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You are in a financial bind. You ask people for advice. Did you notice many give advice even though… Some have vested interests. Some don’t see the full picture, only their narrow area of expertise. Some wear expensive suits but have never done a short sale, and think that short sales are too goo...
Art Kestler, the trumpet player for Still Kickin' Rock Band says; We take people back to the 70's when rock n' roll was rock n' roll. The band will lay out the program to suit the audience. Their goal is to sound like the original group. Art jokingly says they were playing these 70's songs when t...
The Paragon Centre office building has a splendid blend of sleek design and a man made lake. As seen in this picture, beautiful swans grace the lake. The lake, with its ducks, swans and multitude of goldfish is a destination for both young and old. All days of the week people can be seen feeding ...
The Ohio River in Louisville overflowed it banks. Check out this photo. The Carrie Gaulbert Cox Walking Park is an oasis just east of downtown Louisville, but is now literally under water. Once the water recedes the clean up will begin. In the meantime, the park provides images of a different kin...
I’m often asked by clients and by other Realtors “How long does a short sale take?” I would like to give a concise answer, but alas, there isn’t a reliable one. The concise answer is too broad; “3 weeks to 3 years, depending on variables.” (1) Who’s backing the loan? FHA, VA, FNMA, Freddie Mac? T...
Lender turns down loan modification and refuses to postpone the foreclosure auction to allow for a short sale. The lender hurts themselves and the seller who acted responsibly. The seller contacted me many months ago to learn about the short sale option to avoid foreclosure. The lender, however, ...
It proves you can be a star in one area but not great in another. It is the same in all professions. A Realtor can excel in one niche of real estate, but not have the passion or personality for other areas. In the 70’s Cassidy filled up stadiums as a teen idol star. In 2011 Cassidy didn’t have th...
In a short sale: The longer the banks take, the sellers are less inclined to subject themselves to the stress. The longer the banks take, the buyers are less inclined to subject themselves to the uncertainty. The longer the banks take, the Realtors are less inclined to subject themselves to the w...
As gas prices go up, house prices go down. Buyer's have less money left over to dedicate to mortgage payments. Therefore they have to pay less for houses. More owners will fall behind on mortgage payments, which will increase foreclosures and short sales, further fueling the downward spiral of ma...
Your Realtor is diligently helping you with the short sale of your house. The Realtor will be doing the "heavy lifting" with your lenders. However, it is vital that you, the seller, provide assistance when necessary. Help your Realtor help you. Your Realtor will be performing dozens or hundreds o...

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