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Possible consequences of a buyer missing the closing deadline on a short sale: The foreclosing lender may: (1) raise the purchase price, or (2) deny an extension and cancel the entire agreement with no recourse for the buyer, or (3) delay approval of an extension by weeks or months, or (4) push t...
You bought a house some years ago. Paid market value, just like everyone else. Life happened; Job transfer, job loss, illness, divorce. You tried to sell your house but couldn’t because values collapsed, no fault of your own. You now owe tens of thousands of dollars more than the house is worth. ...
Best offer does not mean highest offer or first offer received. Sometimes likelihood of closing is more important than price. Sometimes speed of closing is more important than price. An all cash offer is more likely to close. An "as-is" offer is more likely to close. Many factors can make a lower...
Bank of America has revealed the astonishing truth about what is holding back the housing recovery. Low population growth! The population isn't growing as fast as it did in the post World Wars I and II era. It is truly amazing how BOA finally found the smoking gun. I wasn't there when announcemen...
Does the buyer get stuck with the seller's debts and liens after buying a short sale?  The short answer is; No. The mortgages, liens and judgements do not stay with house. Buyers and sometimes their Realtors get concerned that a house in foreclosure may have debts attached to it that will survive...
Can the seller talk to their foreclosing lender while we, their Realtor team, are negotiating a short sale for them? Absolutely yes! As your short sale Realtors in Louisville, we are representing to your lender the facts of your hardship, and providing them all the supporting information they nee...

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