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I received a phone call with a simple question the other day: "I'm thinking of renting from a private owner. If somewhere in the middle of my lease the property-owner is foreclosed on, could I end up on the street, even if at that time I am current on my rent?" Sad to say, the answer I had to giv...
Stressful, intimidating, sometimes down right difficult, being stripped of privacy, all are terms I've heard used for first time home buyers who are either in the process of or have concluded the purchase of a home. The question becomes, what kinds of things need to be thought about when getting ...
So you have made the decision to sell your home and you have to quickly prepare it "For Sale"? Many believe "quick" preparation to sell a house is simply about hiring an agent, agreeing on a price and slapping a "For Sale" sign in the front yard and then they are ready to go and the sale will jus...
I have simple rules that I follow as a Real Estate Agent when working with clients who want to purchase a home. The first one, right at the top of my list is this: Everyone, without exception, MUST be pre-approved for a mortgage (unless they are cash buyers) before I will show them even one house...
As a Real Estate Professional, I know that living within walking distance of key businesses, restaurants, movie theatres; can make a huge difference when it comes to your homes value. This is especially true when you consider the rising cost of transportation these days. One of the first question...
It has been said and I agree that despite advertising claims to the contrary, the internet is not a substitute for an experienced Real Estate Professional. It cannot consult, counsel, advise, have knowledge of local laws and market conditions, make judgments, or most importantly, understand your ...
The best possible way to experience peace of mind - translated "Honey, I can now sleep tonight" - when purchasing a house in the Northern VA Real Estate market, or for that matter anywhere, is to employ the services of a qualified, well trained home inspector.  A competent inspector will make sur...
There are many reasons why some prospective Real Estate purchasers are struggling with buying a Single Family home. For some, it is simply the price tag. For others, they lack the sizable down payment and closing costs a Single Family house would require. Still others would like to own a piece of...
I've worked with many buyers who struggle when it comes to making an offer. The question I often have proposed to me is, "how much should I offer the sellers for their house"? Sometimes I hear, "how low do you think I can go"? Perhaps you should understand what can be real in Real Estate.  Your o...
While in management, I had a few people phone or contact me, frustrated with their agent over one issue in particular after moving into their new Condo, Townhouse or Single Family home. The issue usually evolved from a misunderstanding; sometimes from not even knowing a particular rule existed in...

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