want an investation.There are many Las Vegas homes for sale under great conditions. Others need some work and there … (1 comments)

las vegas homes: World's First Billion-Dollar Home - 05/07/08 03:06 AM
We see huge, expensive Las Vegas homes. However, none of them approach the worlds most expensive. Forbes reported the first billion-dollar home.Supposedly, every floor in the 27-story residence is unique driving the price around $2 Billion. It has around 400,000 sqft of interior space. It will be located in Mumbai. It will cost more than other skyscrapers of its size due to the unique features of each floor.In Las Vegas, there are huge homes and spreads. Some of the wealthiest of the world have homes here.

las vegas homes: Investors Buying Up Las Vegas Foreclosures - 04/29/08 02:41 AM
Articles like this one: Yahoo, illustrate the investment potential in the Las Vegas real estate market today. Hundreds of foreclosures are for sale and in order to compete new home builders are offering amazing deals. Our team is selling several foreclosures a month directly from reputable banks. We have dozens listed and anyone who is qualified is able to make a solid purchase.The best way to line up a Las Vegas home for sale is through a Las Vegas real estate agent. Agents are able to search the inventory in the area and find the best deals.

las vegas homes: Las Vegas Home Buyers Looking to Resale Properties - 04/21/08 03:07 AM
Buyers across the country have found a slow, often haulted new home market. In Las Vegas, many resale homes are sold as great bargains. New home builders have had to slow their development. Many buyers under contract have had their projects put on hold while the builder awaits a shift in the market place.
"Experts say it's one of the least examined aspects of the housing downturn, and one that has struck many parts of the country, from areas like Las Vegas, which experienced rampant speculation and overbuilding, to cities where construction was more restrained such as the Jersey Shore and Philadelphia." … (0 comments)

las vegas homes: Summerlin Open House a Big Deal - 04/07/08 03:30 AM
The Summerlin community in Las Vegas held an open house and attracted more than 3000 potential home buyers. Buyers were able to tour a variety of homes and many neighborhoods saw considerable foot traffic.
Summerlin encompasses 22,500 acres with about 9,000 acres still remaining to accommodate growth within the master plan, including the addition of Summerlin centre. The community is now home to more than 95,000 residents.With around a hundred parks, an intricate trail system, golf courses, churches, business facilities, cultural facilities, and many more community amenities Summerlin is a fantastic place to call home.Buyers should contact a Las Vegas real estate … (0 comments)

las vegas homes: Las Vegas Community, Summerlin to Host Huge Real Estate Open House - 03/10/08 04:01 AM
Las Vegas community Summerlin is a week away from hosting a huge open house. According to the press release the event will feature 75 model homes in 19 neighborhoods by 12 home builders.The event will be fun with gifts, food, prizes, coupons, etc. available to visitors. Planners expect visitors to make it a day at Summerlin.Homes range in size between 937-6,000 sqft and from the mid-$200,000 to more than $1,000,000.Get a hold of your Las Vegas real estate agent today to schedule a planned tour of the event.

las vegas homes: Las Vegas Homes and Las Vegas Home Sellers - 02/07/08 02:01 AM
Las Vegas homes are typically valuable, quality purchases. When buying a home be sure your home is what the seller says it is. A desperate seller may actually be like a used car salesperson. Here are 10 lies (details at MSNBC) a desperate home seller may tell you:
"My neighbors are wonderful!" "The roof leaked once, but we fixed it." "I've only seen one termite on the deck." "There's no radon - ever." "I didn't know I should have told you about the foreclosure." "The planes from the airport don't fly over this house." "Of course we had a permit to build … (0 comments)

las vegas homes: New Home Builders Stay Current on New Home Designs - 01/21/08 02:25 AM
New home builders in Las Vegas are finding changing trends in the preferences of home buyers. Some searching for Las Vegas properties seek green while others seek organization. Many inquiring about Las Vegas homes want no wasted space and tidy garages. As technology advances real estate developments are looking at smart homes and higher end options. Residents want higher ceilings and "flex space", which is rooms with multiple uses. Granite, stainless steel, and hardwood or tile floors remain popular. The key is to find an agent who can help you locate these home features quickly and then negotiate them into the … (0 comments)

las vegas homes: Las Vegas City Center Half Sold Out - 01/15/08 03:13 AM
Around 50% of the 2650 units have sold at the Las Vegas City Center project. The units are high-end homes located right on the strip. The project is huge. It will cost around $7.8 billion when all is said in done in November 2009.
"The demand for this product is there," Dennis said. "What our sales figure show is that the high-end residential market is much more buoyant and resilient than the general residential home market. We're comfortable we'll reach a sell-out mark by opening."The project will require thousands of employees to support it creating many jobs. The residential market will heat … (0 comments)

