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Well we are on a roller coaster and the week ahead looks like another potentially volatile week in economic announcements which may mean for a very volatile week for interest rates.  Last week we saw a time period measured in hours where the 30 year fixed rate had dropped to as low as 5.375%.  So...
Currently in this market how many people do you know that are saying as soon as our house sells we will be buying?   They are out there and their number is huge, the inventory is also out there homes that are on the market are plentiful and 30 year fixed rates are now approaching record lows.  Th...
I keep being asked where are mortgage rates going to end up at in 2008, after 10 years in the industry I know not to answer this question and I am wary of any type of expert that tries to tell me they know. In all honesty no one knows from day to day where things are ending up.  I do know a few t...
I had the pleasure of meeting today with my local representative from my credit bureau, with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac shifting over to risk based pricing and increasing the expense of the mortgage in a tier like fashion starting below 680 credit score it is crucial that we all educate everyone ...
In talking with Missouri Housing Development Commission there will be some changes in the bond program when this new issue comes out.  I was previously told that the issue would be out in the month of January it looks like at this point that it will be the first week of February before funds are ...
I just got back from providing finance information at an open house for one of my realtor/business partners.  I was able to also meet the builder there who was putting some finishing touches on the home and the realtor graciously gave me a tour of the home.  I like to partner with agents for thei...
The first week of 2008 is off to a great start - I have taken approximately 6 applications this week which for the first week of the year I don't believe is to bad at all, we also  have 4 other clients that are already preapproved and are out with their realtors this weekend looking for property....
 2008 Will be a defining year for this industry, I believe as the market corrects what it needs to correct some of us will not be in this business this time next year, others will stick it out.  I make no predictions for the future because time and again when I have even attempted there are event...

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