fairfax mls: A Great Place To Learn About Old Town Manassas - 10/02/13 04:22 AM
Many of my home buyers who are not from Northern Virginia, often ask me for information about this part of the State. Sometimes they have questions about shopping, traffic, schools, churches and then other times, they have questions about things to do!The fact is, I've said it before and I will say it again, in Northern Virginia we are blessed with so many opportunities. There is Washington D.C., the Atlantic Ocean off the shores of Maryland and so much more. 
One place that I would urge you to visit and to learn more about is Old Town Manassas.... There are Farmers Markets, an … (2 comments)

fairfax mls: Occoquan Fall Craft Show 2013 - 09/10/13 08:51 AM
Someone recently asked me a simple question: He wanted to know if I have a favorite thing to do or a favorite place to go in Northern Virginia? I told him, that I could answer his question really fast. Both my wife and I enjoy Occoquan Virginia and especially the Fall Craft Show.
This years Occoquan Fall Craft Show will take place on September 28th and 29th, rain or shine. I would encourage you to check out their website and plan to take some time to enjoy the crafts and of course great food, too!
Enjoy the show!

fairfax mls: A Quotation Seriously Worth Thinking About - 08/31/13 04:11 AM
I used this Quotation a few years back and thought it worth noting again with some updating and changes in reference to my thoughts. Hopefully it will challenge all of us in reference to how we live, lead and work. It simply reads:
"Your reputation and integrity are everything. Follow through on what you say you're going to do. Your credibility can only be built over time, and it is built from the history of your words and actions."- Maria Razumich-Zec
My Thoughts: It doesn't matter whether you or I are a Doctor, Minister, Lawyer, Mechanic, School Teacher, Store Clerk, Sales Clerk, Farmer, … (3 comments)

fairfax mls: Farmers Market Locations Throughout Northern Virginia - 08/27/13 08:45 AM
I've had several people recently ask me about Farmer's Markets in Northern Virginia. Specifically, I'm asked about location, day and time as well as the size of the market. Here are some sites where I normally check out the markets that should be helpful to you, too! I thought it might be easiest to list them alphabetically. 
Fairfax County
Falls Church
Prince William County Farmer's Markets
Loudoun County
There you have it - Farmers Market Locations throughout Northern Virginia

fairfax mls: Whatever You Do Spend Some Time In Alexandria Virginia - 08/20/13 06:00 AM
Alexandria Virginia is a wonderful place both to live or to visit. The fact is, there are many things to do in Alexandria. You will find Restaurants, many to choose from. Additionally, there is Art and Culture, Shopping, Historic Sites, Farmers Markets, Waterfront Activities, Tours and more.
One of the best sites I know for learning about Alexandria and everything to do while living and visiting there, is: About Alexandria | Alexandria Virginia
I hope you will take advantage of the website and tour this wonderful city right outside of Washington D.C.
Whatever You Do Spend Some Time In Alexandria Virginia . . … (6 comments)

fairfax mls: Guidance For Getting To The Closing Table - 08/11/13 06:56 AM
It is Sunday Afternoon and it’s hard to believe but I actually have a bit of a slowdown today.  As a result, I thought I would write something that would be helpful to all present and future buyers of Real Estate.
I am reminded of when three or four buyers (over the past few years) made a serious error in judgement while in a Contract to purchase a house. Because of the error, they sabotaged their Real Estate deal that was nearing completion. You read the previous sentence just right, but let me be even clearer: They lost the house they were … (74 comments)

fairfax mls: A Short Post About A Very Important Topic - 08/06/13 02:58 AM
The Nokesville Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department is looking for people to join as Firefighters and EMTs. They will train and NO experience is necessary.
The department will have an Informational Meeting and Open House on Thursday, August 8, 2013 at 7:00 pm. The location is Station 25, 9405 Devlins Grove Place, Bristow, VA. You can view their website here: Nokesville Volunteer Fire & Rescue
A Short Post About A Very Important Topic that will save lives.

