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I am the Mad Mortgage Machine. I have an opinion and I am going to share it. I no longer do mortgages, but I am still very much involved in the Real Estate and Mortgage world as a speaker, trainer, consultant, teaching how to get more listings and how to sell them quicker



When I first saw this blog, I thought of this...  Pros and Cons of Real Estate Signage on Your Car  Real estate marketing has undergone significant growth in the last few years, not just counting the on-line stuff you can do. You see billboards, bus benches, grocery shopping carts, ads on moving ...
3 very helpful ideas to make more sales.  1, know your client -   if you are a CMPS, why are you advertising the lowest rate if you specialize in FTHB, then why are you hitting the apartments in your area if you are a real estate agent, then why are you telling people rates (sorry, old grudges di...

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