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Sellers who are in foreclosure cannot afford afford a Realtor commission. This is a common predicament playing out all over the country and definitely right here in Louisville Kentucky. Homeowners need to sell but don’t have money to pay a real estate agent. You Can Sell Your House and Your Lende...
In a Short Sale “Is it better that I move out?” Sellers ask this all the time. The answer is the seller can stay in the house all the way up to the closing of the sale to the new buyer. There are actually many questions behind this question: Question: Will the bank be angry that I’m living in the...
Selling a house to beat foreclosure means you need the best Realtor who can move fast! The Realtor must be: Compassionate and Caring Highly trained Highly organized and has systems in place Must have staff to quickly and efficiently handle all calls and tasks Experienced Track record of many pre ...
"The short sale pulled me out of this housing hole.” “I’m glad I had someone on my side.” “People said it was too good to be true but now I owe not a thing.” “It restored my dignity.” There is hope and there are options. If you are behind on payments you are undoubtedly under tremendous stress. I...
Does the Short Sale Negotiation Stop the Foreclosure Process? The short answer is “No, but there still are options to avoid foreclosure”. Now for the detail: Your Lender Does Not Want To Own Your Home Your lender is probably 1,000 miles away. They would rather settle and get a check rather than g...
It is obviously extremely stressful when you just cannot make the mortgage payments any longer. There is also fear of the unknown. You Have Options You may be bruised but please don’t let this break you. There is help, even if you think your house is unsellable, and even if you think you cannot a...
As a short sale Realtor, I have many kitchen table conversations with borrowers in foreclosure. I often get handed a stack of letters and asked to decipher what the lender is saying. Although crystal clear to the professional, to the end consumer the verbiage is often confusing, cryptic, ambiguou...
This poster hangs in a hospital. Very nice of them to educate the public on how to recognize stroke and help stroke victims. I definitely wanted to get educated so I read the poster carefully. When I got to the "speech" section, I had to read it 5 times to make sure I wasn't imagining things. St...
The three most important questions to the seller are: What are your fears and concerns? What would you like to see happen? What questions do you have for me? Yes, these are very open ended questions. They will clear the way for the seller to ask us the questions that most concern them. The seller...
If you are a homeowner with an “underwater” mortgage or an “upside” down house, please know that millions of Americans are experiencing the same confusing and stressful dilemma. Please be aware that under many circumstances there are solutions favorable to you. You have options and there are answ...

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