northern virginia information: Celebrate The Fall Season In Leesburg - 09/20/12 08:59 AM
If you are looking for a place to celebrate the Fall Season, you will want to consider the Leesburg Virginia Animal Park. In fact, the park is also known as Pumpkinville of Northern Virginia beginning September 22nd and running through November 4th from 9-6 daily.There will be Hill Slides, Hay Wagon Rides, Pony Rides, Free Apples and Fresh Cidar, Kids Hay Maze and of course entry to the Animal Park.To learn more go here: Pumpkinville At Leesburg Animal ParkI urge you to take the family and Celebrate The Fall Season In Leesburg.

northern virginia information: By All Means Get A Home Inspection - 09/05/12 09:00 AM
On occasion, I've had purchasers indicate they will NOT be getting a Home Inspection when purchasing their next house. I've even had some suggest to me that they can do it themselves. When I inquire about their qualifications, most times I find they have little to none!As their Realtor, I always share with my buyers that they really NEED to have a Home Inspection. In fact, when they refuse, I have them sign a document indicating they have been advised by me to have one and have declined.Sometimes buyers have asked, so what does a Home Inspector do? Here is just … (9 comments)

northern virginia information: The Fresh Beat Band Appearing At Wolf Trap - 08/27/12 08:40 AM
Wednesday Afternoon, August 28th, 2012 at 3 pm, is a moment for kids of ALL ages to remember at Wolf Trap - The Filene Center! It is Nick Jr's brand of High Energy Pop - The Fresh Beat Band. Tickets are now on sale at $40.00 in house and $25.00 lawn. There is a great Video to watch and information about the concert at the website... Go Here: ------------------------->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> The Fresh Beat BandThe Fresh Beat Band Appearing At Wolf Trap

northern virginia information: Alan Jackson Appearing At Wolf Trap - 08/15/12 08:54 AM
Alan Jackson Appearing At Wolf TrapIf you enjoy Country Music, then you will not want to miss this Concert at Wolf Trap. Who is the Country Singer? Alan Jackson!!! The concert will take place on Sunday the 19th, at 8 pm. Tickets are now on sale $50 In house and $35 Lawn. As I've shared before, the concert can easily be enjoyed from the Lawn. Plus you can enjoy dinner and a wonderful night out.Here is the information about the Concert which includes a great Video Clip of Mr. Jackson.Alan Jackson wtih Craig Campbell

northern virginia information: So The Sellers Are Home While Touring A House - 08/04/12 06:49 AM
So The Sellers Are Home While Touring A HouseWhile managing a Real Estate office in another state, I led Sales Meetings every Tuesday morning at 9am sharp! We (50+ Agents) enjoyed breakfast together, chatted a while and then talked about the nuts and bolts of Real Estate and working successfully with our clients. One subject often surfaced as being a bit more popular than others. The topic: “I have buyers, we are touring homes but often the sellers are present and they simply get in the way.” The question was simple: How do we as agents deal with pesky sellers while … (54 comments)

northern virginia information: Jiffy Lube Live To Host Jimmy Buffett Concert - 08/03/12 05:21 AM
If you live in Northern Virginia and/or Maryland, you will want to think about this next concert at Jiffy Lube Live in Bristow. Jimmy Buffet will be performing on September 1st 2012 and it promises to be a great concert. Interested in finding out more information: You can view a Video, shop tickets and more by going here:  ------------------->>>>> Jimmy Buffett at Jiffy Lube LiveDon't forget: Jiffy Lube Live To Host Jimmy Buffett Concert on September 1, 2012.

northern virginia information: Practical Guidance On Securing A VA Loan - 07/24/12 02:19 AM
I remember the first time I decided to use my Veteran Status to secure a VA Loan. This was 39 years ago! It was before my Real Estate days and I have to admit, I was really quite ignorant. I remember struggling to find information that would guide me through the process and as a result, it felt clumsy. Some time back, I found this excellent article, something to guide ALL Veteran’s through the home buying experience, specifically when securing a VA Loan. I urge you to follow the link: VA Loan Information Practical Guidance For Securing A VA Loan

northern virginia information: Some Thoughts About Purchasing A Foreclosure - 07/10/12 03:15 AM
I've worked with many buyers interested in purchasing a property that has been foreclosed on. When someone expresses interest in a foreclosed home I always share this statement: "Why not, but please be careful". . . In other words, learn everything you can before purchasing a foreclosed home. . .I came across a writing a short time back that is worth reading when it comes to buying a property that is a Foreclosure. This advice could save you money and other potentially huge mistakes. I urge you, if you are thinking about making this kind of purchase, invest five minutes of … (3 comments)

northern virginia information: An Opportunity To Learn About River Safety - 07/05/12 08:37 AM
Here is an opportunity for your children as well as adults to learn about River Safety. The instructor is Carol Brooks. The place is Fredericksburg, Virginia on the 22nd of July. Children must be age 8 and above. Tickets are $15 per person or $40 for the entire family. Did I mention that tubing down the Rappahannock's popular sections will follow the time of instruction?Go here and point your mouse to the 22nd of July to learn more: River Safety and Tubing Trip This is truly an opportunity to learn about river safety.

