louisville ky: To Avoid Realtor Overload Have A Real Estate Team Help You Buy Or Sell - 11/25/17 06:43 PM
Have you ever heard these musings from a friend selling or buying a house?
My Realtor is too busy
My Realtor doesn't do open houses 
My Realtor doesn't do enough marketing
My Realtor doesn't communicate enough
My Realtor doesn't move fast enough when a hot property hits the market and we lose out on a house we loved
The Realtor may just be too busy!
So, next time you need a Realtor, ask yourself:
Will my Realtor be carrying an OVERSIZE LOAD?
You should definitely consider using a Realtor who is a member of a team.
There are real estate teams and there are solo agents. Solo agents have to do by themselves the 100+ … (24 comments)

louisville ky: Your Loan Is Approved, No It Isn't, Yes It Is, No It Isn't - 11/18/17 08:34 PM
Here's another reason buyers need a professional Realtor in Louisville, and frankly anywhere;
Realtors understand the language the mortgage brokers and loan officers use when they give status updates.
It's amazing how many times the buyer can be told they are approved for the loan but then be told there's a problem or the underwriters need one more thing.
Here are signs the buyers are NOT approved yet for their loan:
"Congratulations! You're pre-approved!" That means you're not approved yet."Congratulations! You're approved! Now we're sending it to underwriting." Translation: You're not approved yet."Congratulations! You're approved with conditions." Translation: You're not approved yet."Congratulations! You're approved! We just need one … (28 comments)

louisville ky: Replace Burned Out Bulbs When Selling Your House - 11/16/17 06:21 PM
When potential buyers walk through your home, you want them to get a warm and fuzzy feeling. You don't want them distracted by things that are wrong with the house.
So here's a tip that will cost the seller five to thirty dollars. 
Replace the burned out light bulbs!
Consciously or subconsciously the buyers may be asking what else is wrong with the house.
If the owners don't even bother to replace light bulbs, what other maintenance are they neglecting?
Are they servicing the furnace? Are they even changing or cleaning the furnace filters? Have they shortened the lifespan of the furnace, the central air, … (12 comments)

louisville ky: Country Road in Crestwood KY - 10/29/17 08:24 PM
Country roads, take me homeTo the place I belong
- John Denver
Just one of the country roads in the rolling hills of Crestwood, Kentucky. 
For a mix of old and new, small houses, big houses, farms, country stores and shopping centers, come to Crestwood in Oldham County.
Looking for your dream home tucked away in the country yet close to the city?
Call me at (502) 664-7827
Dave Halpern, Realtor
Keller Williams Realty Louisville East
Submission for the 2017 Activerain Photography Contest- Real Life/Travel/Places

louisville ky: Cruising By Oxmoor Mall on Shelbyville Rd - 09/09/17 10:15 AM
Lyndon and St. Matthews
Good news? Shelbyville Road is known for slow moving traffic in the Lyndon area and the St. Matthews area of Louisville, KY. So, why is that good news? Because it's a sign of the enduring popularity of the area!
Great Shopping and Great Access to Highways
Some of the best shopping in Louisville is concentrated right where Shelbyville Rd intersects with I-264, which is just a short hop to I-64 and I-71. Mall St. Matthews, Oxmoor Mall, Shelbyville Road Plaza and many other shopping centers are concentrated in the area.
Hospitals and Medical Offices
Some of the premier hospitals of Louisville are located … (14 comments)

louisville ky: Attractive Landscaping for Louisville Office Buildings - 08/13/17 03:14 PM
Attractive landscaping for office buildings makes a more pleasing work environment, increases client satisfaction, and creates goodwill within the overall community.
When employees and company owners drive and walk up to their workplace and are greeted by beautiful landscaping and flora, they can't help but feel a little better about their day. Pretty flowers and sculpted shrubs create a pleasing environment and can have a calming effect to offset the ups and downs of running a business.
When clients and customers arrive at a place of business that is tastefully adorned with appealing landscaping, their first impression increases the respect for the place of … (7 comments)

