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Some of the frustrations many homeowners face are high insurance premiums, when to file a claim and somehow avoiding having their policy canceled for what we will call a variety of often what seems to be ridiculous reasons, at least in the eyes of the insured. I personally believe many of us who ...
I keep Chat on my website at BurrowsProperties specifically for guests to talk with me anonymously, first name only and about a variety of subjects. I've discovered that many first time prospective house buyers often ask various questions directly related to purchasing their first house. I view e...
One question that I often hear as a Real Estate Agent, especially from first time home buyers is, "What should I do to prepare for buying a house?" In response I say things like, "You can begin by going to my website, where you will find all kinds of information ...
I have always been under the firm belief that Sellers MUST be absent from their home when it is shown to prospective buyers. My reasoning: Most sellers can't keep quiet about their house. They forget that sometimes, words spoken without having given them serious thought can come back to bite them...
I know of a couple in another state that employed a contractor to remodel their basement. The contractor worked for several weeks always making a minimum amount of noise, picking up after him self, and seemingly using the best in materials. When he was finished, the job looked perfect. The air co...
I've sometimes been amazed at what sellers share as to their reasons for moving or shall we say, selling. In fact, I believe when sellers share too much, they without knowing give prospective buyers an unfair negotiating advantage. If the buyer believes the seller has to sell you can bet on the f...
One thing we know for sure is buyers often ask questions! How old is this house? Why are the owners selling? How soon are the sellers willing to close? The questions go on and on and on. This is expected through the course of buying and selling a house! One of the biggest and most important quest...
I've recently been in some houses listed for sale that in my opinion shouldn't even be on the market. It isn't that people shouldn't list their house, but rather, the house just isn't ready to sell. In fact, the seller's neighbor's house, if it is properly prepared for listing will in all likelih...
I remember, while managing a Real Estate Office in Northern Michigan, one of our agents worked with some clients who wanted to purchase a house and had already acquired their pre-approval for a loan. The agents assumption was this couple, with their approval, were actually ready to make the purch...
The media at the present time is engaged in keeping the public informed about the housing market. This is good and somewhat helpful. One thing to keep in mind is often the statistics you are hearing and reading about are combined numbers for the entire nation rather than how we are doing locally....

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