northern virginia information: Big Time Help For Selling Your House In The Winter - 12/31/08 10:39 PM
I've met many people who believe they should take their house off of the selling market in the winter. I've always reminded sellers that some of my best sales have been when it is the coldest outside, there is snow a foot deep on the ground and most would think only a penguin or two would venture out in weather like what I just described.
Here is a writing that might take a little pressure off in some areas of selling your home and actually give you a serious boost in the process. 13 Tips For Selling Your Home In Winter … (0 comments)

northern virginia information: A Quiz To Test You On Home Energy Use - 12/28/08 07:10 AM
I don't know about you, but at our house conserving energy is a big thing. We all know that energy costs continue to rise with no real relief in site. The only way to trim the budget while at the same time being good with the environment is to manage what we have by way of energy resources.
Here is a link that provides an informative quiz to take on conserving energy. Quiz: Rate Your Winter Energy Use. I urge you to take the quiz and determine if you are doing everything you can to save money and to use energy … (0 comments)

northern virginia information: Waiting Can Cost You The Deal - 12/14/08 09:47 PM
I recently represented a couple who had found the house of their dreams. This house had the layout, the land, location, everything they had placed on their wants and needs list was a part of this house. The second walk thru was on a Thursday evening and they asked if they could have until Monday to decide what they should offer. I urged them to remember "The house could be sold by then" but, I added, "The purchase is all about you and not me". I think they thought I was being a little too pushy as a Real Estate Agent. I backed off that evening … (0 comments)

northern virginia information: Steps To Follow For First Time Home Buyers - 12/09/08 09:19 PM
I keep Chat on my website at BurrowsProperties for guests to talk with me anonymously, first name only. I have discovered that first time prospective house buyers often ask questions, important questions about purchasing their house. I always believe every question is important and thoroughly enjoy assisting and chatting with them about this and a variety of subjects.
I just came across this article that is certainly worth reading. This will be particularly helpful for the first time purchasers. 7 Must Do's for the First Time Home Buyer -- Despite interest rates and home prices being down, buyers still have to … (1 comments)

northern virginia information: A Simple Guide For First Time Home Buyers - 12/01/08 12:09 AM
Buying a house can be a wonderful or not so wonderful experience. Through the years that I've been involved in Real Estate, I've met several individuals and couples who have phoned and later met with me that truly did not know, "How to Buy a House".  In fact, many people think it's simply about touring houses first and then doing whatever else is necessary to make the purchase happen. Nothing could be farther from the truth.
Here in a simple format are several steps to follow to make your purchase happen. Send me an email or even phone me if you … (0 comments)

northern virginia information: Saving Home Energy Dollars - 11/26/08 07:19 AM
It seems our fall weather is already a bit colder than last year and the heating bills have already started to go up. Many of us had hoped for a break of a month or two before winter heating bills hit our mail box but this year it appears it won't happen.
The question becomes, "Is there anything we can do to help ourselves with energy savings?" The answer is, "Yes" and in fact, a while back, I stumbled across this article that takes about two minutes to read. I've been preparing my house in much the same ways recommended by … (0 comments)

northern virginia information: Think About This Before Signing To Purchase Your Next House - 11/18/08 12:34 AM
There are many reasons why some homes listed "For Sale" remain on the market longer than others. Sometimes it can be a busy road and that often means noise that penetrates thru doors and walls. Other times it can be property that is too close to industrial businesses; perhaps the builder has had a poor reputation; maybe it's the zoning or there have been issues with the house that are quite well publicized. Other times it can be the house was totally beat up by the previous owners before it went back to the bank and on the market. These reasons … (0 comments)

northern virginia information: Why You Need A Real Estate Agent - 11/09/08 09:58 PM
Some time back, a lady sent me an email after reading one of my previous blogs and told me the following story. A couple had recently purchased a home from a builder who constructs a handful of houses every year in another state. By her own admission both she and her husband had failed to do their homework and hadn't checked the reputation of the builder. They didn't know anything about his background, such as, have there been any complaints filed against him? They hadn't asked for or checked any references and in fact, hadn't toured any of the houses he … (0 comments)

northern virginia information: Changing Interest Rates Can Make A Difference When Purchasing A House - 11/05/08 12:42 AM
While managing a Real Estate office I watched one of our agents work with some clients who wanted to buy a house and had gotten their pre-approval for a loan. The realtor's assumption was this couple, with that approval, were actually ready to make the purchase. His clients continued to look for a house but unfortunately were taking longer than what the agent thought they would take. The clients were first time home buyers, purchasing an entry level house, which was really all that they could afford and in fact, barely qualified for the mortgage. Here is the kicker and something … (0 comments)

northern virginia information: Follow These Important Steps When Beginning Your Home Search - 10/29/08 04:19 AM
I've had first time home buyers contacting me over the past few months saying they want to search for a house to buy. When I begin visiting with them I find they have considered where they want to live, how large the house should be, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms as well as the size of the lot. After I've listened for a while, I usually inject some thoughts of my own. Specifically, their search for a home must include some key ingredients. In fact, these ingredients can be a positive launching pad that will propel them into a very … (0 comments)

