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Homeowners, it isn't as difficult or involved as you think to make improvements on your house. In fact, with just a little cash, time and energy, you will be amazed at what you can accomplish. One of the key things to remember is you don't want to put so much money into your home that you can't g...
Absolutely amazing, the stories I've heard from sellers in reference to costly mistakes they've made when endeavoring to sell their house. I've had some indicate to me their errors in judgment cost them time, money, and especially huge disappointment.  I've compiled a list, certainly not complete...
I know, everybody is writing these days about how to buy a house. Often the writer will mention a couple of key issues to consider, but it is seldom that an author comes along and basically covers if not all, almost all of the house shopping steps in one writing.Here's what you need to remember. ...
I have some friends in another state that purchased a house a few months ago in a 55+ community. My friends were quite Real Estate Savvy having made a number of purchases down thru the years. On this particular occasion, because the house was only six years old, they decided they didn't need a Re...
I had someone speak with me recently about how to correct an inaccuracy on their Credit Report. In simple terms, they wanted to dispute something they believed was wrong on their Report from one of the Credit Reporting Agencies. I was happy to give them the following web address for a sample lett...
Someone called me a short time back asking some questions in reference to assisting them in finding a house. We visited for a while and then the gentleman asked: "What kinds of things should we be doing to get ready for the purchase even before we utilize your services?"I gave them some simple re...
While I am not a Loan Officer and for sure do not work for a Mortgage Company, at the same time I know a potentially good deal when I see one. As a Realtor and a Veteran, I know that for years Veterans were told that a VA Loan was not the best deal out there and as a result, many of our Military ...
On July 31st of this year, I penned an article that I felt was long over due. The title was, "Renters Make Sure You Are Not Left Homeless". It was all about Landlord's and more specifically, the potential of their Rental Properties going into Foreclosure and their tenants being left out in the co...
 Throughout my years in Real Estate I've observed several individuals and couples who have done well with houses that needed some TLC or simply had to have a makeover. They have purchased a house at a great price, made necessary upgrades and changes to the property and then cashed in at the end w...
Many home buyers, especially first time home buyers have multitudes of questions when it comes to purchasing a house. What should be first on my agenda? How will I know if I've chosen the right house? Is there anything I should NOT do? And this list could continue on and on and on!While this writ...

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