northern virginia information: Try This FICO Score Estimating Tool - 03/16/10 06:35 AM
I have a very good friend from Hawaii who is in banking. I know many of my readers won't believe it, but my friend tells me that he actually gets excited about numbers, computing them and looking at them for eight to ten hours a day. He claims he doesn't get bored doing this. Furthermore, he works with numbers not only all day long but almost every day of the year and has been doing so for over 20+ years.My response to my friend is, "Good for you." But for most of us, number crunching isn't the most exciting thing that … (0 comments)

northern virginia information: Six Months Later And This House Is Still On The Market - 03/08/10 10:34 PM
I had a very interesting experience some time ago when accompanying my Buyers on their Home Inspection. In fact, this particular deal (for reasons I won't go into) had caused my Buyers to wait longer than usual for their Home Inspection and now soon to be closing. They were very, very excited about what appeared would be, their NEW Home - better yet, their first home.
Perhaps I should preface what I am going to say by letting you, the reader know that the Sellers were home when my Buyers initially previewed and toured this house. At that time, I cautioned … (6 comments)

northern virginia information: First Time For Buying A House? Here Are Some Simple Rules To Follow - 02/03/10 06:47 AM
Buying a house can be a great experience. On the other hand, it can also be a nightmare many people would just as soon forget. Through the years that I've been involved in Real Estate, I've met several individuals and couples who have phoned and later met with me that truly did not know, "How to Buy a House".  In fact, many people think it's simply about touring houses first and then doing whatever else is necessary to make the purchase happen. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Please note, if there is anything at all about Real Estate that … (1 comments)

northern virginia information: Upgrading A House Is Important But Don't Over Do It - 01/15/10 03:04 AM
In our current market, many sellers want to be at the front of the competition when listing their house for sale. In other words, if there are four other houses on the same street for sale, it is not uncommon to want to have the best prepared and priced house. Why not and in fact, it makes a lot of sense to have a well prepared home.
First and foremost, this is a good thing most of the time. For sure you want to price your home attractively and the appearance should be second to none. Having said that please be … (4 comments)

northern virginia information: You Must Read And Understand The Contract - 01/12/10 07:12 AM
If there is anything true in purchasing a house, it is this: Not reading the fine print is certainly NOT Better! In fact, failing to read anything you are signing whether it is for a car, 2nd Mortgage or the 1st Mortgage, can lead you to financial ruin. Just ask the thousands and thousands and thousands of people who are loosing their home thru foreclosure because of their failure to interpret and understand the fine print.
As a Real Estate Professional, I have stopped more than one person signing papers for their Mortgage Closing and asked them to take a deep … (1 comments)

northern virginia information: This Might Help You To Sell Your House Faster - 01/04/10 05:45 AM
I believe there are two areas of concern that should be addressed by serious house sellers in the Real Estate market. In fact, doing these two things along with competitive pricing can do wonders in helping to produce a buyer for your house.
First, if you have been one of many regular readers of my blogs, then you know that I am a true believer in Home Inspections before listing your house for sale. Having an Inspection by an independent, licensed Home Inspection Company can do several things to aid you in the selling process. Most important to me, is when … (0 comments)

northern virginia information: You Might Just Consider Doing This When Selling Your House - 12/10/09 02:53 AM
I believe there are two very important areas that should be addressed by those who are serious about selling their house. In fact, doing these two things along with setting the right price can do wonders in helping to produce a buyer for your house.
First, if you have been one of many regular readers of my blogs, then you know that I am a true believer in Home Inspections before listing your house for sale. In this market, having an Inspection by an independent, licensed Home Inspection Company can do several things to aid you in the selling process. Most … (1 comments)

northern virginia information: Employ These Helpful Showing Tips When Selling Your House - 11/23/09 03:36 AM
This is truly a great article that would be worth your time to read if you are currently in the process of selling your house. This interesting piece of writing will guide you in some specific things you can do that will expedite the sale of your home. Elizabeth Weintraub is a gifted writer, but more important, she understands how to welcome prospective buyers into your home. Her article is simply the best I've read on this subject.
By the way, something that isn't mentioned as forcibly as I would prefer, is the fact that when Realtors show your house, make … (0 comments)

northern virginia information: Here Is The First Step To Take When Purchasing a House - 11/12/09 03:56 AM
I am a simple person. Similarly, in Real Estate, I have simple rules that I follow as a Real Estate Agent when working with clients who want to purchase a home. Right at the top of my list is this: Everyone, without exception, MUST be pre-approved for a mortgage (unless they are cash buyers) before I will show them even one house in the Northern Virginia Real Estate market or anywhere in Northern Virginia! Why? When you are pre-approved, you then know how much house you can afford and it also informs the seller that you are a serious buyer. Furthermore, … (0 comments)

northern virginia information: Sellers: Should You Request An Open House From Your Listing Agent? - 11/03/09 03:39 AM
I've listened to many home sellers, at times, express frustration because their Real Estate Agent prefers to not hold an Open House for them. As a fellow agent, I certainly understand that the worth of holding a house open in some agents eyes is really quite debatable. On the other side of the coin, I for one have sold many homes because of hosting a traditional Open House.
There is good news for frustrated sellers that might actually encourage agents to reconsider this method of marketing. In fact, this news certainly gives us reasons to continue keeping homes that are for … (4 comments)

