dave halpern realtor: To Avoid Realtor Overload Have A Real Estate Team Help You Buy Or Sell - 11/25/17 06:43 PM
Have you ever heard these musings from a friend selling or buying a house?
My Realtor is too busy
My Realtor doesn't do open houses 
My Realtor doesn't do enough marketing
My Realtor doesn't communicate enough
My Realtor doesn't move fast enough when a hot property hits the market and we lose out on a house we loved
The Realtor may just be too busy!
So, next time you need a Realtor, ask yourself:
Will my Realtor be carrying an OVERSIZE LOAD?
You should definitely consider using a Realtor who is a member of a team.
There are real estate teams and there are solo agents. Solo agents have to do by themselves the 100+ … (19 comments)

dave halpern realtor: Your Loan Is Approved, No It Isn't, Yes It Is, No It Isn't - 11/18/17 08:34 PM
Here's another reason buyers need a professional Realtor in Louisville, and frankly anywhere;
Realtors understand the language the mortgage brokers and loan officers use when they give status updates.
It's amazing how many times the buyer can be told they are approved for the loan but then be told there's a problem or the underwriters need one more thing.
Here are signs the buyers are NOT approved yet for their loan:
"Congratulations! You're pre-approved!" That means you're not approved yet."Congratulations! You're approved! Now we're sending it to underwriting." Translation: You're not approved yet."Congratulations! You're approved with conditions." Translation: You're not approved yet."Congratulations! You're approved! We just need one … (28 comments)

dave halpern realtor: Replace Burned Out Bulbs When Selling Your House - 11/16/17 06:21 PM
When potential buyers walk through your home, you want them to get a warm and fuzzy feeling. You don't want them distracted by things that are wrong with the house.
So here's a tip that will cost the seller five to thirty dollars. 
Replace the burned out light bulbs!
Consciously or subconsciously the buyers may be asking what else is wrong with the house.
If the owners don't even bother to replace light bulbs, what other maintenance are they neglecting?
Are they servicing the furnace? Are they even changing or cleaning the furnace filters? Have they shortened the lifespan of the furnace, the central air, … (12 comments)

dave halpern realtor: Intricate Green Yard Art Beautifies My Home - 11/12/17 07:59 PM
It is art. It's organic. It's natural. It's beautiful. It's pristine. It just shows up in my front yard every year.
These are the green leaves that are in a hurry. They don't have the patience to turn bright yellow, to dry up and to hopelessly cling to the twigs and limbs that brought them to life. Nope. They just leap to the ground with the first Louisville autumn wind to weave a green tapestry blanket that covers and protects the grass and soil below from the imminent cold and snow.
Nature in harmony. Right in my front yard, and probably in your front … (6 comments)

dave halpern realtor: Enjoying Retirement Activity in Louisville KY - 10/31/17 11:55 AM
You worked hard your whole life, now it's time for some fun and relaxation.
What to do that is both fun, relaxing and healthy?
How about safe bicycling?
This wonderful couple was spotted in the established Bon Air Estates subdivision of Louisville.
More power to this power couple!
To find a home in Louisville that meets your needs, your wish list and your budget, call
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Submitted to 2017 Activerain Photography Contest, category Real Life / Best use of filter or special effect
Photo taken with an iPhone, set on "Live", then edited with the "Long … (15 comments)

dave halpern realtor: When HOA Directors Complain That a Short Sale is Priced Too Low - 10/20/17 03:58 AM
Fact: Short sale properties sell for less than market value.
Fact: Neighbors do not like when a home sells that can lower the comps of the neighborhood.
Fact: HOA Directors by job definition have their noses in other people's business.
Fact: HOA Directors sometimes complain that a short sale in their community is priced too low.
Fact: The seller needs relief from the mortgage payments and the HOA fees and needs the property sold. In a short sale, usually, the price is not the seller's main concern.
So how does the Realtor explain the lower price when accosted by the HOA Directors?
Fewer buyers will be … (9 comments)

dave halpern realtor: Cruising By Oxmoor Mall on Shelbyville Rd - 09/09/17 10:15 AM
Lyndon and St. Matthews
Good news? Shelbyville Road is known for slow moving traffic in the Lyndon area and the St. Matthews area of Louisville, KY. So, why is that good news? Because it's a sign of the enduring popularity of the area!
Great Shopping and Great Access to Highways
Some of the best shopping in Louisville is concentrated right where Shelbyville Rd intersects with I-264, which is just a short hop to I-64 and I-71. Mall St. Matthews, Oxmoor Mall, Shelbyville Road Plaza and many other shopping centers are concentrated in the area.
Hospitals and Medical Offices
Some of the premier hospitals of Louisville are located … (14 comments)

dave halpern realtor: Attractive Landscaping for Louisville Office Buildings - 08/13/17 03:14 PM
Attractive landscaping for office buildings makes a more pleasing work environment, increases client satisfaction, and creates goodwill within the overall community.
When employees and company owners drive and walk up to their workplace and are greeted by beautiful landscaping and flora, they can't help but feel a little better about their day. Pretty flowers and sculpted shrubs create a pleasing environment and can have a calming effect to offset the ups and downs of running a business.
When clients and customers arrive at a place of business that is tastefully adorned with appealing landscaping, their first impression increases the respect for the place of … (7 comments)

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