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I've noted that first time home buyers often have many questions about purchasing their first house. I've also noted that sometimes this first time buyer is really afraid to ask their questions for fear the question might sound stupid or something like that. I always say, "In Real Estate it is po...
Many people today choose to be represented in their Real Estate Transactions. So the question for most people isn't, "Should I have representation?" Instead the question is "How do I choose a Real Estate Agent?" Are there questions that I should ask? What is the most important area that I should ...
I've noted lately that the Blogs I've been writing in reference to selling your house and even selling it fast, are attracting a lot of readers. I am certain this is true especially for those who have had their home on the market for quite some time. I have a website I like to visit. It is called...
Throughout the years I've spent in Real Estate I would have to say the majority of closings I've attended have been very positive moments. Buyers and Sellers meet, exchange greetings, sellers give keys to the buyers and helpful information about the property that is being purchased is shared. Aga...
I believe there are two primary categories for sellers. The first involves some who are not in a hurry to make the sale happen. In fact, it won't matter if it takes a year or two or even if the house sells at all. The second category is easy to understand and interpret. It is that the sale MUST h...
Homeowners, it isn't as hard as you think to fix up your house. In fact, with just a little cash, time and energy, you will be amazed at what you can accomplish. One of the key things to remember is you don't want to put so much money into your home that you can't get it back when you sell. I've ...
I believe there are two areas of concern that should be addressed by serious house sellers in today's Real Estate market. In fact, doing these two things along with keeping competitive pricing at the very top of the list, can do wonders in helping to produce a buyer for your house. First, if you ...
I've noted a lot of give-a-ways lately in the Real Estate market. More specifically, sellers are doing everything they can to make a sale. It can be higher commissions paid to the selling agent, or a multitude of other things given away to the buyer. With literally thousands of foreclosures in so...
I am absolutely convinced many prospective home buyers do not fully understand that it really takes a team of professionals working together to have a smooth, successful sales transaction. I must add here, I am not thinking of simply a Real Estate Sales Team, although that kind of team is importa...
Many people have often asked me questions about hiring a Real Estate agent, especially when selling their home. Most of the time while blogging, I've addressed this subject from the perspective of, "How to Pick or Choose an Agent". In other words, what do I look for in a Real Estate Professional?...

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