northern virginia information: Know The Facts When Purchasing A Foreclosure - 10/24/09 01:48 AM
I've worked with many buyers recently who have been interested in purchasing a foreclosure. We all know that the market is saturated with them and I always tell my clients, "Why not, but be careful".
I came across this article (from Bankrate.Com) just a short time back that is worth the reading when it comes to buying a property that is a foreclosure. The advice could save you money and other mistakes. I urge you, if you are thinking about making this kind of purchase to invest five minutes of your time in reading this. 7 Steps To A Great Foreclosure Buy

northern virginia information: Some Guidance For Selling Your House In The Winter - 10/13/09 03:02 AM
I know some of you who are reading this Blog don't even want to think about what this Real Estate Agent is referring to in this writing. Here is the truth though. Late fall and the winter season is just around the corner. In fact, Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away. Most people agree that in the more northern parts of these United States, selling a house in the middle of the winter can be a bit more challenging. Some even wonder if it is worth the time to list their house for sale.
My personal experience is that I've … (2 comments)

northern virginia information: Selling Your House? The Following 943 Words Could Save You A Lot Of Time, Money And Even The Deal - 10/07/09 05:49 AM
I know of a couple in another state that employed a contractor to remodel their basement. The contractor worked for several weeks always making a minimum amount of noise, picking up after him self, and seemingly using the best in materials. When he was finished, the job looked perfect. The air conditioning functioned well; the drywall and paint that had been applied looked wonderful; there were plenty of electrical sockets to plug in to. Carpeting, tile, bedroom and bathroom seemed flawless. In fact, the couple lived there another year, found another home, purchased it and moved in. Then they put there … (0 comments)

northern virginia information: Sellers Don't Give Away Your Negotiating Edge - 09/29/09 02:39 AM
I've sometimes been amazed at what sellers share with prospective buyers as to their reasons for moving when purchasers are touring their home. In fact, I believe when sellers share too much, they without knowing give prospective buyers an unfair negotiating advantage. If the buyer believes the seller has to sell, in other words is desperate to sell, you can bet on the fact they will offer less than they would have otherwise. A seasoned Realtor knows this to be true.
An experienced Realtor will coach their seller as to what and what not to say. Perhaps they will even urge … (3 comments)

northern virginia information: If It Wasn't For My Credit I Could Buy A House - 09/18/09 05:19 AM
I've written a great deal on guarding your credit, specifically making good credit choices. Still, some of you who are reading this are struggling with your credit and credit scores. On top of that, some of you would like to buy a house, do some home improvement or perhaps even take a trip. The problem is your credit.
Here is some great reading, an article I've referred you to before, to review. Bump Up Your Credit Score in a Hurry - Planning to buy a home, refi a loan or shop for a new car? Check your score and if you're not … (0 comments)

northern virginia information: Information You Need To Know When Purchasing Condo Insurance - 09/10/09 11:24 PM
I am always looking for useful information on a variety of topics. This includes the topic of insuring your home. In the Fairfax Va Real Estate area, there are many questions to consider. How much should I expect to pay for my Townhouse Insurance? What is the difference between insuring a single family home and a condo? Does purchasing a multiple dwelling type condo perhaps with 24 units enclosed differ from buying a Condo with 12 units? The list can go on and on of very reasonable questions.
I was reading inside Money Central a while back and came across this … (7 comments)

northern virginia information: Real Ways Home Owners Can Save Money - 09/04/09 12:01 AM
All of us know and understand by personal experience that energy is not costing us less, but in fact, prices continue to rise. Each year we anticipate hearing on the news that our Natural Gas and Electric costs will be going up two percent, five percent and sometimes more. Is there anything we can do to save on home related energy and if so, what?
Here is an article to click on that could be worth the time it takes to read. Hopefully you won't just read it but you will act on the thoughts that are shared. By the way, … (0 comments)

northern virginia information: Buying A Home? You Need A Home Inspection - 08/26/09 01:55 AM
The best possible way to experience peace of mind - translated "Honey, I can sleep tonight" - when purchasing a house is to employ the services of a qualified, well trained home inspector.  A competent inspector will make sure the house's structure and systems which include, but are not limited to, the roof, heating, plumbing, electrical and air conditioning systems, are in good condition. An inspector will also offer to check for mold and radon. You should expect to pay an additional fee for these two services, especially a radon test.
Now, for my true story: It has been a while … (0 comments)

northern virginia information: Easy Steps To Follow When Purchasing A House - 08/07/09 05:25 AM
Down thru the years, people have asked me, "What steps should I follow when purchasing a property?" I've responded that while some home purchases can be complicated the majority only need a few simple but yet important things to be in place. When the important things are in place the process will generally run smooth. On the other hand, if you fail to have the various steps ready to go your purchase will in all probability be a nail biting experience. Here are the steps:
Shop for and secure Mortgage Approval
In order to have Mortgage Approval you will need to work … (0 comments)

northern virginia information: Let's Get Your House Ready For Sale - 07/31/09 08:42 AM
So you have made the decision to sell your home and you have to quickly prepare it "For Sale"? Many believe "quick" preparation to sell a house is simply about hiring an agent, agreeing on a price and slapping a "For Sale" sign in the front yard and then they are ready to go and the sale will just happen. Often this kind of individual fails to think about, "What is the real price that I will have to pay?" If you are to adequately prepare your house to sell, then you must consider the cost of time, the cost of … (0 comments)

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