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I wanted to seize this moment and thank my family, all of my clients, broker, associates and friends for a great 2010. Quite frankly, because of you I can truthfully say, "I have the absolute best job anyone could ever ask for". Every morning I get up (around 5 am) anxious to go to work and seldo...
So, do you really want to buy a house? I'm thinking, really, really, really want to buy a house? Then you must know one important fact: Your finances must be in order. What better time of year to work on this and set some realistic goals than right now, just before the New Year, so that when you ...
An interesting article crossed my desk this morning on: What Are The Most Attractive Retirement Cities? If you are like me, in your late 50s or above, I am sure you will find this writing to be very interesting!One thing to keep in mind, is I am part of a large Real Estate Network, called Active ...
A problem we all want to avoid centers around the subject of Mold! Mold, when left unchecked can become a huge problem, sometimes costing the homeowner many dollars to correct.I was researching this topic earlier today and ran across this very timely article. Breath Easier: 10 Tips To Banish Mold...
As a Real Estate Agent, I often hear of people being declined for a Mortgage over debt! There are simply to many bills that prospective buyers haven't managed very well.I just received this link to, 6 Strategies To Help Avoid Credit Card Fees. I hope you will take a moment to read and digest the ...
I wrote a few lines about Interest Rates the other day, indicating they are slowing rising again. In fact, I just noticed a new article that is certainly worth reading: Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Hit 5 PercentI always remind my buyers that every time interest rates rise, the amount you are able to ...
I always urge my clients to consider truly shopping for a Mortgage. Rates, fees can vary and most often do. Interesting enough, many don't do this and as a result they sometimes pay through the nose without even realizing it. Here is a link, a brand new article to read about a recent survey on th...
While most of us enjoy the holidays and especially shopping for Christmas, there are some things to be concerned about when spending your money. Remember, there are scams, rip off artists and other areas to be aware of.I came across this online article this morning: 5 Holiday Shopping Traps To Av...
I’ve observed two kinds of sellers when it comes to listing their property in the Fairfax Homes For Sale Real Estate market. There are some who are not in a hurry to make the sale happen. In fact, it won’t matter if it takes a year or two. For others, the sale will need to happen right away! I’ve...
It is important to note that interest rates have been moving higher. In fact, one of my Mortgage Loan Officers I use, just reminded me of this very important fact: Every time interest rates rise, the amount of home a purchaser can afford goes down. Think about that fact just for a moment as you j...

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