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Imagine waking up, go to your computer and open your email, and find motivated seller leads in your area,  commissions just waiting to be made. Watchi this video where i explain how this is possible.

investors: 5 Smart Ways to Capture More Short Sales Leads - 04/29/14 06:41 AM

Foreclosure rates have increased over the last few years and sellers are taking advantage of short sales to avoid foreclosure. This kind of sale allows sellers to settle for a price that is lower than the payments they are supposed to make to their mortgage lender. In this case, the lender forgives some of the loan. The seller prevents a foreclosure and a buyer gets the property at a lower price. Lenders also benefit because they do not have to unload the property. If you are an investor or realtor, there are various ways to get listing for real estate … (1 comments)

investors: Online Marketing Advice For Agents, Investors and Wholesalers - 03/19/14 06:40 AM
As competition in the real estate business continues to stiffen, real estate investors and wholesalers are left with no choice but to devise or adopt new ways and strategies to stay competitive. These days, it is hard to get new leads that will eventually convert into a sale. Home sellers usually get frustrated when they still receive no meaningful leads after sending numerous postcards, envelop after envelop, and even employing the best companies for SEO to boost traffic to their site and hopeful close a sale. After a while, some of them realize that they are not making progress and eventually … (1 comments)

investors: Realtors or Investors: Who Knows More About Real Estate? - 03/19/14 06:12 AM
The transactions in real estate involve some of the largest financial investments that most people have had to deal with. Therefore It is important to have sufficient information about real estate before engaging in any ventures. This helps an individual to make an informed choice on what to invest in. However, It has been found that both realtors and investors have some knowledge about real estate. The question that most people ask in this sense is who knows best about real estate between the two? Is it realtors or investors?
In relation to real estate services, realtors are in a better position … (0 comments)

investors: Top 5 Tips For Selling Your Home Fast - 02/13/14 07:01 AM
Selling a house is one of the most difficult decisions a house proprietor can make. This is due to very obvious reasons such as financial realities, emotional attachment to the property and fear of living in poverty. As unthinkable as this may seem to be, reality is better faced in its early stages and dealt with accordingly.
Below are a few tips you can consider if you want to sell your house fast and with the best price possible:

Focus on the curb appeal
First impressions matter. A house with overgrown bushes, chipping paint and patchy grass would never impress a buyer at … (0 comments)

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