louisville ky: Why Should Buyers Bother To Buy A Short Sale? - 09/04/11 12:59 PM
Should buyers bother to buy a short sale? Yes.
Here’s why;
House values are not going up with consistency, yet.
It Costs Money To Resell a House.
If You Buy Today, How Will You Pay Resale Closing Costs Later?
Buyers know that buying a house is not automatically a successful investment anymore. If the market stays level for years, buyers need to buy now at a discount just be safe later, so they won’t have to bring money out of pocket when they sell.
Short sales in general sell for a somewhat of a discount off market value. However, no one … (6 comments)

louisville ky: Why Mold Remediation Companies Love Banks, Short Sales and Loan Modifications - 07/31/11 05:46 AM
Banks often turn down valid short sale offers, then turn around and send the house into a 2 year foreclosure tailspin. Banks also yank sellers around with loan modification processes that take a year for denial, then turn around and foreclose on the borrowers who are willing and able to make monthly payments.
Months of Vacancy Can Be Conducive to Mold Growth
While all these bank inefficiencies are dragging out, those pesky things called water, humidity and laws of nature keep working on the house. Banks can cite "policy" and file lawsuits against borrowers, but they can't serve papers on Mother … (22 comments)

louisville ky: 5th 3rd prefers ZERO dollars over $4,500 in a short sale now. Any suggestions? - 07/15/11 11:01 AM
I have not run into such a brick wall in the hundreds of liens I have negotiated.
My client is doing a short sale on an investment property. Sales price is $175,000. The first mortgage, Citi, is taking a short sale and allocating $4,500 towards the second mortgage, which is 5th 3rd.
5th 3rd wants the entire remaining balance of $40,000 to be repaid by the seller. 5th 3rd wants the seller’s current 2nd mortgage on the investment property to be transferred as a third mortgage on the seller’s personal residence. The seller may have maximum $5,000 to $10,000 equity in … (6 comments)

louisville ky: Can't Handle The Mortgage Payments Anymore? Stop The Insanity With A Short Sale - 05/30/11 03:07 AM
Are you having difficulty paying your mortgage payment?
Do you need to get rid of this house but you owe more than it is worth?
Do you feel that if you got rid of the high mortgage payment you could handle your other obligations?
Are you falling behind on bills just so you can make the mortgage payment?
Are you unable to pay your medical bills just so you can pay your mortgage?
Are you afraid you will lose the house to foreclosure and the bank will garnish your wages?
Are you borrowing money to keep your mortgage payment current?
Are … (5 comments)

louisville ky: 25,000 Memorial Day USA Flags in Louisville Waterfront Park - 05/29/11 03:03 AM
The public is welcome to participate in placing 25,000 flags in Louisville Waterfront Park. The flags are positioned to spell out a giant USA.

These pictures show thousands of flags on the Great Lawn at the foot of the Louisville skyline.

The organizers are Flags4Vets: The National Flags for Veterans' Graves Program
An excerpt from the Flags4Vets website:
A VETERAN IS: Someone who, at one point in his or her life, wrote a blank check made payable to The United States of America for an amount of up to and including their life if needed.  That is Honor, and … (4 comments)

louisville ky: If Arnold Schwarzenegger Divorces He Will Not Need to Short Sell His House - 05/22/11 09:56 AM
Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver from Kennedy fame may divorce. If they divide the marital homes they will not have a problem paying the mortgages, if they have any.
Most Americans, however, are not in that position. Once the reality of divorce sets in, the question of selling or keeping the marital home often becomes a highly contested issue. In today's housing crisis, the liquidation of the house is usually more a division of excess debt rather than a division of excess profit.
Caution! Marital Mortgage Debt!
Unless you have Schwarzenegger / Shriver / Kennedy resources, you should be very careful … (3 comments)

louisville ky: Kudos To The Navy - 05/15/11 04:57 PM
I took this photo at a recent air show in Louisville, KY.
Who knows what missions this plane flew back in the day.
I'm glad the history of our nation and national heroes is preserved so nicely. Air shows serve a great purpose, they are a great recruiting tool for future generations of those who defend our freedom.


