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There is not a simple single answer, but in general, lenders do not want to own your house or take the risk of owning it. Lenders will often withdraw a house from the foreclosure auction to give it a chance to sell. Please do not wait until the last minute to hire a short sale expert Realtor. Don...
Can the seller get any money out of a short sale? FHA and participating HAFA lenders actually give sellers “cash” incentives for completing a short sale. The seller gets a check in the amount of the approved incentive. FHA Cash Incentive to Short Sale Sellers If the loan that is being approved fo...
“When Will You Start Showing My House?” Is this an exclamation to the Realtor to get the show on the road ASAP or is it a plea from the sellers to slow down so they can clean up the house? “When can we get started?” means let’s get going right now to put this nightmare mortgage behind us. However...
Old proverb: "Dogs may bark but the caravan moves on" Oh, the naysayers. Some will complain and criticize but that doesn't stop those who are continuing to accomplish great things. Please see the excellent analysis of a critic who was complaining about Realtor blogging. The analysis is courtesy o...
Many times one of the spouses or co-owners of a house is not obligated or liable for the loan and therefore their credit may not be impacted. Sometimes one of the co-owners did not have had good enough credit while the other co-owner had strong enough income and credit to qualify for the loan by ...
Bumper Sticker: "Of All The Things I Lost - I Miss My Mind The Most". Did any one else notice those cars that have 30+ bumper stickers, half of them declaring how rabidly crazy the driver is while the other half angrily proclaiming their political beliefs. They're usually indignant that you don't...
An important blog originally written by Leslie De Luca, Realtor from Monterey, CA.  If you have exhausted all options to keep your home and the finances just aren't working anymore, as hort sale should seriously be considered. Running up credit cards and other debt to keep the mortgage payments a...
Here is an excellent summary of the "underwater" and "negative equity" concept, written by Gary Woltal - Assoc. Broker REALTOR® SFR Dallas Ft. Worth. Why is it important to know if you or your neighbors are underwater? With time, the cycle of life requires houses to be sold when they don't fit in...
When saving a client from foreclosure there can be many outcomes. The short sale Realtor must have a goal and a well defined strategy from the outset. Amazingly, about 150 years ago, Lewis Carrol penned the classic Alice in Wonderland with the following dialogue that is so relevant today: “Which ...
This is a little known fact and an alarming truth. There is a natural tendency to flee the house ahead of the foreclosure storm. However, vacating the house may invalidate the seller’s eligibility to have the shortfall on their debt wiped out forever. OK, so what does that mean? Step by step: A s...

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