jr: 6 Reasons To Reduce Your Home Price - 10/19/10 05:35 AM
6 Reasons to Reduce Your Home Price While you’d like to get the best price for your home, consider our six reasons to reduce your home price. Read
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jr: Your Property Wish List - 10/12/10 07:05 AM
Your Property Wish List
What does your future home look like? Where is it located? As you hunt down your dream home, consult this list to evaluate properties and keep your priorities top of mind.NeighborhoodsWhat neighborhoods do you prefer?SchoolsWhat school systems do you want to be near?TransportationHow close must the home be to these amenities:
Public transportation Airport Expressway Neighborhood shopping Schools OtherHome Style What architectural style(s) of homes do you prefer? Do you want to buy a home, condominium, or townhome? Would you like a one-story or two-story home? How many bedrooms must your new home have? How many bathrooms … (0 comments)

jr: 5 Factors That Decide Your Credit Score - 10/12/10 07:00 AM
5 Factors That Decide Your Credit Score
Credit scores range between 200 and 800, with scores above 620 considered desirable for obtaining a mortgage. The following factors affect your score:1. Your payment history. Did you pay your credit card obligations on time? If they were late, then how late? Bankruptcy filing, liens, and collection activity also impact your history.2. How much you owe. If youowe a great deal of money on numerous accounts, it can indicate that you are overextended. However, it's a good thing if you have a good proportion of balances to total credit limits.3. The length of your … (0 comments)

jr: How Big of a Mortgage Can I Afford? - 10/12/10 06:50 AM
How Big of a Mortgage Can I Afford?
Not only does owning a home give you a haven for yourself and your family, it also makes great financial sense because of the tax benefits - which you can't take advantage of when paying rent.The following calculation assumes a 28 percent income tax bracket. If your bracket is higher, your savings will be, too. Based on your current rent, use this calculation to figure out how much mortgage you can afford.Rent: _________________________Multiplier: x 1.32Mortgage payment: _________________________Because of tax deductions, you can make a mortgage payment - including taxes and insurance - that … (0 comments)

jr: What is Appraised Value? - 10/11/10 07:07 AM
What is Appraised Value?
Appraisals provide an objective opinion of value, but it's not an exact science so appraisals may differ. For buying and selling purposes, appraisals are usually based on market value - what the property could probably be sold for. Other types of value include insurance value, replacement value, and assessed value for property tax purposes. Appraised value is not a constant number. Changes in market conditions can dramatically alter appraised value. Appraised value doesn't take into account special considerations, like the need to sell rapidly. Lenders usually use either the appraised value or the sale price, whichever is … (0 comments)

jr: Appraiser Checklist - 10/11/10 07:02 AM
Appraiser ChecklistHelp clients understand what to expect during the appraisal process by sharing information on how appraisers reach their property value estimates. By Barbara Ballinger | April 2009
Here are some of the factors that appraisers Joni L. Herndon of Real Property Analysts/Gulf Coast in Tampa, Fla., and John A. Hillas of Hulbert & Associates Inc. in Modesto, Calif., say they consider when determining value.
Incentives and concessions. Most of today's buyers expect to pay the lowest possible price and still get some extras. Sellers and home builders are offering money toward closing costs, remodeling and decorating, upgrades, and association … (2 comments)

jr: 6 Landscaping Tricks That Wow Buyers - 10/11/10 06:58 AM
6 Landscaping Tricks That Wow Buyers In today's market, sellers have to work harder to persuade buyers that their property is worth the bite. By Barbara Ballinger | April 2009
Landscape designer Michael Glassman has cooked up a recipe for guaranteed curb appeal.
1. Add splashes of color. With every changing season, a landscape should provide a new display of colors, textures, and fragrances. "It's best to use one or two and repeat them," Glassman says. Example: white iceberg roses that bloom in spring, summer, and fall as a backdrop; in front, a contrasting punch of purple salvia or lavender … (1 comments)

jr: 4 Interior Painting Tips - 10/11/10 06:53 AM
4 Interior Painting TipsPainting is a quick and easy way to liven up a listing. But some smart prep work can make a huge difference in the quality of the results. April 2009
1.Get the surface ready.
You want the paint to glide on smoothly, so be sure the surface is clean before you start painting. Remove any handprints, dirt, or scuff marks. Lightly sand any glossy spots to avoid streaks.
2. Select a paint sheen and color.
Ah, the choices! Many paint stores are making it easier to narrow down your choices by offering small trial sizes so that … (0 comments)

jr: 7 Photo Tips From the Experts - 10/11/10 06:49 AM
7 Photo Tips From the ExpertsOnce you've decided on a new camera, here are a few tips to help make your photos look their best. By Erica Christoffer | March 2010
Photo experts Nic Boie, Megan Boesen, and Darrick Olson from National Camera Exchange in Golden Valley, Minn., offer up some tips that can improve nearly every real estate practitioner's picture-taking techniques:
1. Tripods: Want to make sure you have a sharp image? Tripods can help achieve a better light exposure without blur caused by camera shake. Using a tripod will eliminate camera shake. It will also help to slow down … (0 comments)

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