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The stories I’ve heard from sellers are truly amazing and sometimes disastrous in reference to costly mistakes they’ve made throughout the selling process. I’ve had some tell me their errors in judgment have cost them time and money causing them to experience huge disappointment. Below is a list ...
Often when I speak with Sellers, specifically those who want to get their home on the market, I hear things like this: “Before listing the house I must perform some upgrades, some home improvements!” This is generally where I caution prospective sellers to be very careful because the truth is, so...
Once we reach our late 50s and early 60s, we cannot afford to make Real Estate mistakes and for sure any kind of slip-up that involves financial error. If you are like me where you plan to work a few more years and then retire or at least slow down a bit, then this is a writing you really cannot ...
One subject that is often in the news today and frequently creates a measure of panic is about the subject matter of MOLD in the home. Some climates seem to create more of a mold problem than others. For example, I know I’ve lived where mold can grow at an alarming rate. You might see a little of...
The Blogs I’ve been writing in reference to selling your house and even selling it fast, are attracting a lot of readers. I am certain this is especially true for those who have had their home on the market for quite some time. I have a website I like to visit. It is called “The Dollar Stretcher”...
The frustrations many homeowners face with Home Insurance are many. They range from high insurance premiums, when to file a claim and somehow avoiding having their policy canceled for what we will call a variety of often what seems to be ridiculous reasons, at least in the eyes of the insured. So...
Many people these days are expressing frustration over the fact that their house just has not sold. Sometimes the blame can be laid at the Realtor’s feet. Other times, it could be that all of the foreclosures and short sales are hindering the sale of your home. Still other times, sellers lament t...
Thru the years, I’ve watched as some individuals have taken dramatic steps to repair their credit and have made it happen fast. Still there have been other times where the time frame to repair their credit took longer, but nonetheless they stayed with the task before them and made it happen. Stil...
I know, everybody is writing these days about how to buy a house. Often the writer will mention a couple of key issues to consider, but it is seldom that an author comes along and basically covers if not all, almost all of the house shopping steps in one writing. Are you ready for some good news?...
I’m not sure about you, but for those of us who live where winter tends to be a little longer and more severe, we often notice around January and February, that the air in the house can become somewhat stale. As a result, many of us perform quick remedy type fixes to help make the air more refres...

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