fairfax mls: Northern Virginia Information And Links - 08/05/13 06:20 AM
Northern Virginia is certainly a wonderful place to visit and live. There is, Shopping, Entertainment, Restaurants, Scenic Drives, our Nations Capital and much more.
If you are visiting the area you might consider checking out the following opportunities:
1) Wolf Trap is one of my favorite destinations. I just spent some time on the Wolftrap Site and noted some interesting entertainment on tap for the rest of the summer. The Gipsy Kings; the Catskill Puppet Theater and so much more. By the way, on a personal note and if you have read some of my previous posts, I thoroughly enjoy sitting … (1 comments)

fairfax mls: Home Inspection Issues and Concerns - 07/22/13 03:03 AM
I couldn't help but notice an article that crossed my desk earlier today in reference to Home Inspections. This particular writing talks about the kinds of things a Home Buyer should be aware of that a Home Inspector might discover.
Personally, the items flagged in this writing should also be important to the seller and here is why: I've always been a huge proponent of Pre-sale Seller Home Inspections so that the seller can know what is going on before listing his/her house for sale. It is much better to have the house in great shape for the sale than to … (4 comments)

fairfax mls: Doo-Wop Show At Wolf Trap - 07/12/13 05:00 AM
The Ultimate Doo-Wop Show will be at Wolf Trap on July 20th, 2013 at 8 pm. Some of the musicians performing will be: Jay Siegel's Tokens, Maurice Williams and The Zodiacs, Larry Chance and Earls, The Marcels and more.
To learn more you can view the Wolf Trap Web Page and see a great Video of a similar performance: The Ultimate Doo-Wap Show
By the way, I would strongly suggest purchasing your tickets soon before it is too late. The Doo-Wop Show At Wolf Trap

fairfax mls: Practice Fireplace Safety - 07/08/13 09:11 AM
I've had a couple of buyers recently list as part of their search criteria, a Fireplace! Most often, clients are happy with a Gas Fireplace but there are moments when they request the Wood Burning type.
Whenever I talk with clients who want a Fireplace, I am impressed with how many do not understand the maintenance involved in having one. The fact is, a poorly maintained Fireplace can be very unsafe or shall I say, a threat to your home and everyone who lives there.
American Home Shield recently produced an article worth taking the time to read if you have or … (6 comments)

fairfax mls: Enjoying A Mini Vacation Day - 06/29/13 09:59 AM
I decided to take a day off from Real Estate today and treat it like a Mini Vacation. Sharon and I decided to drive out to a Local Farm where we buy our beef and poultry and to take our time in getting there. The drive was very refreshing as we stopped several times, taking pictures and simply enjoying our time together. Here are four photos of the many we quickly snapped. By the way, I'm guessing the sheep in the bottom photo did not want their picture taken. When we walked up, they were looking at us but note how … (6 comments)

fairfax mls: Herndon Virginia July 4th Celebration - 06/27/13 08:29 AM
July 4th is just around the corner and there are celebrations throughout Northern Virginia. I've written about Fairfax, The Plains and a couple of other celebrations worth noting.
If you live in the Herndon Virginia area you might want to consider the 2013 Herndon 4th of July Celebration. It is truly a family event with food, face painting, games, a balloon artist and much more. It will be held in Brady Park and the Fireworks Display to Music will begin at 9:30 pm.
To learn more you can visit their website: Town of Herndon - 4th of July
Why not head to Herndon … (5 comments)

fairfax mls: You Are In A Contract To Purchase A House - Now What? - 06/26/13 08:56 AM
Some time back a Real Estate friend phoned me and expressed his frustration about a purchase transaction. He said, "David I just heard from the Loan Officer of one of my clients I'm working with". My Agent Friend continued on to state his "Clients (who were barely approved because of past Credit Issues) went out and spent a huge chunk of money on Credit while Under Contract"! As a result, their Credit Scores that were borderline, plummeted and are now below the acceptable level for a Mortgage". In other words, the deal his clients thought they had is dead! This was … (12 comments)