northern virginia information: Timing The Offer - 10/24/08 07:57 AM
I recently represented a couple in the Northern VA Real Estate area who had found the house of their dreams. This house really had everything they had always dreamed about. It had the layout, the land, location, everything they had placed on their wants and needs list was a part of this property. The second walk thru was on a Thursday evening and they asked if they could have until Monday to decide what they should offer. I urged them to remember "The house could be sold by then" but, I added, "The purchase is all about you and not me". I think they thought I … (0 comments)

northern virginia information: When You Have A Contract - 10/20/08 08:34 AM
I am amazed at the amount of people who believe finding a house to buy is the most difficult of the chores before them when going through the process of purchasing a home. In fact, I've had some individuals throw up their hands once they have found their dream house and say, "Wow, that wasn't as bad as I thought it would be". It's kind of like the client really believes the major part of the job called "House Hunting" is completed. Nothing could be farther from the truth.
Here are some things you and your Realtor must follow up on:

northern virginia information: Some Helpful Guidance On Selling Your House - 10/13/08 10:40 PM
I hear a lot of people these days expressing frustration over the fact that there house just has not sold. Sometimes it is the Realtors fault, other times it is all of the foreclosures and short sales and still other times, sellers lament the fact that they really hadn't done their homework before putting their house on the market.
Well, here is a great article: 10 ‘Must Do' Steps To Sell Your Home This Year
I would urge you to take a moment and read this challenging piece. You are sure to gleam some fresh understanding as a result of the … (0 comments)

northern virginia information: Home Insurance Guidance - 10/09/08 04:21 AM
You know what the old saying is when it comes to Real Estate Contracts or for that matter any Contract? Always take time to read the fine print! It is crucial to know what is on the paper you are about to sign before the ink hits the paper.
Similarly, when you purchase and then finally receive your Home Insurance Policy, make sure you understand the fine print of what is penned on the paper. Because I am not an Insurance Agent, here is an article that not only helps you to know what to look for, but this writing also gives … (0 comments)

northern virginia information: Guidance on Securing Your Next Mortgage - 10/05/08 10:19 PM
We have all been listening to and reading the news lately with serious interest in reference to houses selling and buyers being able to secure a mortgage. While there is no doubt some money has gone away from the mortgage market that use to be there, please know there are steps you can take in securing a loan.
So how do I secure a loan (mortgage) in this market? Because I am not in mortgage; I am not a lender; my advice could lead you astray and perhaps even confuse you more. As a result, I've chosen this link for you … (1 comments)

northern virginia information: Almost Everything You Need To Know About Home Insurance - 09/29/08 10:15 PM
The frustrations many homeowners face with Home Insurance are many. They range from high insurance premiums, when to file a claim and somehow avoiding having their policy canceled for what we will call a variety of often what seems to be ridiculous reasons, at least in the eyes of the insured. So what is the answer? I personally believe many of us who are homeowners need to more clearly understand how home insurance works and then somehow learn to do a few things that will help to keep us in an affordable, adequate insurance policy and at a fair price.
Here … (0 comments)

northern virginia information: What Does That Contract You Are About To Sign Really Say? - 09/24/08 05:01 AM
If there is anything true in purchasing a house, it is this: Not reading the fine print is certainly NOT Better! In fact, failing to read anything you are signing whether it is for a car, 2nd Mortgage or the First Mortgage, can lead you to financial ruin. Just ask the thousands and thousands and thousands of people who are loosing their homes thru foreclosure because of their failure to interpret and understand the what the Contract REALLY stated.
As a Real Estate Professional, I have stopped more than one person signing papers for their Mortgage Closing and asked them to … (0 comments)

northern virginia information: When Buying A House Make Sure You Include This - 09/10/08 04:25 AM
I've had many purchasers over the years indicate they will NOT be getting a Home Inspection when making the offer to purchase a particular house. Many of those buyers feel they can look things over themselves and as a result save a few hundreds of dollars in what it would have cost by hiring an Inspector.
My response has always been to give a list of concerns buyers will need to personally address to know the house and property is "Move in" ready. Often, after they look at this list the decision is made to spend some money and hire an … (0 comments)

northern virginia information: Tax Information For Home Owners - 09/05/08 08:35 AM
People often ask me, their Realtor, about the many Tax benefits of Home Ownership. While it certainly isn't the number one question that I'm asked, it still surfaces on a regular basis. Of course I explain to people that I am not an attorney or tax planner. I only know what I've read (like them) and therefore do not give tax advice. On the other hand, I always try to point my clients in the right direction so that they can find out for themselves the right and the wrong of any given question that requires expert advice beyond that of … (0 comments)

northern virginia information: Fixing Up Your House - 08/31/08 05:58 AM
Homeowners, it isn't as difficult or involved as you think to make improvements on your house. In fact, with just a little cash, time and energy, you will be amazed at what you can accomplish. One of the key things to remember is you don't want to put so much money into your home that you can't get it back when you sell. I've known many people who have walked down the hallway called disappointment because the improvements they made cost them money in the end. They simply couldn't recover their investment because they spent too much in upgrading. Here is … (0 comments)

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