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One of the toughest things for a seller to do in a normal market is pricing their house to sell. The real truth is, this isn't a normal market for sellers, and in fact it is a buyer's marketplace. Taking the truth about the present selling environment into consideration, pricing has become increa...
All of us know and understand by personal experience that energy is not costing us less, but in fact prices continue to rise. Every year we anticipate hearing on the news that our Natural Gas and Electric costs will be going up two percent, five percent and sometimes more. Is there anything we ca...
We have all been listening to and reading the news lately with serious interest in reference to houses selling and buyers being able to secure a mortgage. While there is no doubt some money has gone away from the mortgage market that use to be there, please know funds are STILL available. In fact...
Many prospective home buyers are trying to decide when is the best time to buy? As a RealtorĀ®, I know this is a good question to consider. On the other hand, don't be guilty of waiting too long. Here is an interesting article just appearing in Time Magazine. Reading this might just save you many ...
A family in another state employed a contractor to remodel their basement. The contractor worked for several weeks always making a minimum amount of noise, picking up after him self, and seemingly using the best in materials. When he was finished, the job looked perfect. The air conditioning func...
While managing a Real Estate office I watched one of our agents work with some clients who wanted to buy a house and had gotten their pre-approval for a loan. The realtor's assumption was this couple, with that approval were actually ready to make the purchase. His clients continued to look for a...
While managing a Real Estate office in another state, I led Sales Meetings every Tuesday morning at 9am sharp! We (50+ Agents and I) had breakfast, chatted a while and then talked about the nuts and bolts of Real Estate and working successfully with our clients. One subject often surfaced as bein...
Many homeowners and families around our area and the entire country are experiencing financial issues and concerns. Then we could talk about the Stock Market, Paying Your Mortgage, the possible Recession and more. The question becomes: So what are some smart money moves that I can make during the...
I have always been under the firm belief that Sellers need to be absent from their home when it is shown to prospective buyers. My reasoning: Most sellers can't keep quiet about their house. They forget that sometimes, words spoken without having given them serious thought can come back to bite t...
Stressful, intimidating, sometimes down right difficult, being stripped of privacy are all terms I've heard used for first time home buyers who are either in the process of or have concluded their purchase of a home. The question becomes, what kinds of things need to be thought about when getting...

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