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I am primarily a Buyers Agent! Sometimes I will take a listing, especially if it is a previous client or someone that I know personally. Most important, I simply enjoy working with Buyers, helping their dreams come true.I've noted, with great interest, that many people are having difficulty getti...
For those of you living on the edge of a soon to be Home Purchase, here is a link to follow with the latest on Mortgage Rates: Mortgage Rates Steady Remember, knowledge is power when endeavoring to buy or sell Real Estate. When you are ready to make your next MOVE, please WRITE or PHONE me. David...
I find the process of doing many things in life effectively, often requires knowledge of simple truths. The same is true for many aspects of Real Estate. While Real Estate has many complicated sides, (areas that certainly require a RealtorĀ®) some parts of purchasing a home are often straightforwa...
I firmly believe one of my greatest responsiblities as a Real Estate Agent is to keep you informed in reference to the latest news, views and thoughts about Real Estate and Home Ownership. This article, penned by Dr. Andrew Weil, M.D., crossed my desk this morning: Radon in Your Kitchen Counters?...
I was surfing the internet this morning, visiting my usual, early morning favorite sites, when I came across this article on the Smart Money website: Real Estate: Finally A Good Investment I totally understand that this is an opinion of the writer, but at the same time, some of the things he is w...
I'm sure that many of my clients and prospective clients are seriously thinking about retirement and even more specifically, "When should I retire?" By the way, I'm thinking about this, too! My problem is, I don't want to leave Real Estate and will probably hang around for as long as I can! This ...
Many people are frustrated because they can't sell their house right now. In fact, I have completed several Comparative Market Analysis's lately with the results for some prospective sellers appearing grim! With the present economy the way it is, the amount potential sellers owe on their home exc...
There is a rule that I have when taking someone out to look at properties. It is easy to understand and I insist on it as a Buyers Agent. Very simply, the prospective buyer must have their pre-approval. He/She will need to have talked with someone in Mortgage, filled out the necessary paperwork, ...
I know, you would probably rather be thinking about 2011 and for sure, not about taxes right now. I concur with you wholeheartedly! On the other hand, this is the time of year to begin preparing for your annual filing. Please remember that I am not a tax expert nor am I promoting any particular f...
One thing that I encourage all of my clients and prospective clients to be aware of, is your Credit Score. In fact, I've often referred people to web based companies where people, just like you, the reader of this blog, can for a small fee and sometimes free, acquire your Credit Score. Feel free ...

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