las vegas real estate: Stuck in a Home - 06/25/08 02:26 AM
I visited with a family last night who feels stuck in their home. They want to move up because prices are amazing in the Las Vegas market. However, they had their home listed for months with an agent before deciding to move back into it and pull the listing. I felt bad for the agent as well.CNN featured an article about being in a home you don't want but can't sell. Many may be in that situation. They want to move up or down or just away but can't because of the inability to sell.The only thoughts we could give last … (3 comments)

las vegas real estate: National Home Prices More Than 15% from Last Year - 06/24/08 03:15 AM
20 cities are tracked in the S&P/Case-Shiller 20-city Home Price Index. Since April of last year the average home price has droped 15.3%. Many cities dropping every month for the last 21 months.Las Vegas has been the hardest hit dropping 26.8%. Home owners have felt the pinch leading to huge numbers of foreclosures. Investors have been buying up great deals across the valley as prices drop to levels from years past.Las Vegas real estate agents have seen historic trends up and historic trends in foreclosure opportunities. As major projects schedule their completion over the next couple of years, agent watch to … (0 comments)

las vegas real estate: Personal Credit Explained on Realtor Web Site - 06/18/08 03:18 AM explains how your credit history affects your purchasing ability and how late payments and charge-offs and other credit repair methods can damage credit. Currently, when purchasing real estate the credit score means nearly everything with regards to qualification.In Las Vegas we have seen many who would have otherwise qualified in the past be declined. It is ever important to keep the credit score in good shape. A Las Vegas Realtor can either give you some guidance on how to keep it clean or who to talk to in order to either keep a healthy score or have it repaired by … (0 comments)

las vegas real estate: Finding a Renter in the Las Vegas Rental Market - 06/16/08 03:10 AM
Many home owners are unable to sell their current home yet they are interested in taking advantage of the low prices and foreclosures. They want to know how they can find a quality renter quickly and affordably.First of all, there are many factors involved in renting. It is good to get educated first. There are also fees and maintenance principles to consider. The best option to consider, according to the RJ, is to seek professional help. Find a Las Vegas Realtor who handles rentals. Some teams have staff to handle both buy/sell activities along with rental activities. Find some one who … (0 comments)

las vegas real estate: The Home Isn't Closed Until It's Closed - 06/13/08 03:11 AM
Many home buyers feel like they have made it once they sign the closing documents. However, with consistently changing lending programs a loan may not be available by closing time. Las Vegas Realtors should make sure things are in order before celebrating about your new piece of real estate.A good lender is key in getting a deal closed as well. Be sure to stay on your lender like glue until the property actually records.

las vegas real estate: Las Vegas Real Estate Agents Selling Significant Number of Units - 06/11/08 02:48 AM
Las Vegas real estate has been in the news for under performing in a big way. However, some agents and teams are selling many units. How? We have bank owned properties and the banks are dumping them.CNN mentions that Realtors with the right ties to banks have listed dozens of foreclosed properties. We have access to the best deals on the Las Vegas MLS and we know of foreclosures before they're listed.In a down market like this people are teeming for deals...and the good news...many buyers are scoring big!

las vegas real estate: Intense Bidding Begins Housing Boom in Some Parts - 06/09/08 02:43 AM
In Las Vegas many homes have been foreclosed and many banks are dumping the properties. Homes are listed and within hours they have multiple offers. The activity is creating a "boom" according to MSNBC. Some buyers are not able to get in on deals because the prices get bid up to retail prices. Our team recently sold one that was initially listed at a discount for considerably more.If you're looking for a great deal you need to know a Las Vegas real estate agent who works with banks in order to take advantage of the listings from foreclosures.

las vegas real estate: Home Buyers Downsizing - 06/04/08 03:11 AM
As could be expected, the housing trend's rise and fall sparked similarities in the size of home people believed they could afford. During the boom it was the McMansion. Now, home builders are releasing smaller models and buyers are selecting them.In Las Vegas, clients are commonly looking for the best deal and just what they can afford. A Las Vegas Realtor is able to scout out those great deals in the MLS and other home finding tools.

las vegas real estate: HOAs Cannot Restrict Certain "Green" Technologies - 05/29/08 03:35 AM
The Green Movement is strong and will get stronger. Many are out to improve and conserve our environment. On the Las Vegas RJ a reader asked about an HOAs role in natural energy restrictions. The interesting response is that no governing body can regulate systems used for solar or wind energy. The NRS provided an answer:
"NRS 278.0208 is entitled "Restrictions on Use of System for Obtaining Solar or Wind Energy Prohibited." It states that a governing body shall not adopt any regulation or take action that prohibits or unreasonably restricts the owner of real property from using a system for … (0 comments)

las vegas real estate: National Realtor Web Adds New Service - 05/27/08 02:20 AM
National Realtor web site has added a new service to their offering. They have integrated with MicroSoft Virtual Earth to provide a home valuation option. A service like this is important when trying to get a ballpark on homes within a market.In Las Vegas, those interested in real estate may use the local MLS search to find properties for sale. For specific property values and comparables use a Las Vegas Realtor to accurately determine the right move.

las vegas real estate: Mortgage Loan Counseling - Should It Be a Real Estate Requirement? - 05/21/08 02:35 AM
A lot of emotion gets tied up in a home purchase. Lenders and other professionals are considering mandatory mortgage counseling prior to making a home purchase. Recent housing woes have many searching for methods to avoid future fall out.Las Vegas real estate has been in the forefront with high foreclosure numbers and struggling home owners. Until courses become mandatory it is important to find a quality Las Vegas real estate agent who has financial resources for helping valued clients understand their position.