northern virginia information: Keeping Cool With Ceiling Fans - 06/29/12 05:01 AM
So it's 102 degrees in Northern Virginia as I write this post today. As I've thought about the temperature outside, I've additionally thought about the temperature inside of my house and perhaps you should think about the inside of your house, too! As we know, effectively cooling a house can be quite a challenge. This is especially true when we want to keep cost for cooling at a minimum.American Home Shield just wrote an interesting post... It is, Chill Out With Ceiling Fans . . . I hope you will take a moment to read this most interesting article in reference to … (10 comments)

northern virginia information: A Receipt and a Follow Up Inspection Would Have Fixed This Problem - 06/21/12 05:37 AM
We have some friends who purchased a house in one of our most Northern States. Before purchasing and within the Home Inspection Contingency, they employed a Home Inspector. The Inspector found a fairly substantial water leak over the garage. It was the result of a frozen pipe.  A fair amount of drywall was damaged. In fact, a note worth considering is this was the beginning of January, close to the middle of winter.
Our friends asked the seller to fix the broken pipes and concluded the work had been done because the Drywall was replaced. They were wrong. The water was … (8 comments)

northern virginia information: Army Band Free Concert In Reston - 06/20/12 07:55 AM
I have always enjoyed going to the Reston Town Center. In fact, there are many activities in the Winter, Summer, Spring and Fall - throughout the year!On the Fourth of July, there will be a FREE Concert by the Army Band. The concert will feature Jazz, Rock, Swing, Country Western and much, much more. The suggestion is to bring a Picnic Lunch and plan to enjoy. G o  H e r e to learn more about the concert.Army Band Free Concert In Reston... 

northern virginia information: Rain Appearing On June 22 & 23 At Wolftrap - 06/19/12 06:42 AM
Rain - A Tribute To The Beetles will be performing at Wolf Trap on June 22 and 23. The time of the concert is 8:00 - 10:00 pm. Tickets are on sale for $42.00 In House and $25.00 lawn seats.If you haven't heard Rain and any of their Tribute to the Beetles, you can follow the link below to watch the Video of their performance. Do remember that Lawn Seat can actually be a wonderful place to enjoy the show.RAIN - A Tribute To The BeetlesDon't forget, Rain Apperaing on June 23 & 23 at Wolf Trap ... 

northern virginia information: July 4th Celebration In Fairfax Virginia - 06/18/12 04:56 AM
It's close to that time of year again. That is, it's almost time for the Fireworks to begin in Fairfax, Virginia. This year, I want to remind you of both the Parade and Fireworks that will be taking place during the July 4th holiday. The rain date for Fireworks will be July 5th (if necessary).You can learn more about this event at the following website:Independence Day Celebration Parade And Evening ShowI hope you will plan to attend the July 4th Celebration In Fairfax Virginia 

northern virginia information: The Soapbox Derby - Washington DC - 06/13/12 05:26 AM
The Soapbox Derby - Washington DC...Believe it or not, this weekend, on June 16th, the 71st Annual Greater Washington Soap Box Derby will take place. The winners of three divisions of this Soap Box Derby will go on to compete in Akron, Ohio in July of this year.I have to admit, this brings back memories of when I was a boy. We had so much fun attending these kinds of races and I have to believe attending this race will be no exception.I'm providing a link that will give you the time, place and so much more about the DC Race.DC Soap … (1 comments)

northern virginia information: Summertime and the Living Is Easy - Or Should It Be? - 06/12/12 04:35 AM
Summertime and the Living Is Easy - Or Should It Be?About once a month, I enjoy moving away from posting on the subject of Real Estate and instead writing on the subjects of Exercise, Getting and Staying Fit, the need to Eat Good, Healthy Food and I will be talking in the future about Seniors Fitness, too! Senior Fitness might have something to do with my age - 64 years young!!!Today I would like to focus on a subject that those of us who live more NORTH in these United States must be aware of when exercising in the summer. Specifically, … (5 comments)

northern virginia information: The Law As It Pertains To Fireworks and Firecrackers In Virginia - 06/11/12 02:33 AM
One of my favorite times of the year is the July 4th Holiday. It’s always a pleasant weekend to spend with friends and family with the purpose of celebrating Independence Day. I mean, we can talk about cookouts, trips to the pool or beach and so much more. This holiday is truly a great time of the year. Having just stated the obvious, I would especially urge Parents to take a moment and read the following. Yes, adults should pay attention, too! There is another subject that must be addressed in reference to the Independence Day Celebrations and remaining legal and … (1 comments)

northern virginia information: 10 Suggestions For Summer Fun In Northern Virginia - 06/09/12 09:40 PM
There is one truth that stands out about Living in Northern Virginia. There is always something to do, to see, to be involved in. In other words, it’s a pretty tough thing to say, “I don’t know what to do”, if you live in the Northern Virginia area. For my readers who are looking for Family Fun this summer, you might want to try the following website.  We will call it: 10 Suggestions For Summer Fun In Northern Virginia Oh, by the way, many of these activities can take place year around and don’t have to be limited to just the … (7 comments)

northern virginia information: An Event At Wolf Trap - 06/09/12 06:29 AM
The Louisiana Swamp Romp at Wolftrap will be taking place on Sunday, June 10, at 2 pm. In fact, this is the 23rd Annual Swamp Romp!There will be a Cajon Crawfish Broil with Cob Corn. There will be Chicken Gumbo with Rice, Maffuletta Sandwiches, and so much more. This is an event that is moderately price at $25.00 for General Admission and certainly worth attending. One more thing, this event will have awesome music!You can go here for more information:Louisiana Swamp RompThis is An Event At Wolf Trap worth attending.  

northern virginia information: Preparing Your House To Sell - 06/08/12 01:30 AM

A question I've heard on many occasions by clients getting ready to list their house for sale is, "What Updates Should I Make Or Care Before Selling My Property?" In other words, what is the process of getting my home ready to go on the market? I came across a good article that might help guide you just a bit. It is a simple approach but very effective when followed. It is about, Preparing Your House For Sale. I hope you will follow the link and take a moment to read this easy to understand guide. Remember, NOT KNOWING, when it comes to Real Estate, … (6 comments)

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