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So you have made the decision to sell your home and you have to quickly prepare it “For Sale”? Many believe “quick” preparation to sell a house is simply about hiring an agent, agreeing on a price and slapping a “For Sale” sign in the front yard and then they are ready to go and the sale will jus...
Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am a simple person. Similarly, in Real Estate, I have simple rules that I follow as a Real Estate Agent when working with clients who want to purchase a home. Right at the top of my list is this: Everyone, without exception, MUST be pre-approved for a mort...
When we reach the age of 50s and early 60s, we cannot afford to make Real Estate blunders and for sure any kind of mistake that involves financial error. Why? Because we simply do not have the working years left to recover from our loss. If you are in the position of planning to work a few more y...
A while back, while managing a large, high volume Real Estate Office, I asked an important question during our regular Real Estate Agent Tuesday morning meeting. The question: “What is the greatest roadblock your clients face in purchasing a house?” Almost without exception, it involved clients h...
This is certainly one of the most important topics for Home Owners to be familiar with. Your Mortgage requires you to have proper coverage and of course you want the best rate possible! For sure, one of the greatest frustrations many homeowners face is high insurance premiums. Coupled with that i...
We all know that saving energy at home is very important. In fact, we understand by personal experience that energy is not costing us less, but in fact prices continue to rise. Is there anything we can do to save on home related energy and as a result, save money? Here is an article to that could...
We have all been listening to and reading the news lately with serious interest in reference to houses selling and buyers being able to secure a mortgage. While there is no doubt some money has gone away from the mortgage market that use to be there, please know funds are STILL available. In fact...
The best possible way to experience peace of mind – translated “Honey, I can sleep tonight” - when purchasing a house is to employ the services of a qualified, well trained home inspector when purchasing a house. A competent inspector will make sure the house structure and systems which include, ...
I am always on the lookout for useful information in Real Estate. This includes the topic of insuring your home. In fact, there are many questions to consider in reference to having the proper kind of insurance coverage. For example, how much should I expect to pay for my Townhouse Insurance? Wha...
It has been said that "Honesty is the best policy" and so I will be brutally honest for a moment. I have always felt that Math can be very boring. It just hasn't been a subject that I get excited about. I know others do get a little crazy with number crunching, but again, it is not my forte!I rec...

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