union: Winter housing market kitsap - 12/03/21 10:36 AM
In contrast to the chilly temperatures outside, Kitsap County’s real estate market is white-hot. There are substantially more homes going under contract than there are new listings, and the market is virtually sold out up to the $1.5 million price point.
Sales Activity  is uber-frenzy for Kitsap County homes priced up to $500,000 and extreme frenzy in the $500,000 to $1.5 million range. These two price ranges comprise
97 percent of sales activity locally. Above $1.5 million, sales activity is strong.
more home under contract then homes on market for sale 
Now is great time to sell home at premium !!!
call today free home pricing
Www.Daryl … (2 comments)

union: Selling in the winter a good thing? - 11/20/21 07:27 AM
Winter is typically real estate's slowest season, but this year will be anything but. If you've been thinking about selling your home, it's time to get in gear so you can cash in on an avalanche of offers.
interest rate at all time low. Inventory in belfair is at 30 day supply, inventory in kitsap is at 3 week supply
call today for you market analysis as see the cash you will make
       Daryl Datus

union: Hood canal taste of - 08/08/14 01:00 AM
The Taste of Hood Canal, North Mason County’s premier summer festival, is once again scheduled for the second Saturday in August this year, Saturday, August 1oth. Starts and 10 and runs till around 4 pm
Schedule your drive to town around this event, great to see you there!
The annual event features Arts & Crafts, Food Vendors, Classic Car Show, live music and great fun for the entire family. This year, the Taste of Hood Canal is an official SEAFAIR Community Festival!
Great chance to see locals with there food and cars!

union: When is good time to sell my home - 03/24/14 02:19 AM
With spring in the air , hoping to sell this year-----The 4-month moving average for Housing Starts is the highest since July 2008. Some economists feel the underlying trend for home building is upward and should remain that way for a couple of years. February, however, saw Existing Home Sales dip 0.4%, to a 4.60 million annual rate. But these closings came from contracts signed when harsh weather was slowing many markets. A lack of inventory has also been sending buyers to new homes. But median prices are up 9.1% annually  WOW, encouraging more sellers to list, and inventories were up … (1 comments)

union: More inventory needed good time to sell Mason county - 06/07/13 01:50 AM
The current market is the best of most worlds: low interest rates, a supply of homes to choose from that are aggressively priced, and lenders who are beginning to engage in 'make sense' loans." TheWashington state housing market allows for a buyers and sellers market. If you are looking to buy a home, now is the time to start the process and make it happen! If you are looking to sell your home, the current housing market situation is favorable as well. The housing inventory is low and there is a high buyer demand; thus getting your home on the market … (0 comments)

union: Is the grass greener on the other side? - 04/26/13 12:36 AM
Many people say move on try it somewhere else,the grass looks greener on the other side!
In reality the grass is not greener on the other side it is usually brown too!
So what is the key, if you want the grass green you need to water it, thats right what ever is our goal, giving them time attention {watering them} we will enjoy green grass where ever we go in life.
Have a great day!

union: Prepare you home exterior decks during winter - 01/13/12 05:37 AM
Preparation Deck manufacturers suggest using a plastic or rubber-tipped shovel, never a metal shovel, to remove snow from a wooden deck. Choose a sturdy plastic snow shovel with rounded corners to effectively remove heavy snow and debris. Do not shovel across the decking but instead shovel in the direction of the wood grain, to prevent scratching or denting the decking.
Loose Ice Use the same plastic or rubber-tipped shovel to remove loose pieces of ice from the deck. Shovel gently and don't try to dislodge any pieces to avoid scratching or denting the wood pieces. If your deck wood is older … (0 comments)

union: Crazy erics Belfair ! Sign of the times closes. - 09/20/11 07:37 AM
Its a sad to to see this place close, we will miss this great place to hang out.
   The food that my family and I have received there has always been very tasty ( somewhat greasy at times, but hey – that’s part of the charm). The french fries are the best (I love the natural skins on and floppiness of them). The onion rings are hand dipped and we love them as well. And the milkshakes are made from hand-dipped ice cream the old-fashioned way.
Your flavor in town will be missed.
Thanks for the time you were here!
love … (1 comments)

union: Spring cleaning befor you list your home - 05/23/11 08:19 AM

Putting your house on the market? Before the "For Sale" sign goes up, give your property the ultimate spring cleaning. When it comes to showcasing your home for sale, there's no such thing as a house that's too clean. Here's what I recomend as an expert  you do to clean before holding an open house. Prior to your first open house, review each room for grime and clutter, including the garage, basement or attic, as there are multiple steps to a polished look.  And beware the too corny maneuver: apples baking in the oven are definitely out; the aromas of essentials oils, … (1 comments)

union: credit requirements for buying homes after filing chapter 7&13 - 04/18/11 07:37 AM
FHACredit requirements are covered in FHA Handbook 4155.1, Chapter 4,Section CChapter 7: Borrowers are eligible 2 years from discharge with no new adverse credit. Less than 2 years but not less than 12 months from discharge may be allowed when:extenuating circumstances beyond the borrower's control can be documented, andthe borrower has since demonstrated an ability to manage his/her financial affairs in a responsible mannerChapter 13: Eligible after 12 months acceptable payments, with permission of the courtFinancial mismanagement ‐ 3 years from completion dateExtenuating circumstances ‐ If the foreclosure was the result of documented extenuating circumstances that were beyond the control of … (1 comments)

