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In our present Real Estate market, many sellers want to be at the front of the competition when listing their house "For Sale". In other words, if there are four other houses for sale on the same street, it is not uncommon to want to make sure you have the best planned, staged and priced house. I...
I want to seize this moment to wish my wife of 42 years, all of my family, readers, clients and friends a very Happy Thanksgiving. I am reminded that I am truly blessed to be working with such wonderful clients and agents in Real Estate. I am also thankful for the privilege of working with such a...
Buyers have multitudes of questions when it comes to purchasing a house. What should be first on my agenda? How will I know if I’ve chosen the right house? Is there anything I should NOT do? And the list continues on and on and on! While this writing is not about most of these questions, it does ...
Financial questions always come to mind when facing retirement. Have we saved enough? Should we consider a Reverse Mortgage, or, what about debt? Is it wise to carry debt into retirement? Another question to consider is “Should we put the excess money we currently have into paying off bills or in...
Many people would like to make the decision to buy a house, but obstacles often stand in the way. Generally speaking, the greatest obstacle is spelled with five simple letters – MONEY. Most often, there isn’t enough of it. The question becomes, how do you financially prepare for your next home pu...
One of my absolute favorite websites when it comes to saving money is The Dollar Stretcher. You will find financial information on taxes, growing herbs for tea, budgeting, retirement, living a frugal lifestyle and yes, lots of information about Real Estate and of course many other topics. Here is...
As a Real Estate Agent, I find myself listening to frustrations, regrets and sometimes pure anger, over items clients haven’t kept and safeguarded throughout the years. In other words, they wish they would have preserved a document, important papers and most often information related to their hou...
I’ve had many purchasers throughout the years indicate they will NOT be getting a Home Inspection when making the offer to purchase a particular house. Many of those buyers feel they can look things over themselves and as a result save a few hundreds of dollars in what it would have cost by hirin...
I am always looking for useful information on a variety of topics. This includes the topic of insuring your home. There are many questions to consider. How much should I expect to pay for my Townhouse Insurance? What is the different between insuring a single family home and a condo? Does purchas...
A short time back, I had someone contact me from another state where I hold an additional Real Estate license. Her question was very simple and precise! She was inquiring how to go about choosing a Real Estate Agent? In her situation, I referred her to another agent and everything is working out ...

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