house: A Truck With a House - 07/21/13 02:29 PM
This sharp looking truck shows pride of ownership. The house does, too. We live in a great country that enables people to express their passions and display them proudly.
Ironically, the truck looks almost bigger than the house. There is a reason they're called monster trucks. The license plate reads 2BIG4U.
The picture was taken in Fairdale, Kentucky, a suburb just south of Louisville.


house: If You Were A Buyer How Much Would You Pay For The House You’re Currently Trying To Sell? - 01/21/11 10:51 PM
This almost requires an out of body experience. Sellers understandably attach higher value to their home. But buyers look at actual comparable sales. If you objectively look at actual sales in your area, how much would you pay for your own house?
Trust The Comparable Sales
An excellent Realtor will show you recent comparable listings and sales in your neighborhood. These “comps” will indicate the true value of your house. It is often difficult to conduct a non-emotional analysis of the value of your house, even when the comps clearly illustrate that it’s worth less than what you believed it’s worth.

house: Don’t Lose Sleep Over Your Mortgage – Lose Your Mortgage! - 10/11/10 04:18 PM
You may be losing sleep if you are:
“Upside down” on your mortgage. The sheriff served you with foreclosure papers. You’re behind on payments. You anticipate falling behind on payments. Must move but owe too much. You are not alone. This economy has been grinding up good, hardworking Americans.
My advice:
Look into selling your house via a short sale. In a short sale your lender accepts an amount short of what you owe.
Get that overwhelming debt out of your life.
This is real.
We have helped many in Louisville, KY and surrounding counties.
Don’t Lose Sleep Over Your Mortgage … (4 comments)

house: Wordless Wednesday: What A Short Sale IS NOT! - 10/05/10 04:48 PM

This picture was taken outside of a short sale listing. It was the only thing pretty about the short sale. The mortgage was ugly and the tenants destroyed the house. The sellers were nice, though, and had a great attitude.
As always, sellers should put the best short sale real estate agent on their side to turn a negative situation into a positive.

house: Foreclosure and Divorce in Louisville – Beware When One Spouse Gets The House and The Other Gets The Mortgage - 09/10/10 02:56 AM
When the divorce agreement awards the house to one spouse and the mortgage obligation to another, this could spell great peril. The spouse in the house often doesn’t know if the "mortgage spouse" stopped making the payments.
The billing address usually gets changed to the mortgage spouse's new address. The spouse in the house does not get any late notices about non-payments until it’s too late.
Even though house spouse can claim that the mortgage spouse is in contempt of the agreement, the damage is already done. The back payments and legal fees often make it too hard to catch up … (2 comments)

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