union: April showers bring may flowers/ is your Home & garden ready? - 04/01/11 01:20 PM
Spring Home Checkup
April showers may
bring May flowers,
but they can also
bring leaky
basements, moldy
walls and costly
Regular maintenance
on the outside of
your home could save
you thousands of
dollars. You can take a few hours to do a
Spring maintenance check-or you can
wait for a storm to come along and show
you where your home's weaknesses are.
 You might take the
following steps:
l Make sure gutters are clean and stable.
This ensures proper drainage and lessens
the chance they will become flying debris
in high wind.
l While you're there, examine fascia or … (0 comments)

union: Is your garden ready for spring? Tips to help! - 03/31/11 12:28 PM
What you do in your vegetable garden right now can have a huge influence on how well it does next year. This is the time to get your soil in shape. Start by doing a good clean-up. What crops in your garden have finished production? Get those broccoli stumps and bolted lettuce onto the compost pile. You can work around the tomatoes, squash and beans that are still bearing.
How often have you seen a vegetable garden in winter that was abandoned in October? You can picture it...dry bean vines still on the netting, rotten tomatoes on soggy vines hanging on … (3 comments)

union: wastewater & water reclamation facility info for Belfair ,Wa - 03/26/11 10:37 AM

RE: Belfair Wastewater and Water Reclamation Facilities Project announces Side Sewer Drop-In
Session to assist property owners with side sewer construction
The Belfair Wastewater and Water Reclamation Facilities Project will host a Side Sewer Drop-In Session
for property owners to talk one-on-one with county staff and consultants about the equivalent residential
unit (ERU) estimate for their property and ask questions about their side sewer connection. The meeting
will be held:
Tuesday, March 29, 2011
4 to 6 p.m.
North Mason School District Headquarters (71 E. Campus Dr, Belfair, WA 98528)

The drop-in session precedes the regularly scheduled 5th … (0 comments)

union: tuff get tuffer! - 03/25/11 08:31 AM
"Anyone can give up, it's the easiest thing in the world to do. But to hold it together when everyone else would understand if you fell apart, that's true strength."

union: Spring cleaning your home- before you sell! - 03/08/11 01:20 AM
Putting your house on the market? Before the "For Sale" sign goes up, give your property the ultimate spring cleaning. When it comes to showcasing your home for sale, there's no such thing as a house that's too clean.  Here's what I recomend as an expert  you do to clean before holding an open house. Prior to your first open house, review each room for grime and clutter, including the garage, basement or attic, as there are multiple steps to a polished look.  And beware the too corny maneuver: apples baking in the oven are definitely out; the aromas of essentials oils, … (1 comments)

union: Is your home ready to sell for this spring? Tips for you to help get your home sold! - 03/06/11 03:06 PM
Spring Cleaning Your Home  
1 Make a list of the tasks you want to accomplish. Of course you know you want to do the main things you would do each day, like the dishes and the laundry. Once you get those down, you will need to add the tasks that you do monthly and semi-yearly. These are tasks like cleaning out closets, cleaning the windows and the oven.
2 Inventory your supplies. Now that you know exactly what you are going to do, you need to take stock of the supplies you have on hand, and consider what else you … (0 comments)

union: I will not be deterred!! - 03/02/11 07:59 AM

I know my strength, I know my ability, I know my determination, I WILL NOT BE DETERRED.
Dont let anybody shake you of your goals!
Have a great end of the 1st quarter!

union: Winter pests-steps to pest proof your investment - 01/24/11 07:02 AM
Winter months bring frosty temperatures, gusty winds and slippery sleet and snow, sending people indoors to seek warmth and shelter.  The chill in the air may also send a few uninvited pest guests into your home, too. Most homeowners don't think about winter pests until they see signs of an infestation, at which point treatment becomes more difficult. The best way to keep pests out of your home in the cooler months is to take preventative action before you have a problem.
Pests such as rodents and cockroaches seek food, water and shelter in the winter - all of which can … (0 comments)

union: Strategy for home buyers in todays market - 01/23/11 11:53 AM
Living from one paycheck to the next may be the norm for many people. But homebuyers need a better strategy.
If buying a home is your goal, then it needs to be your priority!!
Most people need to sacrifice a little and stick to a budget in order to save for a home.
A good budget plan begins one or two years before a buyer makes an offer. Here are four tips for renters who plan to become homeowners.
1. Build strong credit
When it comes to securing a loan at the best mortgage rate, credit is king.
The most important … (0 comments)

union: Being prepaired to buy a home/ info you should know! - 01/23/11 11:32 AM
Home Buying Process
If you are a first-time homebuyer or haven't bought a home in a while, this guide will offer valuable information about buying a home.
Gather the information you will need to qualify for a home mortgage
Before you can buy a home, you will need to secure financing. Be ready to provide a mortgage lender with the following information:
Income and Employment
What is your current income? Are you employed? Do you have a history of steady employment? Down Payment
Your lender will ask how much money you have available for a down payment. A down payment … (2 comments)