las vegas homes: First Time Las Vegas Home Buyer Asperations - 01/14/08 02:37 AM
I spoke with a young man recently who is finishing college and has the world in his talented hands. He could choose any direction and he would succeed. He said one of his first goals once he nails down what his plans will be is to purchase a Las Vegas home. He sees the value his parents home has gained even in the downturn and is timing the market just right to get into the market. His eyes are fixed on the news and determining when to get in. He understands that later this year and into the next there will … (0 comments)

las vegas homes: Las Vegas Home Situation Sees Positive Values - 12/07/07 02:59 AM
Las Vegas homes have are a great buy across the valley. In fact, the RJ reports predictions from new home builders stating that even with recent slides in prices the market will rebound. In fact, if you take home values over the past 5 years there is a 50% increase in value. Compared to other suffering markets like California, the correction hasn't been that severe. Even in California the 5 year rise in prices was near 90%. Those who are suffering the most are those who purchased at a poor time. They got fired up when the prices had peeked and … (1 comments)

las vegas homes: DR Horton Reports Quarterly Loss - 11/20/07 02:29 AM
DR Horton has reported a quarterly loss. Tight lending restrictions have pushed the largest home builder into a loss this past quarter. I don't think many are shocked. We expect the next few quarters to be filled with these types of reports.Buyers, particularly in Las Vegas, have seen amazing deals come about. Builders are very anxious to move their properties. We have toured many of the communities here in town with clients and prices and incentives are great.Buyers want to investigate the market with their real estate agent as they look to purchase a new or resale Las Vegas home.

las vegas homes: A Las Vegas Home to Fit Your Needs - 10/25/07 04:39 AM
This adventure begins by finding a Las Vegas home in a preferred area near desired amenities. A lot of the work can be done ahead of time if a home buyer will take time to find out what they want and need before ever seeing houses. They should ask themselves some questions:
How large should the house be? How many bedrooms do I require? prefer? How many bathrooms do I require? prefer? What other rooms do I need? prefer? What is my budget? Do I want a pool? pool nearby? Do I prefer other exercise or entertainment nearby? Do I need to … (0 comments)

las vegas homes: Las Vegas Real Estate - 10/24/07 04:26 PM
Las Vegas real estate is some of the finest property in the country. The Las Vegas real estate market has grown tremendously in recent years. It has been considered a "hot spot" for real estate in the United States. It has been one of the leading markets for real estate appreciation throughout the country. The recent national downturn has affected the valley like it has many other parts of the country. However, there is a considerable number of homes selling and the ones that are priced correctly are still selling quickly. The problem many sellers are having is that sellers still … (0 comments)

las vegas homes: What to Expect in a Las Vegas Home - 10/06/07 05:29 AM
Modern Las Vegas homes tend to share a common trend in style and building materials. Where older homes had aluminum siding and composite shingles newer homes tend to sport stucco and tile roofs. One thing they all tend to have in common is that they are built by quality home builders. Houses are well designed and constructed to code as dictated by local authorities. Learn more about what to expect when purchasing a Las Vegas property.Buying a Las Vegas HomeIf you are qualified, buying a Las Vegas home can be a very rewarding adventure. The key is to determine what you … (0 comments)

las vegas homes: When an Ugly Home Affects a Great Neighborhood - 09/24/07 10:07 AM
There is a neighborhood near our home where the neighbors all cringe when they walk by. It is a lime green color among homes that are all cream, tan and brown. Its yard is a mess and the cars don't match the demographic of the street. It just drives people nuts. So, what can be done when a home is out of sorts with the area and there is no HOA to govern or force the issue?A reader of the RJ in Las Vegas asked the question and the RJ responded with an interesting

las vegas homes: Maintenance and Care for Your Las Vegas Home - 09/24/07 09:27 AM
As an owner of a Las Vegas home, the best way to keep its value is to maintain it properly. Caring for your house is much easier if you follow a routine schedule and keep the little things in order. If a house is left too long without common maintenance then it deteriorates and a day comes when a lot of things need repaired at a great expense. Keep your place clean and trimmed. When it needs painted, paint it. When it needs new air filters, replace them. When your house needs a service, have it taken care of immediately so … (0 comments)

las vegas homes: Las Vegas Homes - 09/21/07 01:25 PM
New comers to Las Vegas find wonderful homes that fit their needs. As they move to Las Vegas they also find a place that fits their lifestyle. They research great communities and make a home out of great living opportunities. These communities offer amenities and features that provide comfort and accessibility. They live close to work, play, church, family, friends, and/or schools. It doesn't take long before people become accustomed to the climate, culture, and city. They find joy in calling Las Vegas their home.Homeowners decorate and modify their house to fit their preferences and lifestyle. Some fill their home with … (0 comments)


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