kentucky: A Truck With a House - 07/21/13 02:29 PM
This sharp looking truck shows pride of ownership. The house does, too. We live in a great country that enables people to express their passions and display them proudly.
Ironically, the truck looks almost bigger than the house. There is a reason they're called monster trucks. The license plate reads 2BIG4U.
The picture was taken in Fairdale, Kentucky, a suburb just south of Louisville.


kentucky: Foreclosure, Short Sale, Credit and Employment - 02/20/11 07:31 AM
Unfortunately some employers consider bad credit as a predictor of effectiveness and trustworthiness.
How Can A Short Sale Benefit You Vs. a Foreclosure?
Interviewers are asking candidates for authorization to contact the three major credit reporting bureaus. Candidates are worried bad credit will cost them their job.
Even though a short sale hurts the seller's credit, there still are differences;
In a foreclosure, the owner LOSES their house.
The benefit of a short sale: In a short sale, the owner SELLS their house by developing a solution with the lender that is more beneficial to the lender than a foreclosure.
A … (5 comments)

kentucky: Chopper Motorcycle Made of Four Roses Bourbon Barrels - 02/11/11 10:25 PM
In my previous post about Four Roses Bourbon in Cox's Creek KY - Largest Barrel in the World? I described the 2-story bourbon barrel that I came across on my way to a short sale listing in Shepherdsville KY
The friendly guard couldn't wait to show me the motorcycle made of Four Roses Bourbon barrels, shown here in the photo.
He also told me about tours of the warehouse facilities located in Cox’s Creek, Kentucky, which is approximately a one hour drive from the actual Distillery.
Call 502-543-2264 for more information. Warehouse tours are free of charge and by appointment only.

kentucky: Be Smarter on Friday Than You Were On Monday - How It Relates to Foreclosures and Short Sales - 01/20/11 01:09 AM
I just heard the actor Richard Dreyfuss say “Be smarter on Friday than you were on Monday”. What a profound statement. I immediately related this to the complexity of helping sellers avoid foreclosure by procuring a short sale.
A short sale Realtor’s quest for knowledge is never ending. There are hundreds of written rules and hundreds of unwritten rules and practices.
There Is No Definitive Rule Book - Any Attempt To Write One Will Be Obsolete Before It Is Finished
The written rules are decentralized and scattered among countless government and bank publications and directives.
The undocumented practices just ebb and … (21 comments)

kentucky: Thousands of Foreclosures in Jefferson County KY Can Be Avoided With Short Sales - 10/13/10 11:47 PM
What is a short sale?
The seller avoids foreclosure because the lender accepts an amount SHORT of the amount owed. What's the process?
The lender requires the house to be listed with a Realtor who specializes in short sales. The Realtor procures a buyer who makes an offer. Once the offer is accepted by the seller, the Realtor presents it to the foreclosing lender with additional required documentation. Once the short sale offer is accepted by the lender, the buyer closes on the house. Who pays the Realtor commission?
The short sale lender pays the Realtor's commission so the seller doesn't … (1 comments)

kentucky: Should I Rent My House Out To Avoid Foreclosure? Great Risks, Few Benefits - 10/02/10 05:04 AM
When financial hardship strikes, the natural instinct is to save your home, for many reasons:
You want to meet your obligations and fulfill your promises Your family lives in the home You want to move when it fits your life plan You put a lot of planning, time and money into the house You want to avoid the stress and embarrassment of a foreclosure One of the ways to make the payments affordable and stay in the home is a loan modification. In an ideal loan mod the bank lowers your interest rate and lowers your payment.
If the loan modification … (3 comments)

kentucky: I’m In Foreclosure and Need A Real Estate Agent to Sell My House In Louisville, KY - 09/29/10 04:09 PM
Selling a house to beat foreclosure means you need the best Realtor who can move fast!
The Realtor must be:
Compassionate and Caring Highly trained Highly organized and has systems in place Must have staff to quickly and efficiently handle all calls and tasks Experienced Track record of many pre foreclosure successes Local to Louisville, Kentucky In many cases a pre foreclosure sale needs to be a short sale. In a short sale the foreclosing lender accepts an amount SHORT of what is owed, and typically forgives the shortage. You must find a short sale expert Realtor.
Time is of the … (2 comments)

kentucky: “I Can Finally Get a Good Night’s Sleep” - What a Pre Foreclosure Short Sale Can Do For You - 09/28/10 11:50 PM
"The short sale pulled me out of this housing hole.”
“I’m glad I had someone on my side.”
“People said it was too good to be true but now I owe not a thing.”
“It restored my dignity.”
There is hope and there are options.
If you are behind on payments you are undoubtedly under tremendous stress.
Imagine the future without this overwhelming debt in your life. Banks accept “short sales” all the time. In a short sale, the lender accepts an amount SHORT of what is owed. In most cases the shortfall is forgiven, in writing. Your lender pays the … (1 comments)

kentucky: PhotoBlogging: This Is Not What Elvis Was Looking For in "Kentucky Rain" - 08/22/10 11:42 AM
Excerpts from the lyrics include:
"Kentucky rain keeps pouring down..."
"As we drove on through the rain..."
"In the cold Kentucky rain..."
"On this lonely Kentucky back road..."
This photo sort of has the same setting, but that's where the similarities end... this is not what he was looking for...
(You can google or youtube the song)

Photo taken by Dave Halpern on a lonely Kentucky back road in the rain.

kentucky: Short Sale in Louisville - Sell Your House and Lose Your Debt - 03/13/10 04:10 AM
Can you sell your house for less than what you owe and feel good about it? Yes! Think in terms of debt relief.
Do you need to sell but can't get enough to pay off your mortgage? Millions of responsible Americans, through no fault of their own, now owe more on their house than the house is worth. Market values have been plummeting around us since 2006.
The problem intensifies when the owner has to sell due to financial hardship. Unemployment and job instability is rampant. Life events such as injury, illness or divorce take a bite out of the ability … (0 comments)

kentucky: Short Sales - When do I have to move? - 03/03/10 01:49 AM
One of the most common questions I'm asked by distressed homeowners is "How long does the short sale take?"
The real question behind the question is "When do I have to move?"
At first I was apologetic that short sales routinely take three to six months or longer, thinking that the homeowner wants to have this stress out of their life as soon as possible. Much to my surprise, most sellers were extremely relieved or even happy that;
(a)    They don't have to pack up and move immediately
(b)   They have time to save up some cash toward their moving expenses or … (6 comments)

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