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I am currently pre-qualifying first time home buyers in anticipation with the release of Missouri MHDC Bond Money that is scheduled we are hearing for mid January 2007.  In this program the state of Missouri will provide 3% grant to the buyer to go towards closing costs or down payment. Many time...
Do you have a client who is running into issues with the limits on the number of Fannie Mae mortgages he or she has ?   We have a few investors who are able to portfolio loans at fixed rates allowing up to 24 mortgages to be held in their name.  If you have someone interested or your running into...
Good luck on your houses being held open today, I know in our area in Greene County there are tons of homes on the market and it truly is a buyers market. One of the things that may assist and make that listing stand out is to have financing information customized to your listing at the open hous...
Have you ever gotten to closing only to find out it would be another few hours or a day before funds or documents have arrived at the title company.  It can be frustrating, worse yet, it delays you being paid for your services as well.   At Oak Star Bank we have a closing guarantee that guarantee...
Just wanted to get the word out that next year 2007 Mortgage Insurance Premiums are going to become Tax deductible under legislation passed by Congress.  Clients who make less than 100,000 per year should be able to deduct the amount of mortgage insurance that was paid in 2007.As always you shoul...
Did you know that we offer a product that will take away the clients concern about rates while they are shopping for a home? The product is called lock and shop, it allows the client to get pre approved lock a rate in for 90 days while they shop for a house, a ceiling is put on the rate so if rat...
Fannie Mae announced that they would not change the lending limits for a conforming loan in 2007.   Currently the lending limit on a conforming loan on a 1 family property is $417,000.00. We are able to do loans over the conforming limit but many times its a different slightly higher rate of inte...
Thinking about relocating to Southwest Missouri?  Many folks are finding this to be a great part of the country to retire to, to raise a family and to just come here to live.  Our cost of living is 10 percent below the national average, home prices are less than the national average, taxes run ab...

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