fairfax mls: Doobie Brothers To Appear At Wolf Trap - 06/25/13 06:37 AM
Most of my readers know I'm a huge Wolf Trap fan. My wife and I thoroughly enjoy going to many of the shows and I am always delighted to share some of the up and coming concerts with you.
The Doobie Brothers will be at Wolf Trap in the Filene Center on July 6th, 2013. Tickets are $42.00 in house and $25.00 on the lawn. Remember, lawn seats can be a great place to sit. You can bring some food and enjoy the show!
Take a moment to learn more: Doobie Brothers At Wolf Trap
It's worth mentioning the web site I've taken … (6 comments)

fairfax mls: Home Buyers: You Really Need A Home Inspection - 06/24/13 06:02 AM
I'm not sure about you, but I've had experiences in life, many of them avoidable, that has cost me money, valuable time and sometimes serious embarrassment!
Recently I found myself chatting with someone who thought he didn't need a Home Inspection when purchasing a house several years ago. In fact, he shared very clearly with his Realtor® that a Home Inspection was a waste of time and money. So, the Realtor® had him sign off on the Home Inspection, they closed on a house that had been vacant for nearly two years and the purchaser was happy. The problem is the … (3 comments)

fairfax mls: 4th of July in Fairfax Virginia - 06/20/13 06:18 AM
If you are looking for a great event on July 4th and live around the Fairfax Virginia area, consider the 4th of July Independence Day Parade. This is the largest Independence Day Parade in Northern Virginia and I am sure your family will enjoy it.
You are urged to bring a blanket or chair, sit back and enjoy the show. To learn more you can go to the website:
4th Of July Independence Day Parade
Oh, did I mention the Fireworks Spectacular at Fairfax High School to follow the parade? It seems to me the 4th of July in Fairfax Virginia will make for … (3 comments)

fairfax mls: Looking for a Fireworks Display on July 4th? - 06/17/13 09:38 AM
One of the best places to Celebrate America and enjoy Fireworks on July 4th is Old Town Manassas, Virginia. In fact, everything begins at 3 pm in the afternoon with wonderful rides for the kids. At 4 pm, the food and live entertainment starts. The food has always been great and this year will be no exception.
Oh, and did I mention the Fireworks begins at 9:15 pm? Make sure you bring your lawn chairs and blankets. The website is urging everyone to arrive early to get a good seat.
To learn more you can go to the website: 2013 Celebrate America
So if … (5 comments)

fairfax mls: It All Started 39 Years Ago Today - 06/16/13 09:17 AM
I'll never forget when the doctor looked up at me at the birth of our daughter, on June 16th and said, "Happy Father's Day" and then continued on to say, "It's a Girl". It took just a moment for what he said to register because no one had ever wished me a Happy Father's Day before.
Early today, 39 years later our daughter phoned to wish me Happy Father's Day and of course I wished her Happy Birthday. There have been 5 Father's Days on June 16th since her birth and today is one of them. So this occasion rolls around only … (5 comments)

fairfax mls: Enjoying The Best Of Both Worlds - 06/09/13 08:10 AM
Northern Virginia is packed full of wonderful cities and towns. The reasons to enjoy them are many.
Gainesville and Haymarket are two small towns bordering on what I like to refer to as the outskirts of Northern Virginia. In fact, these towns allow people to enjoy the best of both worlds, let me explain.
Gainesville and Haymarket are literally across the street from each other and just 35 miles from our Nations Capital. This means, if you enjoy nightlife, museums, movies, shopping, theater, Wolf Trap, Botanical Gardens, history and a whole lot more, it's simply an easy commute away. If it's rush hour, expect … (6 comments)

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