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A lady sent me an email a while back after reading one of my previous blogs and penned the following story. This couple had recently purchased a home from a builder who constructs a handful of houses every year in another state. By her own admission both she and her husband had failed to do their...
I've had a few people phone or contact me thru the years over one issue in particular after moving into their new Condo or Townhouse. The issue has usually evolved from what has been a clear and obvious misunderstanding; sometimes from not even knowing a particular rule existed or exists in the A...
I recently represented a couple who had found the house of their dreams. This house had the layout, the land, location, everything they had placed on their wants and needs list was a part of this house. The second walk thru was on a Thursday evening and they asked if they could have until Monday ...
I thoroughly enjoy Condo living! In fact, my preference has always been, Top Floor, End Unit. When I was living in the Heights of Penderbrook in the Fairfax VA Real Estate area and serving on the board there as Treasurer, I was amazed at the amount of Condo Owners who would attend Board Meetings ...
Whenever I talk with someone who would like to sell their home, I think about two schools of thought they will have to consider.  The first thought relates simply to the Sellers need of knowing who their competition is. Allow me to explain: If you are the owner of a Furniture Store, you would wan...
One of the positive things that we experience related to Home Ownership on an annual basis is related to the tax benefits. It is simply one of the great perks of purchasing your own home. At the same time, many people really do not understand the many misunderstandings that abound about these hom...
Here is a thought I hope you will absorb. Your personal monetary situation in this market is critical to maintain so that when you are ready to purchase a home your money will have been properly kept and ready to allow you to make that acquisition. Here is a commentary to read about your Best Che...
Depending on where you live, one subject that is often in the news today and frequently creates panic is in reference to the subject of MOLD in the home. Some climates create more of a mold problem than others. In the past, I've lived in areas where mold can grow at an alarming rate. You might se...
My wife and I purchased a home at the end of last year in the Gainesville VA Real Estate area. In the offer to purchase, we asked the seller to buy us a Home Warranty. The seller said, "Yes" and in a few weeks we closed on the house. We felt peace of mind because our previous Home Warranty from a...
I've penned a great deal on guarding your credit, more specifically, making good credit choices. Still, some of you who are reading this are struggling with your credit and your overall credit scores. On top of that, some of you would like to buy a house, do some home improvement or perhaps even ...

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