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I am the Mad Mortgage Machine. I have an opinion and I am going to share it. I no longer do mortgages, but I am still very much involved in the Real Estate and Mortgage world as a speaker, trainer, consultant, teaching how to get more listings and how to sell them quicker



Remember that song "love hurts".  Well, integrity hurts, but I would not have it any other way.  Does anyone get recognized for having it any more?  Do you sit in your office and say that guy has a lot integrity or is it the opposite.  I know the common saying in my office has been, "I would not ...
Short cuts Equal short checks I used to work with a guy whose motto that was to all of us.  Whenever, we had the urge to maybe try to get around something.  He would magically appear at our door and announce, “short cuts equal short checks”.  That has stayed with me for many years now and you wou...
I was at the gym today sitting in the sauna after a hard bike ride.  I was flipping through my iPod at the videos that I have stored there.  I came across one of my favorites that I forgot was stored there.  The NFL Films of Walter Payton.  I miss him, he was such an awesome competitor.  He'd rat...
Today the markets will be closed and perhaps not much going on in the Bond and Stock markets.  However, if you see a Veteran Today, thank them.  Give them the respect they deserve for fighting for our country and for freedom around this globe.  They deserve more than a day, but them a coke or lun...
My guy did not win, but I am not going to be that guy that tosses stuff against the wall to see where it sticks.  Am I mad? Yes, Am I am little scared?  Yes Am I going to respect the office?  Yes Is he going to be my President?  Yes Am I going to threaten to go live somewhere else?  No I will giv...
"The more things you do, the more you can do." Lucille Ball (1911–1989) Actress and comedienne   I was riding the bike in the gym this morning and as I always do, I was listening to a podcast.  That got me to thinking that it is time for a iPod University 3, but before I do that I have something ...

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