louisville ky: When will house values rise back to equal what is owed? - 05/15/11 09:52 AM
Millions of homes are “underwater” or “upside down”, meaning the debt is higher than the value of the property.
I am often asked variations of the question “When will home values rise back to equal what is owed?”
I never want to sound negative, but the answer is measured in years.
Here’s a simple math problem to make the point
If you have $100.00 and you lose 50% of it, you now have $50.00 left.
If your new balance of $50.00 now goes back up by 50% (fifty percent), it is only worth $75.00.
Because 50% of $100.00 on the way … (45 comments)

louisville ky: Divorce, Foreclosure and Short Sales In Louisville, KY - Who To Ask? - 05/14/11 01:07 PM
Divorcing and owe too much on your house? Mortgage payments too high to handle?
Who to ask for advice?
Typically the first people turned to are relatives, marriage counselors, divorce lawyers, sometimes bankruptcy attorneys. Maybe the Realtor who helped you buy the house years ago will be called.
A Realtor who specializes in preforeclosure short sales should be on your team.
I am a Real Estate Broker right here in Louisville, specializing in helping sellers avoid foreclosure by negotiating with their lender to let the house sell for amount short of the payoff. This is called a short sale.
Short sales … (2 comments)

louisville ky: Kaden Tower In Louisville KY - The Lace Building - 05/12/11 04:48 PM
The Kaden Tower in Louisville Kentucky is sometimes called the Lace Building.
Kaden Tower is a 15-story office building at 6100 Dutchmans Lane in the East End of Louisville. Kentucky. The building was designed by a student of Frank Lloyd Wright, the building is often considered a landmark close to the Watterson Expressway near the Breckenridge Lane exit.
More history of the building can be read here.


louisville ky: In a Divorce Can I Short Sale My House To My Spouse? - 05/09/11 11:09 PM
In a divorce situation there are often contradictory needs that cannot be fulfilled at the same time.
One spouse wants to remain in the house, especially to preserve the children’s habitual residence. However, the new financial situation may render the monthly mortgage payment unaffordable and there may be more owed than the house is worth.
A short sale is viable way to sell the house and get rid of the mortgage. The lender lets the house sell for market value, even if it generates an amount SHORT of the payoff.
This sometimes leads to the question:
Can one spouse short sale … (2 comments)

louisville ky: Eliminating Marital Mortgage Debt May Be More Important Than Dividing the Marital Property - 05/04/11 09:10 AM
In today’s housing market, eliminating the marital mortgage debt may be more important than dividing up the marital property.
Selling and getting rid of the house also gets rid of the mortgage debt and the mortgage payment. If the mortgage payment is too high and unsustainable then keeping the house is a recipe for disaster.
A short sale can solve the problem of selling a house that is worth less than the debt.
In a short sale, the lender allows the house to sell for an amount SHORT of the payoff. In most cases the lender forgives the deficiency, but not … (0 comments)

louisville ky: When a Short Sale Gets Your Debt Forgiven - 05/02/11 12:09 AM
One of the biggest fears of borrowers facing foreclosure is the bank’s right to pursue them for the difference after the foreclosure is done.
A Short Sale May Relieve You Of All Obligation on the Debt
Many borrowers do not realize that a short sale could lead to full forgiveness of the deficiency. That means the borrower can put the debt behind them and never have to worry about paying any of it back.
In a short sale the lender lets the house sell for an amount SHORT of the payoff.
A short sale provides the possibility of “forgiven debt.” If … (3 comments)

louisville ky: Can I Schedule All My Braces Appointments After School in Louisville KY? - 05/01/11 08:09 AM
One of the common questions that Dr. Bruce Haskell is asked by concerned parents is if their child's braces appointments can be scheduled after school hours.
Dr. Haskell always values the time of his patients and their parents. Children and adults have busy schedules and many unmovable time constraints. Haskell Orthodontics understands this problem and does their best to accommodate.
Most Orthodontists are open during normal business hours, but Dr. Haskell and his team do their best to meet the patients' and their parents' busy daily demands.
In addition, Haskell Orthodontics have two very convenient locations so it is easier for … (2 comments)

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