northern virginia information: What Can I Do This Weekend? - 09/16/11 06:21 AM
I'm not sure about you, but I often like to plan ahead when planning activities - things to do on a particular weekend. Sometimes planning ahead just doesn't work for a variety of reasons. My #1 reason is most often, simply put, PROCRASTINATION!If you live in the Northern Virginia area and need some ideas for a fun filled weekend, you will then want to check out this website. It is called 100 Free (or Nearly Free) Things To Do In DC. Why not take a moment and check out the site. Follow this link: 100 Free (or Nearly Free) Things To … (3 comments)

northern virginia information: A Favorite Weekend Activity In Northern Virginia - 09/15/11 08:14 AM
If you like Craft Fairs, then I know  you will enjoy traveling to Historic Occoquan and touring the Various Venders Storefronts during the Occoquan Craft Fair. The dates are, September 24 & 25, 2011 and the hours are from, 10 AM to 6 PM. This is a Fair that takes place rain or shine and that many, many people attend. In fact, my wife is one of their biggest fans, so I know we will be there in between showing houses.You can follow this link to learn more: The Occoquan Craft FairThis activity is rated: F/F for Family Friendly. Enjoy the … (0 comments)

northern virginia information: A Long But Profitable Weekend - 08/21/11 01:19 PM
I will admit it this evening, it has been a long and very busy weekend. I'm not complaining because I personally like it that way. The fact is, I intended to post something this evening to Active Rain and the goal has been in front of me ALL day. But I will admit, I'm brain dead! So here is my post and a thought for everyone reading this brief message."Peace is looking at a Sunset and knowing Who to thank" - Author Unknown



northern virginia information: Your Family Will Love This - 08/10/11 07:48 AM
We are all aware that the summer is winding down. I've noticed more parents and children, together in Target and similar stores. Of course the purpose is very clear - Back To School Shopping!I've been endeavoring throughout the summer to keep all of my readers up to date with happenings at Wolftrap. Here is one you have to think about and it is rated - FF - FAMILY FRIENDLY! It is a Sing-A-Long Sound of Music. Wolftrap has these words on their website: "From “Do-Re-Mi” to “Edelweiss,” here is your chance to belt out all your favorite tunes as you watch … (1 comments)

northern virginia information: Thinking About Moving To Northern Virginia? - 05/10/11 08:12 AM
If you are thinking about moving to Northern Virginia, or perhaps, you are simply moving from one Northern Virginia Community to another, consider using this page on my Real Estate Website: Northern Virginia InformationHere you will find State & Local Government Information; Virginia Public Schools Data; info on Touring The Area, Local Colleges, Peforming Arts, Area Transportation and more. I hope you will consider utilizing this important page.Additionally, the one section you will not want to miss is Virginia Area Professional Sports. Enjoy the tour....

northern virginia information: Just Saw This Today - 03/29/11 05:45 AM
I'm on several email lists, just like you are probably on some, too. To be honest, there are some emails I have coming in by choice and others, well it's hard to get rid of them.Having just stated the above, I looked in my Email a moment ago and noticed a great article. It is about the Top 20 Real Estate Websites for February. Included with the writing are links to investigate so that you and I can see for ourselves.
Here is the address: Top 20 Real Estate Websites In FebruaryWhy would I or anyone else take time to post … (5 comments)

northern virginia information: What Does This Have To Do With Real Estate? - 03/13/11 07:06 AM
So you have just purchased your BRAND NEW HOME. You've spent a considerable amount of time, energy and dollars from the point of where this process all started from. You've moved from Just Looking to Going House Hunting to Securing a Mortgage,  Signing the papers at closing, having your House Re-keyed and now you are making plans to Go Shopping for some purchases you need in helping you make the house just the way you want it.If you are a like other clients I've had, you will no doubt purchase a few things used while shopping. In fact, let's face it, … (0 comments)

northern virginia information: Thinking About Renting? - 03/13/11 05:04 AM
There are many reasons as to why people choose to rent rather than purchase a house and land. Sometimes it is simply about budget; not having enough money to put down. For others, they like the idea of a Short Term commitment. Some realize that their mortgage payments would be just too high to make on a regular basis! There are other people that like the fact they don't have to worry about performing upgrades, or regular day to day maintenance. Still, other times it is because prospective renters know they will be in a given area for just a brief … (0 comments)

northern virginia information: Watch How You Spend When Purchasing Your Next House - 03/09/11 06:59 AM
I love Real Estate. In fact, I have a serious passion and inward drive for doing what I do. I know there are many in the working world that calls going to work every day, “A job”. I refer to it as an opportunity, a chance to help people fulfill their dream of a lifetime, that of purchasing a home. This isn’t a job for me, it is a joy; a great moment to serve others. Having said this, I’m reminded of a moment within several contracts over previous years where my buyers nearly made a fatal mistake and almost crushed … (3 comments)

northern virginia information: How Much You Can Borrow For Your Next Mortgage? - 03/06/11 02:36 AM
I firmly believe, there isn't anything that can take the place of a Mortgage Loan Officer or Consultant when preparing for your next Home Purchase. In fact, I share this truth every day with somebody: "You need your pre-approval, you need to make contact with someone in Mortgage". Furthermore, as a Real Estate Professional, I do not go house shopping with someone who hasn't gotten their pre-approval!If for some reason you are not quite ready to consult with someone about your finances and/or pursue a Mortgage, you might consider going here: How Much Money Can I Borrow For A Mortgage