las vegas real estate: Some Real Estate Good News? Housing Starts Up in April - 05/16/08 02:40 AM
The housing starts stats rose by around 8% in April. Apartment construction is adding new units pushing new housing numbers up. Single family housing is still weak but the optimism by contractors represents some recovery after a very slow March.However, before we see a large up turn in these overall numbers we'll need to see a decrease in standing inventory:
"economists believe that housing construction will remain under pressure until builders have more success in reducing a huge backlog of unsold homes." Specifically in Las Vegas, real estate new construction is still flat. Builders wait on the sidelines until inventories indicate … (0 comments)

las vegas real estate: World's First Billion-Dollar Home - 05/07/08 03:06 AM
We see huge, expensive Las Vegas homes. However, none of them approach the worlds most expensive. Forbes reported the first billion-dollar home.Supposedly, every floor in the 27-story residence is unique driving the price around $2 Billion. It has around 400,000 sqft of interior space. It will be located in Mumbai. It will cost more than other skyscrapers of its size due to the unique features of each floor.In Las Vegas, there are huge homes and spreads. Some of the wealthiest of the world have homes here.

las vegas real estate: Local Real Estate Markets May Get Involved in Housing, Literally Buying and Selling Homes - 05/06/08 04:03 AM
An article in CNN this morning was very intriguing and will likely spark some political skirmish. As mentioned in the article:
"Under the House plan, the Department of Housing and Urban Development would dole out the loans and grants based on the number of foreclosures and home prices in an area. Cities could use the money to buy foreclosed homes, renovate the homes to make them compliant with housing codes, and resell or rent them."The goal is to help keep neighborhoods and the city as a whole in good shape since there are so many vacant homes on the market. They tend … (0 comments)

las vegas real estate: Las Vegas Aliante Community Offers Incentives - 05/05/08 03:00 AM
The Aliante community in North Las Vegas is offering considerable incentives to home buyers. They claim to be offering very competitive pricing and financing options.Many Las Vegas communities are offering significant discounts and doing everything they can to attract qualified buyers. These builders have been competing with existing home prices and bank owned properties.Las Vegas real estate agents are able to show a huge selection of both new and preowned properties. Buyers have been very selective and have chosen properties with great values.

las vegas real estate: Housing Mortgage Interest Rates Rise Slightly - 05/02/08 04:00 AM
Interest rates on mortgages have remained relatively low in recent months. They have risen slightly to 6.06% from around 5.5% in previous months. Bankers have concern for inflation and are adjusting accordingly.What does that mean if you are purchasing Las Vegas real estate? It means there are still some great deals out there and if you are qualified housing can be very affordable. Investors have been calling, other home buyers are calling. They are looking for great deals because they know the market is at a great level. Your Las Vegas Realtor will help you get started and help you with … (0 comments)

las vegas real estate: The Las Vegas Recent Downward Price Adjustment Seen as Largest in Nation - 04/30/08 02:14 AM
Following years of appreciation marked at 30-50% per year, the Las Vegas housing market has dropped in value some 22% as it readjusts. Foreclosure trends, mortgage issues, and economic factors have curbed the previous growth. Many buyers remain on the edge awaiting better news before taking the plunge. Many say late 2009 will mark any new appreciation with the completion of major real estate projects in the valley which will create tens of thousands of new jobs.Investors and savvy buyers are snapping up foreclosures and other great deals. They are anticipating this significant growth in the coming year. To see trends … (0 comments)

las vegas real estate: Investors Buying Up Las Vegas Foreclosures - 04/29/08 02:41 AM
Articles like this one: Yahoo, illustrate the investment potential in the Las Vegas real estate market today. Hundreds of foreclosures are for sale and in order to compete new home builders are offering amazing deals. Our team is selling several foreclosures a month directly from reputable banks. We have dozens listed and anyone who is qualified is able to make a solid purchase.The best way to line up a Las Vegas home for sale is through a Las Vegas real estate agent. Agents are able to search the inventory in the area and find the best deals.

las vegas real estate: Vacant Homes for Sale Are Up - 04/28/08 04:45 AM
US homes for sale and that are vacant is up. That's a likely scenario in Las Vegas as well. Either people move and wait while a home sells or banks leave it empty while the home sells as a foreclosure. Reportedly:
"The Census Bureau report shows that shows that 2.9 percent of U.S. homes - excluding rental properties - were vacant and up for sale..."If you are selling Las Vegas home and you leave it vacant be aware that there are concerns. There may be options to help protect the home. A Las Vegas Realtor may be able to give you some … (0 comments)

las vegas real estate: Las Vegas Home Sellers Be Prepared for Anything - 04/25/08 02:24 AM
Some Las Vegas home sellers are trying everything to sell homes as they retain high values. It also appears to be a national challenge. Reportedly, sellers hire Realtors, feng shui experts, etc. We've seen them make cold calls, throw in autos, trips, etc.
"In such a hypercompetitive market, you have to go way beyond what everyone else is doing - especially if you want to move your home quickly. Old standbys like slapping a fresh coat of paint on your clapboards or throwing in a complimentary plasma TV just won't cut it."The bottom line: most homes sell when it's offered at the … (0 comments)


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