northern virginia information: VA Loan Information - 03/02/11 05:48 AM
As many of my regular readers know, my blogs are generally not very short! In fact, I tend to write several paragraphs, hopefully touching on important truths about Real Estate.Today, I will let someone else do the talking for me. It is about VA Loans and the fact that they offer good deals for our Veteran's. As a Veteran myself, I've now used them twice and I can personally attest to their usefulness, especially when it comes to making a smaller down payment. Follow this link to view the step by step process in securing this kind of loan: STEP BY … (0 comments)

northern virginia information: HOA: Curse or Blessing? It All Depends . . . . . . - 02/20/11 07:22 AM
I’ve had a few people contact me thru the years over one issue in particular after moving into their new Condo, Townhouse or Single Family home. The issue has usually evolved from what has been a clear and obvious misunderstanding; sometimes from not knowing a particular rule existed or exists in the Association where they recently move into.
The confusion surfaces in a variety of forms. Sometimes it has been about the HOA Fees, when to pay them, or, why have our fees gone up one month after moving into our new residence? Other times, the puzzlement has been about length … (34 comments)

northern virginia information: Understanding Home Ownership Tax Benefits - 02/05/11 10:11 AM
As a Realtor and home owner, I've discovered that owning your own has some wonderful benefits. For example:When purchasing a home, you will no longer have to rent and this means you won't have to give the key back to the landlord at the end of a lease. Additionally, you can paint the interior the color you want it to be. You can landscape to your choosing. In all probability, if you purchased a 30 year fixed Mortgage, your monthly payment will then remain constant for the 30 years.Oh yes, there is even another perk worth mentioning: There are some tax … (1 comments)

northern virginia information: Up To Date Info On Mortgage Interest Rates - 01/27/11 03:35 AM
For those of you living on the edge of a soon to be Home Purchase, here is a link to follow with the latest on Mortgage Rates: Mortgage Rates Steady Remember, knowledge is power when endeavoring to buy or sell Real Estate. When you are ready to make your next MOVE, please WRITE or PHONE me. David L. Burrows, Realtor® Classic Realty 4200 Evergreen Lane, Suite 331 Annandale, VA 22003 Serving ALL of Northern Virginia Direct: 703.859.5188 Office: 703.637.1400 Real Estate 101 Blog Home Search: Virginia Online Home Search Website: Burrows Properties


northern virginia information: Did You Know That January Is Radon Awareness Month? - 01/24/11 11:22 AM
I firmly believe one of my greatest responsiblities as a Real Estate Agent is to keep you informed in reference to the latest news, views and thoughts about Real Estate and Home Ownership. This article, penned by Dr. Andrew Weil, M.D., crossed my desk this morning: Radon in Your Kitchen Counters? I would urge you to take a look. You might not fully agree with the writer, but his thoughts are certainly worth considering. Remember, I am simply the messenger here, reporting the latest in news, and then you decide. In fact, some additional links (pro and con on the subject … (3 comments)

northern virginia information: Some Interesting News About Real Estate - 01/19/11 05:41 AM
I was surfing the internet this morning, visiting my usual, early morning favorite sites, when I came across this article on the Smart Money website: Real Estate: Finally A Good Investment I totally understand that this is an opinion of the writer, but at the same time, some of the things he is writing about makes sense and some of the facts really do add up! I hope you will take a moment and read.Remember, knowledge is power when endeavoring to buy or sell Real Estate. When you are ready to make your next MOVE, please WRITE or PHONE me. David … (1 comments)

northern virginia information: A Great Tax Guide For 2010 - 01/08/11 01:05 AM
I know, you would probably rather be thinking about 2011 and for sure, not about taxes right now. I concur with you wholeheartedly! On the other hand, this is the time of year to begin preparing for your annual filing. Please remember that I am not a tax expert nor am I promoting any particular firm when I supply you with this link, but I found one of the most complete online guides for preparing your 2010 Taxes that I will be using myself. It just came out:  Bankrates 2010 Tax GuideFinally, remember that knowledge is power when endeavoring to buy … (1 comments)

northern virginia information: Interest Rates Have Been Slowly Rising - 12/17/10 05:47 AM
I wrote a few lines about Interest Rates the other day, indicating they are slowing rising again. In fact, I just noticed a new article that is certainly worth reading: Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Hit 5 PercentI always remind my buyers that every time interest rates rise, the amount you are able to qualify for will go down. Keeping in mind that even 5% is a low number for today's rates, the time might just be now for those of you who are on the fence and waiting, to consider moving forward with your next home purchase. While I stop short of … (0 comments)

northern virginia information: Listing and Selling Your Home - 12/12/10 06:46 AM
I’ve observed two kinds of sellers when it comes to listing their property in the Fairfax Homes For Sale Real Estate market. There are some who are not in a hurry to make the sale happen. In fact, it won’t matter if it takes a year or two. For others, the sale will need to happen right away! I’ve put together some suggestions for those of you where the sale needs to happen now, where time is of the essence. These suggestions might just help to expedite the sale. - Make use of a Real Estate Professional with a proven track … (1 comments)

northern virginia information: Interest Rates Have Been Moving Higher - 12/10/10 03:55 AM
It is important to note that interest rates have been moving higher. In fact, one of my Mortgage Loan Officers I use, just reminded me of this very important fact: Every time interest rates rise, the amount of home a purchaser can afford goes down. Think about that fact just for a moment as you journey to the two links provided below.
The first link talks about how interest rates are rising and the second will give you today's rate: Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Up and Current Mortgage Rates.Finally, always remember that knowledge is power when endeavoring to buy or sell Real … (0 comments)

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